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  1. B

    Question Where to buy Clevo laptops in EU

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a Clevo laptop with 12th gen intel core but no matter if they don't have it placed online already. Maybe they will soon have new cores. Looking specifically in Germany but any EU country will do.
  2. D

    Question Clevo NH57AF1 already ruined?

    Hi, So I bought the Laptop mentioned in the title a few month ago and must say that it’s a really great machine, up to all tasks until today: While editing a textfile, the screen suddenly turned black. I had to shut it down via holding the power button cause no other input would work. When...
  3. E

    Question msi vs clevo laptop vs asus vs AORUS

    the laptops come with a rtx 2070 but the most expensive is the msi and iwant know which one is better i already stop caring about esthetics like the rgb and that stuff a i want it to upgrade and also a long life span, including a good performance also im one use it for school(engineering) and...
  4. R

    clevo p770dm bios issue(i think)

    my clevo p770dm laptop power on keyboard backlight , batter indicator, power indicator, fan etc are working but no display? What is the issue? I checked external display, that also not available.
  5. D

    Solved! Does 9900k fit in Clevo N350TW?

    Just now I saw the Clevo N350TW for sale. What I do know about it is that it supports Desktop processors of Coffee Lake such as the i3 8300 (62 Watt). What I am wondering however is whether it also would support something like the 9900k. Both CPU's are from CoffeeLake, but does this mean I can...
  6. izoli

    Solved! Question About Power

    I am not sure of the correct forum/thread to put this in, but I was using/benchmarking my laptop when it happened so I decided to put it here. And I am by no means at all any sort of electrician or very savvy in that department. Running a custom Clevo P870TM1-G with SLI 1080s and 8086k so of...
  7. P

    Boot Issue - Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658

    Hello, I am a little desperate, as normal for a Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658 computer owner, and I red all over the place that this issue is very common but no solution has been given whatsoever, and I will try to bring this issue up again to help me, help other...
  8. M

    Best place and price to sell my mid tier sager/clevo notebook

    I have a slightly customized (customized by Sager) Sager NP7870 that I bought for $1600 (including the, I think, $100 dollar warranty). The is a new model called the NP7871 that is cheaper than what i bought, so don't look on their website for info. It is in flawless condition, without so much...
  9. D

    Any feedback on CyberpowerPC Tracer II T15300?

    Hey, all! Trying to get my girlfriend a new computer to replace her dying machine, and we stumbled upon the CyberpowerPC Tracer Ii TI5300. It seems to be a really great deal on a 7th-Gen i7-7770 and GTX-1050TI with a nice RGB mechanical keyboard and extensive I/O. I'm just not sure about...
  10. K

    Clevo M980NU Worth it?

    I found a Clevo M980NU for 150 euros which is pretty cheap for a upgradable laptop ...: specs: Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 (Intel Core 2 Duo) Graphics adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M SLI - 1024 MB, Core: 583 MHz, Memory: 950 MHz, GDDR3 VRAM, Memory 4096 MB , DDR3 PC3-8500F...
  11. T

    Laptop screen goes pixelated when moved or a window is full-screened

    My Clevo laptop screen goes pixelated whenever it is moved or when I full screen a window, the issue does not persist when I remove the battery pack and just use the laptop primarily from the power supply that is plugged in to the mains. I understand that the initial solution is to replace the...
  12. R

    Solved! Sager or more trusted brand?

    I really want a dependable laptop with good cooling. I was looking at the nitro 5 but i heard that the cooling sucks. im using a x230 tablet with ripsaws that have 2x8gb of ram. Old. I know. 1. What is your budget? -$800-$1200 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering...
  13. K

    Clevo w230st display fix

    Pls my clevo charger light turns green when I start the laptop but the power light will not turn on
  14. K

    Price my Clevo P670HS-G

    I have a Sager/Clevo P670hs-g 17 inch gaming laptop that I'm trying to find a base price to sell it for.... the laptop has, with an i7 7700 HQ, 16 GB of ddr4 2600 MHz Ram, 512gb SanDisk Z 410 SSD, 500gb storage hard drive, NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB the 17-inch display has g-sync technology keyboard is...
  15. H

    Overheating laptop Clevo M77 circa 2010.

    Overheating Clevo M77 circa 2010 laptop, i7 720QM. I noticed over the years my laptop getting warmer. Fan is OK all ducts are clear. Now on start up the CPU and the GPU reach very high temps within 1 minute just starting the OS, too hot to touch the the copper heatsinks. The power brick is OK...
  16. G

    Eluktronics N850HK1 Clicking When Opened, Chassis Separating

    Hi, This morning my 6-month-hold Eluktronics(/Clevo) N850HK1 stopped opening correctly. When I try to open the screen: 1. I get resistance from the left point of connection between the body and the screen. 2. The top of the body (the side the keyboard is on) separates from the bottom along the...
  17. J

    Need a new keyboard for my clevo P650RE6 but can't find one that ships to me.

    So basically my clevo's keyboard is failing due to being knocked over about a year ago when running to get on the train. A couple of keys were damaged and the W can get stuck. The laptop does not have any other issue except the w getting stuck and the r, 9(, [{ and h falling of sometimes. I now...
  18. A

    Are clevo notebooks good?

    Are they good quality? Do their components fail often? Thanks
  19. A

    I7-7700HQ GTX 1050TI vs i5 7400 GTX 1060

    Hi, I want to choose between these two laptops: CLEVO N870HK1 I7-7700HQ GTX 1050TI 872 € CLEVO N957KP6 i5 7400(LGA 1151) GTX 1060 VR 1018 € Which one is better? Thanks
  20. A

    Which one of these are better?

    Hello, I'd like to buy one of these notebooks, maily for light gaming, 15,6 Clevo p650se i7-4870hq di RAM 8gb GTX 970m 5,6 Clevo w650kk1 i5-6600k 8gb GTX 1050ti SSD 120gb HDD 500gb ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VN Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core Ram 8GB Hard Disk 1TB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB CLEVO -...
  21. M

    Solved! how do i get my nvidia k3100 to work with my sager clevo np9170??

    hi, i have a problem trying to get my 4gb k3100 nvidia quadro to work properly with my sager np9170??? i know there is a way something about the bios i think but i do not know and cannot find anything on it... any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! it detects it in device manager perfectly and...
  22. H

    p650 power motherboard

    I bought a P650HP3 from PROSTAR the 1/24/2017, bref just one year. Today, I start the nothing. I noticed the power adapter has not the green light I unplugged change. I unplug all from the wall and try in another room. Result the green led turned on on the...
  23. M

    Solved! Sager Clevo NP8150 Will Not Turn On But the lights do

    Hi!!! My Sager Clevo NP8150 Will Not Turn On But the lights do and also the fans do not spin when I press the power button on.. I recently put the cpu in backwards and had a little smoke come out of it BUT THE LAPTOP STILL HAS POWER THOUGH?????? ANY IDEA ANYONE??? Please I Really Need Help...
  24. V

    I beg for your help with gaming laptop

    Hello guys, next month I would like to buy a new gaming laptop. There are many possibilities because i can't decide what will suit for me the most. 1. HP Omen 17'' FHD, GTX 1070, 7700HQ, 120Hz G sync (1850eur) 2. Lenovo Y910 17'' FHD, GTX 1070, 6820HK, 75Hz G sync (1500eur) 3. At, there...
  25. burstfyre20

    Three part laptop hardware optimization and cooling inquiry

    The laptop in-question is the Sager NP8157 (Clevo P650HS-G) 1. There are two cpu options, a i7-7700HQ and a i7-7820HK. Considering that the graphics option, a GTX 1070, is a fixed option, how big of a performance difference is there and is it worth $125? 2. The default ram option is 16GB (2x8...
  26. N

    Where can I buy replacement part for my laptop shell?

    Hi, I want to replace my broken case of a Clevo W550EU laptop. But all results in google search do not help as they do not have spare cases. Any ideas? help please
  27. NOOB2PRO

    Displayport over Type C?

    How do I know if the type C connector on my laptop has displayport capabilities on it? (laptop is a Medion Erazer X7849 / Clevo P670RS-G)
  28. NOOB2PRO

    Upgrade laptop display?

    I've currently got a Medion Erazer X7849 but this is just a reskinned Clevo P670RS-G and I want to know if I can change the display from its currently 1080p to a 3/4K panel for that viewing quality :D I still plan to game in 1080p/1440p so will I still get the same frames as I currently do or...
  29. S

    7.1 Surround laptop?

    Hello all, I have a Clevo P170EM and want to buy a pair of Razer Tiamat 7.1 headphones. These use 5 audio jacks and a USB port. On the side of the Clevo there are 4 3.5mm sockets: 1 Headphone jack 1 Microphone jack 1 S/PDIF Out jack 1 Line in jack Can I use these for the Tiamat's 4 audio...
  30. V

    My Clevo Laptop won't boot

    My Laptop is Clevo P770zm / Terrans Force x799-980M can't boot. Yesterday, I use it to do my Essay. Then I play online game for 3 hours. After the 4th hours, my laptop suddenly died down. I though it was too hot, so I just end it for the day and go to sleep. Today I start it and the indicator...
  31. YeOldTurnip

    My Laptop Beeps and Shuts Down at Random, Inconvenient Times (All Times)

    I have a Sager NP8671 / Clevo 650SE that I got 3 or so years ago that within the past 2 or 3 weeks has been exhibiting a problem its never had before and that has been driving me up the wall. Before I go on, here are my system specs: - Intel Core i7-5700HQ CPU 2.70GHz - Nvidia GTX 970m 4GB -...
  32. K

    Solved! Extreme CPU temperature while gaming on clevo p775dm3-g( core i7-7700)

    My system is built off the Clevo p775dm3 barebone and is currently equipped with a core i7-7700 CPU and a GTX 1080, of late I have noticed that its crashing on multiple games depending on the CPU and GPU load..I used MSI afterburner to monitor temps and depending on the game the CPU hovers...
  33. S

    CPU Upgradeable Laptops

    Can I upgrade the cpu in a laptop? we can answer yes if that cpu is a socketed cpu there are 2 type of socket PGA LGA both are/were used in laptop mobos. today many ODM/OEM use BGA cpus like...
  34. S

    List of MXM GPUs and Resellers

    There are not a lot of sources for these cards Type A card__________________________________________________________________________Type B card MXM is supposed to make repairs and upgrades easier...
  35. S

    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

    Upgraded Laptops by forum users (work in progress) this is a list of successful upgraded laptops All these laptops have a MXM Gpu but Not all MXM cards are the same. Type A card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type B card MXM...
  36. D

    Laptop shuts off when connected to AC adapter

    Hello, I have a Clevo laptop model P750DM2-G which is about two months old from Cyberpower. A little back story on how I use the laptop: I usually leave the adapter plugged in because the battery life is actually pretty poor, getting only about one and a half hours of usage at a time. Today, I...
  37. N

    What is the worth of my laptop? (Clevo N150RD)

    My laptop was bought around a year ago. it has these specs: Clevo N150RD Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.6GHZ 8GB DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 530 + GTX 960M 2GB. 250GB NVM(e) SSD Samsung 1TB Hitachi HDD No scratches, I want to consider buying a more lightweight laptop. (Selling in The Netherlands)
  38. I

    Which laptop is better?

    Want a gaming laptop and cannot have a desktop due to work. Which is the better buy? They have the exact same specs, but I plan on overclocking the CPU. it basically comes down to MSI vs. Clevo. Clevo is cheaper but I dont know how Clevos are with build quality. MSI has good build quality (have...
  39. B

    New laptop build questions

    So I've recently decided to buy a new laptop and decided on a clevo P870DM-G from ava direct. I've never build a custom laptop and have had a lot of questions recently and Google isn't quite specific enough to help me out. Any tech-savvy people out there? Main questions are which SSD to load the...
  40. T

    I want to upgrade GPU and add more ram to my Sager NP8255 (Clevo P157SM)

    Good Afternoon, I purchased a Sager NP8255 (Clevo P157SM) three years ago. Current specs: CPU: 4th Generation Intel® Haswell Core™ i7-4700MQ GPU: GTX 770M (3.0GB) GDDR5 PCI-Express Ram: 8GB - DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (2 SODIMMS) Display: 15.6” FHD 16:9 LED Backlit Wide screen...
  41. N

    Replaced Battery 3 Times, Keeps Failing After a Few Weeks

    Hello Everyone, I have a Clevo laptop, this is the model. It is about two years old. Clevo P670RE3 Barebone Series, 17.3" FHD Matte, nVidia GTX 970M 3GB, Intel i7-6700HQ CPU About six months ago, something happened with the battery, where if it became unplugged, the laptop would shut down...
  42. F

    Change GPU in Clevo P170em

    I am using a Clevo P170em with an i7-3610qm which has HD4000 and a Radeon 7070m, running in Enduro. Can anyone tell me if I change the GPU would I be able to get rid of Enduro and the HD4000 and its limitations(no triple screen and more than 60hz, although Power would be there^^) or will I...
  43. I

    Clevo P755dm3 Laptop

    The Clevo P775dm3 is really appealing to me, as I deal intensively with cyber security tools and virtual machines in my current studies. Right now I am using a Macbook pro, and it is lagging behind like crazy... and I have to use the schools provided VMs which is a huge pain. Whoever says you...
  44. E

    Clevo P775DM3-G / 3XS / Octane / Sager / Eurocom i7 7700k overheating throttling

    Hi everyone, I recently got Clevo P775DM3-G / 3XS / Octane / Sager / Eurocom or call it however you want. And I've got few issues with it. My (3XS) system is running at stock settings on: 17" 4k Display i7 7700k Kaby Lake Geforce GTX 1080 8GB 8GB RAM 2133Mhz 2x SSD (Raid) When running on Idle...
  45. S

    Solved! One of the fans on my 970M seems to ' catch' on something and stop spinning.

    So, after my latest flight... One of the fans on my Nvidia 970M seemed to catch on an obstruction and stop spinning. I opened it up and cleaned it out, funnily enough the second fan that was still working was filled with debris, but the one that had stopped was almost spotless. So, running it...
  46. I

    Solved! Laptop and Upgradeability

    Hey, so I'm planning on getting a laptop... as I need a laptop that can handle the amount of traveling back and forth I have to do. I think I have decided on the following laptop: clevo p775dm3-g Or: Now, this laptop comes with a...
  47. M

    Extreme temperature and noise fluctuations?

    Hello, i use Optimus V laptop from pcspecialists, its essentially Clevo W370SS, the thing is, while SSD (V300 Kingston) remains cool even on full load, GPU remains in acceptable temperature even on full load too (GTX 860M), thing is, monitoring software shows extreme fluctuations in temperature...
  48. S

    Stutter/Lag Spikes While Watching Video on SSD

    I using a Clevo p150sm-a. The videos are lagging in every 10 seconds. My drivers and bios are up to date. I am experiencing this problem just with ssd. I am downloading and pasting the video to the my mechanical drive, then the video isn't lagging. My ssd is crucial ct256m550ssd3 and also it is...
  49. M

    ntoskrnl.exe BSOD Driver Power State Failure

    Hello everyone ! Am here because i've tried almost everything to repair this error. Here is the details : Computer : Clevo N150SD CPU : Intel i7 6700HQ Ram : 16gb GPU : GTX 960M HDD : SSD ADATA 128gb + HGST 1TO OS : Windows 10 Pro ( Anniversary update clean installed... twice) What i do with...
  50. G

    Clevo P150SM fps drops - bad heatsink?

    I have Clevo P150SM with GTX 880m. My laptop was getting heat up so I decided to replace the thermal paste of the CPU and GPU. The CPU temp dropped but the GPU temp did not drop. It was still hanging around 93C. While playing battlefield 4, the GPU is 99% under load and after every 30 seconds or...
  51. M

    Can I get aftermarket cooler for my laptop?

    Hello, so my case is Clevo W35xSS_370SS. It's of Optimus V barebone laptop sold by pcspecialists (UK, though I'm atm not in UK) Temps still crazy when i do video editing or play any game without vsync on ( just CPU temp issues, no issues with GTX 860M GPU ) I did full laptop clean several...
  52. T

    ISO Clevo P570WM

    Hey; I'm looking to get a used Clevo P570WM to do some testing. Does anyone have one, or know who I can talk to?
  53. V

    Blue screen of death

    I had a blue screen of death yesterday and I was wondering if anybody knew how I can fix this. The error said: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL tcpip.sys The laptop rebooted back to the login screen afterwords. The laptop has all the drivers up to date and doesn't have any viruses. Plus the...
  54. M

    Clevo vs asus

    I m asking about choosing two laptop. My msi gt72 dragon édition is dead after one year... so I need to by another one. I m asking about waiting the Asus gx800vi (mono gtx1080 card) or buy a Clevo P870dm (dual gtx1080). I have read the test of each laptop, even the asus is not release. They say...
  55. A

    Realtek no sound on headphones (laptop)

    I'm on a Clevo p651se and after a routine windows 10 update my WiFi stopped working forcing me to do a reset to the OS. But now sound stopped working when headphone S are plugged in, Realtek will notify me that something was connected and lets me choose the ' headphones ' option but nothing will...
  56. A

    Do you think a Clevo M760TU can handle TDP 35W?

    I have a Clevo M760TU with a Intel Core2 Duo P8800 (Max TDP 25W) currently installed on its Socket P (478). Other variation of this model claim to have T9400/ T9600 installed that has Max TDP 35W.(Source: Do you think...
  57. D

    Is the i7 6700HQ good enough to pair with a gtx 1070?

    Hi guys im currently looking between a metabox (Clevo) Prime P650RS-G and Prime-X P750DM2-G The builds for me are practically the same besides the CPU, my...
  58. G

    Asus G752-DH72 VS selected Sager/Clevo laptops w/G-Sync,purchase based on data gathered via Human Benchmark Reaction Time Test

    Hi all, So I'm choosing between the Asus G752-DH72 VS certain Sager/Clevo laptops with G-Sync I will list the Sager/Clevo laptop models later I will explain my objectives in a bit, but I will explain what I've been doing, when it comes to laptop selection. This explanation will justify my...
  59. S

    Should I buy some cooling for my gaming notebook?

    Hi, I just bought an used Clevo W880CU gaming notebook. It does have I7-740QM and NVIDIA 470M, which none of them seems to have thermal issues. After 30 minutes of FURMARK stress test, temperatures of both cpu and gpu stabilized at 75~76 degrees C. According to HWmonitor, after an hour of...
  60. D

    Origin vs Sager for Animation and 3D modeling/rendering

    Hello, I'm a second year student of animation and audiovisuals, and my computer is not capable of doing the stuff I want it to do, like rendering scenes on Maya, Blender, 3DsMax, works on Nuke, Mari, and editing stopmotions on After Effects. Could you please help me choose? These are the...