Solved! Notebook power button not working

Aug 27, 2018
Hi everybody,

the power button of my notebook (Acer aspire timelinex 5830 tg) has broken, so I can not turn it on anymore.
I was wondering if there is an alternative way of turning the laptop on that does not require the power button. Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you very much.
Aug 27, 2018

Thank you for the answer. I would not mind replacing the power button. The problem is that I looked all over the internet and I could not find the power button of my model. Does it need to be exactly the same or a similar one will do? Thanks a lot.
To be honest I don't believe another devices would work, but then it really depends on the manufacturer's way of doing things. I would check with them to see if another models will indeed work for your device. Some companies use the same or similar parts of different devices and some make sure every one has different parts.
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