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  1. V

    Suggestion required regarding building a custom gaming laptop

    So i just heard about a newly created company in India making custom laptop builds based on Clevo Barebones. The rig they suggested was - Clevo Barebone - P750DM Display - 15.6” IPS Full-HD 1920x1080 16:9 Matte (anti-glare) CPU - Intel Skylake Desktop Grade i5-6500 GPU - NVIDIA GTX 970M 6GB...
  2. E

    Advise from owner of Clevo P750DM-G

    I would like to ask for your knowledge specifically on durability, reliability, and quality of the unit. Regardless of brand(sager,ava,etc.) I am planning to get one of this and was more concern of the life span of the product, since this would be a big investment on my end. I would probably...
  3. L

    Sager laptop experiencing long POST and BOOT up.

    My Sager (clevo P157SM) laptop has been experiencing really long POST times (using windows 10 on an SSD that is still healthy). It was able to boot within 10 seconds about a few weeks ago, now that boot time has leaped to 5 minutes. During the POST, it would take between a minute to two...
  4. K

    clevo laptop cards

    I have a clevo 170PHM,I7 2630, It has an Nvidia gtx485m 2g graphics card which has started to QUIT! Can a 670mx.3g Be put into this a s a replacement??? Any issues and bios would be a help? Thanks
  5. W

    Noisy laptop fan

    Hi, I have this problem with my 2 months old Aftershock M-15 V2 , which is built on the Clevo's N550RC chasis, where the noise of the fan sounds like it is failing. I had that problem a 3 weeks ago and I went back for warranty servicing and they replaced the fan for me. But for some reason the...
  6. W

    Help in reducing laptop temperature

    Hello, I own a Clevo N550RC and recently I noticed that the laptop is quite hot when gaming. It has an i7-6700HQ with Nvidia GTX 950m and the highest I ever saw the temperature was reaching 90°C on one of the sensors, and the cores were at 80°C+ with the GPU at 70°C+. Is this laptop...
  7. L

    G-Sync on a laptop or SAGER NP8657 (CLEVO P650-RE3)

    I would like to know how G-Sync is or how those with a laptop are dealing with it atm. Is G-Sync worth it on a laptop if I go with a refresh rate of 75hz?
  8. R

    Below are specs from a vendor (India) for a gaming laptop. Can you tell me if this is worth the cost?Azom Laptop - Exigo

    Azom Laptop - Exigo Clevo Barebone - P750DM Display - 15.6” IPS Full-HD 1920x1080 16:9 Matte (anti-glare) CPU - Intel Skylake Desktop Grade i5-6500 GPU - NVIDIA GTX 970M 6GB GDDR5 RAM1 - 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 RAM2 - Empty RAM3 - Empty RAM4 - Empty Storage1 - SATA 2.5” 1TB 7200rpm HDD Storage2 - Empty...
  9. 1

    W240BAT-6 laptop battery stopped working as it is no longer holding a charge above 39%, ask for help

    CLEVO W240BAT-6 laptop battery stopped working as it is no longer holding a charge above 3 9%, I bought it from last July, can it repair???
  10. R

    Possible to upgrade Sager/Clevo integrated graphics to mxm nvida?

    Hey guys, long time reader first time poster. Two questions: 1. Looking at a Clevo/Sager notebook (NP3670) and wondering if a GTX xxxm chip+cooler could be added later to replace the on-board Intel graphics. Read through the entire friggen user manual online and couldn't find anything. and...
  11. B

    which laptop should i buy?

    i need a gaming laptop i am little bit confused between Clevo P750DM and Alienware 17 the main difference between them is clevo has i5 6600k and AW has 4720hq clevo is upgadable but AW is only by Graphics alienware the battery life for clevo is 2-3 hours and AW 17 is 5+ hours which one should i...
  12. F

    Clevo i7 Laptop not recognizing an i7 CPU in socket but will recognize an i3 CPU

    I have a Clevo W860CU that came with an i7-740QM processor in it. I've had no problems with the laptop until about a month ago. On boot up into windows 10 the monitor would show the windows logo and the circles starting to spin but would then shut itself off. I could start the laptop into the...
  13. L

    upgrade old Clevo laptop

    theese are the specs; Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit CPU Intel Pentium T4200 @ 2.00GHz: 46 °C Penryn 45nm Technology RAM 4,00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15) Motherboard CLEVO Co. M740TU(N)/M760TU(N)/W7X0TUN (U2E1): 51 °C Graphics PnP (1366x768@60Hz) 512MB NVIDIA GeForce...
  14. S

    Laptop Comparison and Suggestions

    Recently I've decided to purchase a high end gaming laptop due to large amount of moving around, and I have set eyes on the NP9870-S from Clevo and MSI GT80S TITAN SLI-012 I'd like to know which one is better and also any other suggestions for laptops at a similar price would also be helpful...
  15. N

    USB3 xHCI not working since Win10 on Clevo laptop

    Hi there, Ever since I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (fresh install), my USB3 ports are failing. Laptop is Clevo W650SZ (Sager NP2650). Device manager says: USB xHCI-compatible hoscontroller Dit apparaat start niet. (Code 10) (dutch for: device won't start) {Bewerking mislukt}...
  16. A

    CLEVO P370SM, 680m to 980m

    Hello, As I mentioned in the title, I own a Clevo P370SM wit GTX 680M in SLI. I am considering an upgrade to 980m SLI next year. However I cannot find info anywhere whether this is possible or not except some people mentioning about BIOS update which I am not really good at. Can I get this...
  17. R

    Clevo P150SM will not run on battery any more

    Hi all, new here and looking for some advice. I have a Clevo p150sm about two years old. A few weeks ago I noticed that my laptop wouldn't turn on while on the train on the way to work (no AC). Worrying as it was, by the time I got to work and plugged it in everything was fine. It was fine on...
  18. kenshindono

    What kind of IPS pannels does Sager/Clevo use?

    I'm looking at picking up a Sager np8651. They offer an IPS pannel upgrade for $45 which seems cheap. I dont see any data on it. Does anyone know what type of pannels these guys use? This will be primarily for gaming so if it has high input...
  19. M

    How much is my gaming laptop worth to sell?

    Hi all, I have a Clevo Horoze P150SM laptop I bought just under 18 months ago and was wondering what the best way to sell it would be and how much it might be worth. My reason for this is that I'm looking to replace it with a desktop. Specs are as follows: 780m GPU i7-4700MQ 2.4GB 8GB RAM...
  20. M

    Is Sager/Clevo a good company?

    I was on xotic pc and found Sager and was wondering if it is a good company and if it has a good design and good cooling Thank you in advance
  21. E

    Sager/Clevo Graphics Issue

    Alright, so I have a Sager NP9150EM or Clevo p150EM which originall had a Nvidia GTX 675M in it. The card crapped out on me, so I purchased a Nvidia GTX 670MX that was previously in a Clevo P570WM. The install went smooth. I didn't remove any previous drivers which may have been stupid. THE...
  22. H

    GTX 980M upgradeable to Pascal (mid 2016)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a Sager NP9753 (Clevo P750ZM-G) from Xotic PC, which features a 4K 60Hz Sammy IPS panel that supports G-SYNC technology. This model comes with a single 8GB GTX 980M, which won't drive graphics at 4K high settings. Since a major marketing point of this model is that it...
  23. C

    Sager vs Gigabyte

    I'm trying to decide between the GIGABYTE P35Kv3-CF1 and the Sager NP8651 (Clevo P650SE) as a gaming/programming/general use laptop. I have never heard of Sager and do not know how its durability or battery life (important for my upcoming college years) would be. Similarly, I have read several...
  24. fooball

    Eurocom/Clevo laptop Caps and Num lock blinking

    Today, when I arrived home and powered on my eurocom M3 laptop (aka clevo w230st), I noticed the fan speed rapidly increasing. After a few moments, the fan was on full speed and the laptop started beeping really loud. The num and caps locks were blinking, and the laptop system beep was repeating...
  25. M

    which laptop of the two should i get? and should i get the m2 sata ssd with my HHD?

    Ihave finally decided which two laptops I think will be best for me and my budget. they are the Clevo p157sm-a and p150sm-a (details below) built by I just have a few final questions like should i stay get the m2 sata SSD or not and if so how much will I really need if I am...
  26. H

    Clevo/Sager versus Alienware

    Hi, So I'm looking to buy another gaming laptop. The wife has kind of taken over the fangbook I bought a few weeks ago. I've been deep into my research over the last few days and have narrowed it down to either Sager/Clevo models or base model of Alienware 15. I don't want to spend more than...
  27. M

    Need advice on which gaming/work laptop to get.

    Hi everyone! I need some advice/input into two laptops: 1) GIGABYTE P35Xv3-CF8 2) Sager NP8652-S I am trying to find a somewhat...
  28. F

    Asus G751 vs MSI GT72 vs Alienware 17 (2015) vs Sager/Clevo vs Origin

    I have been looking at getting a new laptop, which I will use mainly for World of Warcraft with all settings maxed out. From what I have been seeing: - MSI and Asus are the top two. - MSI GT72 and Sager/Clevo both have upgradable video cards. - Sager/Clevo looks to be available without an OS...
  29. N

    msi vs sager

    I am stuck between those 3 models and i don't know which to choose and they are both almost close in price,and again people telling me i am overkilling it with specs. I usually Play ESO/Battlefield and do Cinema 4D and 3D Graphics and i like my games smooth and looks awesome. I have never...
  30. zachparr2442

    Problem Streaming from Laptop

    I currently have a Sager np9150 with a i7 3630qm and a 7970m with 16gb of 1600ram. I have been trying to stream on Twitch and would love to start, but everytime i try using the OBS app. I only recognizes my intel graphics and not my GPU. so i can hear everything and see my desktop but as soon as...
  31. T

    XMG C304( Clevo w230ss) vs Asus Rog G551jm vs Acer Nitro V15

    Hi people. Im looking decent gaming machine that is reliable, has good cooling and good ips display. Im not a big gamer at all, most of the stuff i use are programs for Architecture and 3D modeling like Maya, 3DSMax and similar but i want a future proof powerfull machine. My max budget is 950...
  32. fooball

    Why do some laptops battery lives last longer than same-hardware others?

    Hi, I have a Eurocom M3 (aka clevo w230st) with i7-4700mq, 12gb ram, 1x 128gb msata ssd, 1x 7200rpm 500gb hdd, 1080p 13.3" screen, GTX 765m. Looking up numerous reviews for other laptops, I realized that my laptop's battery life is horrible compared to similar spec laptops like the Razer Blade...
  33. fooball

    Battery on gaming laptop goes down too fast

    I'm use my Eurocom M3 (same as Clevo w230st and Sager np7330) gaming laptop for school work, and I always have to plug it in. The battery life goes down 0.1% every 10 seconds. I installed the BatteryBar toolbar today, and it says capacity=51,770; discharge rate= -15,954; full runtime= 2:49...
  34. J

    Just bought a Sager NP7338 (Clevo W230SS) off of ebay, now what? (Optimization?)

    The person I bought it from pre installed the prema bios on it and I don't think he did anything to it. Anyways what should I do to optimize performance and temperatures and all the other fun stuff for gaming (voltages for the processor and gpu?) What kind of upgrades should I try on it? I think...
  35. H

    Has anybody bought the sager NP9752-S

    IF anybody has any experience with this laptop, can you tell me if it's worth the 2.5k at starting level? or are there better laptops than this? I was looking for high end laptops and i came upon this sexy thing, but i can't seem to find any reviews of it.
  36. T

    Sager Build... Help w/ Boot Drive, #1 HDD & #2 HDD decision?!?!

    I'm thinking about the Sager NP7378 (Clevo W370SS) - XoticPC is where I've been looking... Now this is my first laptop that I have ever gotten to choose some of the configuration and I'm over my head. HAHA I don't game at all and no games will be placed on this laptop but I will be working with...
  37. R

    Clevo W230SS and cooling pad

    Hello guys :). If its wrong place to write about this then sorry. My problem is that my Clevo when playing for example Battlefield 4 is reaching 92°C on CPU and 82°C on GPU and its little bit hot near keyboard and places where you have your hands and its kinda uncomfortable.. When i made...
  38. manosspan

    Do I hava Sata 2 or Sata 3 on my laptop

    Hello all. I have a laptop made from a local brand (originally it is a novatech pegatron a15he) {haven't understand exactly the brand name} with these characteristics I found out that...
  39. H

    Gaming Laptop for my needs + budget

    Hi guys. Hope you're well. I am looking to purchase a gaming laptop this winter, hopefully around the time of Christmas sales. The site i prefer is HIDevolution, but I am also open to other good websites that deliver internationally. I can invest roughly $2k and the laptop I am hoping to buy...
  40. Miquel Casanovas

    Gigabyte p34g/XMG C404 vs Sager NP73387/Clevo W230SS/XMG P304

    So I need a laptop and I was thinking of getting one of this two laptops. I put loads of names cause it looks like both laptops have multipla rebrands. I want an overall good laptop with 13-14 inch good screen, decent battery and nice specs for gaming. It's for college. The Gigabyte p34g has...
  41. B

    Problem booting NP8278-S

    Hello! I am having a problem, My NP8278-S (clevo 170psm, 17,3", gtx 870m, i7 4810mq, windows 8.1, 12gb memory, 128gb ssd, 1tb hdd @ 7200rpm) is not booting correctly: I pressed the power button, I saw bios and everything but it wouldnt show the login screen, but instead, there was a blackscreen...
  42. S

    Clevo P170SM-A GPU upgrade

    I was wondering if the GPU in the Clevo P170SM is upgradable, I'd like to stick in a 980M but the people I bought it from says the card is soldered to the board. Although I've seen threads around the web of people upgrading them. Does anyone know If it's possible?
  43. E

    NEW Build, laptop/notebook, Sager vs ROG vs ?? PLEASE COMMENT on configuration and likely performance.

    Please give opinion. I have been wrestling with making a final decision on a laptop that will replace my PC (finally... i am still running an xp pro, pent4, 2ram, office 03 system). I bought an Asus ROG gaming GX750 with 17.3" screen. It was simply too big/heavy for practical usage, so I...
  44. zachparr2442

    Laptop shutting down wile playing games

    ok i just got a sage np9150 / clevo p150em with the amd 7970m. now i was testing the battery on it and i was playing titianfall, and after about 7mins of intense play my laptop shut down completely. now when its plugged up it has no problem running any game at max (just about any game) now...
  45. A

    buying a laptop for desktop replacement, need advice

    Hey people, I'm buying my first laptop, and I want it to be able to replace and surpass my aging tower(athlon x2 64, geforce 450gt, 4gigs of ram). Having read a lot of product descriptions and reviews of different laptops, I've determined that I'd like these minimum specs: processor: i7...
  46. D

    Suddenly stripes and BSOD after reboot, not in safe mode!

    Hi everyone, Notebook: Clevo P370EM RAM: 16GB GPU: ATI 7970M (2x) Bought: Dec' 12 OS: Win7 64 Bit I have a problem: I've just rebooted my Notebook before and after the reboot, I saw white stripes and got a BSOD (Memory_Management) and had to reboot. After reboot, the same thing happened again...
  47. E

    which graphic card suitable for my chipset

    I have a laptop with ; Intel Mobile HM67 Express Chipset my graphic card is not working properly and fixing not possible.. which graphic cards suitable for my chipset i use clevo p170hm and my old graphic card is gtx 485m.. thx
  48. R

    Replacement video card for d901c

    The nVidia 9800M GTX video card in my Clevo d901c died. I want to get a cheap replacement until i build a desktop. How can i find compatible cards?
  49. D

    Really need help for chosing a high-end thin aluminum laptop

    Hey Guys, I've been looking for a while now (more than a year) for a laptop that would be perfect for me, but there's always something and maybe you guys could have suggestions. I'm looking for a entertainment/gaming/college laptop preferably under 2000$ shiped to Canada, J7C 4W7. I want a...
  50. D

    Sager/Clevo W230SS or W110ER? (Need to make a decision today)

    Hi all, I am in the process of looking for a smaller, lightweight gaming laptop and I narrowed it down to one choice, but then I found a really good deal online. So, I am looking to you guys to help me decide. I would like to be able to run modern games, and continue to run modern games for a...
  51. Share2Care

    MSI, Gigabyte Clevo or PC Specialist? Need a New Laptop!

    Eoss Good Afternoon Gents & Ladies. I am in desperate need of a new laptop. I travel all over the World on a regular basis, so a max screen size of 14 inch - 15.6 inch would be great. Battery life plays a part, although when I am not writing reports and giving presentations, I would like to...
  52. B

    Should I install the Prema Bios Mod for Sager NP7338 (Clevo W230SS)?

    I just bought a Sager NP7338 and i am in love with it. The only problem i have with it is that the i7 4710mq processor gets fairly warm under normal/idle use. under light use it will get up to 50c and that is just to warm for my liking. So my first question is, should i install the Prema Bios...
  53. L

    Buy A new laptop

    Hi guys, I'm going to buy a new laptop, I'll go to UK for study, so I decide to chose Clevo W230SS but I dont know much about UK's company to buy a laptop, anyone can help me?
  54. M

    Finding a motherboard

    I'm in a bit of a bind, as my laptop motherboard is totally dead. I have a Clevo W170HR, which uses the W150HR board. Financially speaking, I cannot afford a new PC of any level and the only way I can see out of this is a new motherboard (or maybe getting it fixed?). I haven't been able to find...
  55. M

    Sager VS Alienware VS Other

    I had a Razer Blade Pro 2013 and am thinking about getting a refund as it has not worked properly since i first bought it. I had it in the shop 2 times and customer support, although very helpful, could not seem to solve the issues (keyboard ghosting, keyboard crashing, etc.). Overall, however...
  56. A

    MSI ge40 vs Clevo w230st

    Hey Guys I'm wondering which laptop is better overall. The MSI ge 40 When configured with an i3 4000m and gtx 850m at PC specialist UK costs £440 ish. The clevo costs £540 ish with the same configuration but with a 1080p display and gtx 860m vs 850m. Are all those extras worth £100. Which...
  57. T

    To buy or not to buy

    So I guess I've been mulling over the idea of a Laptop for gaming for quite some time. I've weighed my options, brands, features, what I really want out of a laptop. I've made my decision (almost) for what I want. The question I have is, should I wait? Everything this year seems to be "meh"...
  58. M

    Sager NP9377 (Clevo P377SM-A) VS MSI GS60 2PE Ghost Pro 3K Edition

    I WANT TO BUY A GAMING LAPTOP AND I WOUNDER WHICH LAPTOP IS BEST FOR ME AND I CAN USE HIM TO NEXT FEW YEARS MSI CPU The latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor OS Windows 8.1 Memory DDR3L,up to 1600 MHz, slot *2, max 16GB LCD Size 15.6" 3K wide-view LCD display...
  59. A

    Clevo W650SJ as a gaming laptop?

    This laptop around $900 seems really good, I don't want any SLI with its common overheating problems, so the lenovo y510p wasn't for me. I was just wondering if there is any other better gaming laptop around that price that's good without SLI? gave it nice reviews but said the...