Boot Issue - Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658

Aug 29, 2018
Hello, I am a little desperate, as normal for a Avell B155 Max, ClevoW650SJ, Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658 computer owner, and I red all over the place that this issue is very common but no solution has been given whatsoever, and I will try to bring this issue up again to help me, help other owners and even technicians who may have gone for the same issues.

Everytime I press power, the button light turns on and I can hear the little noise as usual but it doesn't boot (black screen, no sounds). It's like that for about 30 seconds and then I can hear the GPU fan running for about 10 seconds and then it just shuts down.

I tried removing battery + unplugging and pressing power for 60 sec but the result is the same. I also tried removing the RAM and the HDD (alternatively and both) but same thing. I already reset Bios ... Tried to get it on an external monitor (VGA and HDMI) I have done a lot of stuff.. and nothing.

Background and Issues:

I bought my Avell B155 Max (Brazilian) which is the same as ClevoW650SJ or Schenker M504, or SAGER NP6658... And I had my first issue about a year ago. The computer simply didnt boot. Power light is on, battery light is on, and then comes the GPU fan ... and switches off.

He is a bit temperamental, as he works when he decides to, and had this problem a year ago and only came again 2 months ago (second time I had the same problem), it didnt work for a day, refused to work... so on the next day I tried to power it on and worked on the first attempt (I didnt reset bios, or did anything both times I had the problem, I just left it on my bag).

The laptop worked fine (gamming, working, heavy stuff, light stuff... etc) until 2 days ago.

Now, I have been trying to start it for the second day, yesterday evening I almost got him to work... And here is where I noticed an issue with it (stilll trying to make it work do),

The computer works when the HDD light is on (seems obvious, but I know when the computer will work this way)... It seems that there is some issue related to the hdd...

All times I tried with no success there was no light on the HDD untill last night when it lighted up just when the GPU fan was on ready to shutdown so I had no success, on the other times it has the issue it only worked if the HDD light gone on during the 234234324 times tried.

There was an event that makes me believe is the cause for the computer to decide he didnt want to work anymore, I left the computer on during the night, something I havent done since the problems occoured, this seemed to make the difference. He got tired.

I am still with no computer at this time... trying and trying .. and trying to switch this crap up... Does anyone really found out whats its going on with these computer/models etc? Thanks in advance.

Sending a video link so you can see whats going on: