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  1. V

    Question Sudden "BootDevice not found.." - Installed Win 10 on new SSD - Legacy disabled

    It is a factory Windows-installed laptop. HP Elitebook 840 G4 Had got a new SSD installed, installed windows 10 (legacy mode off) downloaded from microsoft website. Worked good for 2 days, but on 3rd day - got this error at boot (photo attached) - "BootDevice not found. Please install an...
  2. G

    Question Need help with my ASUS F570z

    Hi, I need help regarding my Asus laptop which is having trouble to start on. After evertime I try to start my laptop, the switch gets on but there is no display and neither the fan starts but after keeping in blank state(on) during 1st start for 30sec-1minute , the fan starts and when i do a...
  3. C

    Question SSD upgrade, Laptop boots to BIOS when plugged in, will boot properly to windows if unplugged

    Asus ROG G750JX (old girl), recently installed a new SSD (samsung 870EVO), issue has started since the install, have kept 1 of the original hard drives as extra space and using the SSD for window and all major programs, performed a full wipe of system and fresh load of windows 10 on SSD. Laptop...
  4. RobertWinkler

    Solved! HP dead after bios update

    I have reinstalled my HP laptop and everything worked just fine. Then i went to the drivers section and downloaded a bios update. The update downloaded and i started the program. The program told me something that he cannot flash bios because of someUEFI issue. But there was second uption, Only...
  5. T

    Question HP EliteBook 840 Powers on immediately no boot, CAPS constant on

    I have a HP EliteBook 840 that powers on immediately upon connecting a charger. The system does not boot, the CAPS keys is constantly on. The power LED is on. The fan is not spinning. The CPU is heating up. The power key does not power down the device. Has anyone seen this before?
  6. R

    Solved! Rufus won't boot on ancient HP Probook 640

    This is a bit of an idle question on Rufus. There doesn't appear to be an official Rufus support forum but most Google searches end up here. But if there is an official forum, I'd love to know where it is. I'm rebuilding an old but functional HP Probook 640 G1 for a charity. They have Windows...
  7. D

    Solved! Laptop battery died, suddenly booting straight to bios, boots too fast to see any error messages. CMOS seems fine, SSD HDD 1st Boot, No changes made

    So I'm using my laptop to listen to music, and general web browsing. I had not installed anything or did anything weird. I unplugged it from the wall to do some house cleaning in the area, the battery is older so the laptop died... like it's done 100 times before. Later, I plugged the cord...
  8. S

    Solved! error 0xc0000225 (winload.efi missing/corrupted) everytime I tried installing windows 10 through a bootable usb drive

    every time I tried to install windows 10 on my laptop with a bootable USB drive, it showed the Asus logo and then BSOD error 0xc0000225 (winload.efi missing/corrupted). I tried googling but it seems like the solution is for people who failed to boot their windows. meanwhile, I can boot windows...
  9. NicIsHere123

    Solved! Laptop doesn't recognize my HDD after booting from my SSD(I migrated my OS to that SSD)

    My laptop is a Asus TUF Gaming A17 Tonight I migrated my OS to my brand new SSD using the Minitool app. It migrated all good. After the process ended I went to the Bios Menu and switched the Boot priority so the SSD was the first one. The first time I booted after this change it still booted...
  10. T

    Solved! Laptop no longer boots with drive moved to external enclosure

    I am struggling to boot my laptop after upgrading the internal M.2 SSD. The external enclosure is recognized in the BIOS. When starting the laptop it attempts to boot but runs a loading animation and then goes to a blue screen saying it failed to boot and leads me through windows 10 restore...
  11. A

    Solved! MSI gl73 8rd replace parts

    Purchased a laptop at a pawn store that seems to be missing m.2 & a 8g ram stick. Upon searching parts I was cautioned not to get 32g ram because some laptops dont work well with it and not to try to boot from an m.2 because some laptops have issues with booting from m.2, but instead buy a 500g...
  12. harielking

    Solved! Dual Boot Details

    Hi all, I am using Asus tuf fx505gd model laptop. I want to dual boot Windows and Linux but I can't find any settings in bios. I am using Windows 10 pro now. My second question is my laptop came with HDD but I added m.2 sdd then I changed windows 10 home to windows 10 pro. but now I can't update...
  13. E

    Solved! ASUS laptop boot problem

    I have a ASUS laptop which ran on Windows 10. Since a few days ago it does not boot anymore, when turning it on it goes straight to the BIOS setup. At the boot menu it gives me no options at all (not displaying any drives, harddrive or USB). I downloaded a Windows 10 ISO file on a flashdrive but...
  14. D

    Solved! HP laptop not booting up

    Hello, My rather old HP Elitebook 8540w is not starting up. It seems to get in a boot loop and the screen remains blank. Nothing was changed recently which might have caused this. Since it does not contain original HDD, the HP recovery partition is not there either. I tried to create a BIOS...
  15. csr___

    Solved! My Lenovo won't boot without charger pluged in, Help!

    My laptop, ideapad 320s won't boot wihtout charger pluged in, then when then the laptop turns on, it still turns on if the charger removed. Please help, thankyou..
  16. User$101

    Question Zephyrus GA502D Crucial SSD Boot logo issue

    I purchase a M.2 SSD from crucial 500gb to add into my laptop GA502D ROG from ASUS. For sometime, the ssd works fine, but on some cases either i shutdown the laptop or sleep the laptop by closing the lid, and when i turn on the laptop, it stuck at the asus boot logo. I can't access the bios, the...
  17. Zkneedhelp

    Question Laptop won't boot on first attempt if i leave it OFF overnight

    My problem is that my laptop Asus-753 won't boot on the first time if I left it off like overnight ' Cold Boot '. when I press the ON button the keyboard flashes and turned off again nothing more .. no sound, no time it did reach the Boot logo and restart by itself keyboard just...
  18. BootNewbie

    Question Asus ROG GL502 stuck in a boot loop

    As I said in the title my Asus GL502 is stuck in a boot loop. But after disabling fast boot and secure boot and enabling CSM boot on startup it said that it cannot find a boot device. After checking on the net I found out that it means my system cannot connect to my SATA 1000GB storage (which is...
  19. booterboii

    Question Bootable windows 10 USB made with etcher won't boot onto HP pavilion

    So a few days ago my sister was going to use her laptop and turned it on, it was a plain black screen for a while, so she did a force shut down and turned it back on when it turned back on, it was doing updates so she waited and when it reached 100% it went back to 0% and she waited till it...
  20. L

    Solved! nextbook Ares 8a

    My next book ares8 Won’t turn on to the opening screen just the next book powered by android screen and it is in the DNX Fast boot mode how do I get out of this
  21. R

    Solved! laptop won't boot

    hello I'm just wandering what I can do here my notebook asus x200ca when I turn it on it says self diagnosing self repairing I tryed to factory reset but it gets to lol e 38 percent and restarts I tried everything if I let it self repair it just restarts in a loop and comes up with some error...
  22. M

    Solved! Laptop stuck in boot loop

    Hi my laptop is stuck in boot loop. So basically from a cold start it will take me to a screen that says "Hi there, Lets get a few basic things out of the way." It then lists things like time zones and language. Once you click next it brings you to a screen that says, "Why did my PC restart...
  23. S

    Solved! My Samsung j2 is stuck on recovery booting

    I want to do root Samsung j2 and it get stuck on recovery boot loading
  24. B

    Solved! New GPU not coming up on Alienware

    I have a 2013 alienware that blew the 770m GPU. I bought a GTX 980m card to replace it and now the computer will either not boot and beep, or boot without the card being recognized. I dont have an nvidia app to use to select the driver and Gforce doesnt do anything. Please help.
  25. K

    Computer won't boot up even with only ngff cable installed

    The problem is easy; no matter what I do the setup is not working. Everything is what is supposed to be, I connected the PSU and graphic card then I plugged black cable (NGFF to HDMI cable) and pressed the power button but unfortunately the computer didn't boot up there were no sign of problem...
  26. K

    Solved! My aspire one D250-1165 wont go pass the boot up system after putting it in safe mode

    I turn on my Aspire one D250-1165 acer. It goes automatically to select and i use safe mode, but it wont go past the boot up
  27. A

    Laptop won’t Boot (one problem turned to another)

    I have an ASUS ROG GL552V and it wouldn’t boot on At first, it turned on but it wouldn’t boot to Windows and goes straight to Bios.It wouldn’t detect the hard drive, saying there is no bootable device. At times that it did detect the Hard drive, it would go to automatic repair at the logo...
  28. H

    Solved! Entering bios during PXE-MOF error.

    My Asus keeps scrolling the exiting PXE message over and over. And I am unable to open the BIOS menu to change the boot order
  29. N

    Solved! HP Compaq nx6125 - Windows failed to start - boot configuration data error

    My HP Compaq nx6125 is not working properly. I can see the following message on the display Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. File:\Boot\BCD Status: 0xc0000034 Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data...
  30. A

    Solved! Dell Latitude E6500

    hi, my latitude e6500 wont boot...looks like the ram is not seated right...num lock keeps flashing...can anyone help or atleast post a close up picture of their memory area in the back of their latitudes? can it be due to other issues. if so, how to fix.
  31. F

    Solved! Dell laptop won’t boot OS or get into the bios

    My laptop won’t boot the OS or get into the BIOS config. Not sure what it might be. I tried resetting the RAM that worked but then it turned off because I accidentally unplugged the battery cable. I know I need to change the battery, but I don’t think that’s the issue here.
  32. H

    Solved! looking for a solution for windows system recovery

    I have a Lenovo g50-80. when I power it on it shows windows system recovery and in the boot options it is set the default to start windows normally and then the windows boot animation is seen and after the animation ends I can see only my cursor with dimmed out brightness on my screen. I have...
  33. J

    Solved! My MacBook pro is stuck in the start up won't boot up all the way help

    When powering on my MacBook pro it gets stuck and dosent finish booting up
  34. R

    Computer wont boot if hdmi from smart tv is connected

    computer wont boot up if hdmi from smart tv is connected, if pluggin after boots, hdmi to tv works fine
  35. A

    9 year old Dell Studio 1558 PP39L won't boot!

    I've read a few previous threads, and followed the tech answers, but still can't get my laptop to boot up. I've got the ram out of it right now. Pressed the power button, and it definitely beeps twice with a pause in between before doing it again until I turn it off. What else can i do to try...
  36. B

    Solved! I managed to get past the boot loop but now every time I sign in the screen goes black and a cursor pops up. What do I do now?

    I managed to get past the boot loop but now every time I sign in the screen goes black and a cursor pops up. What do I do now?
  37. M

    Black screen on MacBook Pro Retina 13

    When I start my MacBook Pro the screen goes black, it makes the boot noise but no image appears, but the computer is on because the capslock led comes on. I have already seen in some forums about this problem but none of them helped me, I have already reset NVRAM and SMC but continue to boot the...
  38. C

    Solved! Laptop won’t charge or boot.

    I am using a lenovo ideapad 310-15IKB, the battery is not detachable. Last night when I was using it, the laptop suddenly went off. When I tried to boot it, the power indicator and the charging indicator lit up but after seconds it went off. I removed the charger and tried to boot it again...
  39. M

    My computer won't start after a changed boot order.

    I usually don't write on forums but i've got an emergency : - My friend gave me his pc because he wanted a new windows - His pc an old has windows xp, 0.5gb of ram with dual-core (pretty old in 2019) - When I booted Windows on my usb flash drive, i couldn't make the pc boot from it so i thought...
  40. P

    Solved! how to fix samsung galaxy 2 boot freeze?

    I've been factory data reset my device and it stock up on blackscreen (literally all black) that keeps on flashing on and off. how to fix this? please help me =(
  41. J

    Dell M4500 Boot Issues

    My M4500 (got it used on ebay and when I first got it, it had overheating problems but I fixed it by replacing thermal paste) isn't able to boot on battery for some reason. I try to boot my laptop off of the battery (Laptop didn't come with battery so I just bought a compatible battery on ebay)...
  42. B

    Lenovo thinkpad P51s stuck in boot manager.

    My thinkpad (P51s, windows 10) crashed. Now when I start it up I see the lenovo splash screen that says to interupt normal startup, press enter. Then it will go to the boot menu (blue and gray screen with two tabs, boot menu and app menu, under boot menu my options are windows boot manager and...
  43. J

    Solved! LENOVO G40-45 wont boot and fan not working

    Hi everyone My laptop won’t boot and screen didnt show anything When i turn it on, -Hdd indicator work -Carging indicator work -camera led work But -fan doesnt work (only work 1second and stopped) -screen didnt show anything even the lenovo logo and cant enter bios Around 30second after i...
  44. 4

    Solved! I have a Asus x555l and it won't turn on the charge lights won't turn on pleas help

    It is a x555l and won't boot or turn on neither will the charge lights pleas help:(
  45. P

    Laptop freeze randomly on battery

    I just bought a dell e6320 with intel core i7 3520m, 4GB ram and 180GB of intel ssd. On 1st and 2nd boot it runs smoothly but after the 3rd boot the laptop sometimes freezing randomly while on battery but if I plugged in the charger it run smoothly just like the 1st and 2nd boot. If anyone has...
  46. B

    Solved! Windows Boot Problems (windows 10)

    Windows Boot problems. (windows 10) Hi I've had some problems with my pc that I can't seem to fix myself even though I've tried just about everything I can think of.. So, a week ago my pc bluescreened while I was playing a game, it said I would restart and I let it, after the restart I was...
  47. A

    no boot device available

    My Windows 8 laptop says "no boot device available", please anyone help me. Thanks [post title edited to reflect the problem - mod]
  48. P

    Solved! My supersonic sc-999bt is stuck on boot screen and it won't turn off

    My supersonic sc999bt tablet is stuck on boot screen and I can't power my tablet off. Please help
  49. E

    Can't boot from DVD to install windows 7, 0xc000000f

    So i'm having trouble installing windows 7 on a clean formated ssd from an install disc. I wanted to wipe an old laptop i got from school so i formated the disc on my main pc amd put it back in the laptop. I have a windows 7 disk which i know works but when i try too boot it on my Thinkpad L440...
  50. A

    Solved! Fix automatic repair boot loop on Windows 10 Toshiba Satellite?

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop. It runs on Windows 10 operating system. This particular model does not have a disc drive. One day while trying to transfer files via Bluetooth I noticed that the Bluetooth symbol wasn't in my task tray as normal. I went into my settings to turn Bluetooth on and...
  51. C

    Help we can not seem to find the "Security" menu.

    Can someone direct me to the "Security" menu. Once we hit the "enable" I am not able to locate it. 2. Next select the "Security" menu and then select "secure Boot Control" and change to "disable".
  52. K

    ASUS Laptop has no boot options

    I was given a friend's family member's ASUS T100TAF to try to fix. It had a boot issue, but Bitlocker wouldn't let me fix anything. So I just tried to format it and reinstall windows 8, but after wiping the drives it can't boot to usb anymore and I don't know how to fix that and googling hasn't...
  53. X

    Solved! My laptop won't boot or enter bios

    My system crashed so i went in the bios and changed some boot setups and now i can't enter bios * Moderator edit, removed dead link"
  54. Z

    Solved! What would stop a laptop from booting?

    It powers up to the BIOS can see the SSD but it wont boot to it. It just shows a flashing underscore if I try. it acts this way if i try and boot from anything
  55. X

    Solved! Edit boot/no uefi

    I have acer aspire 1. Cant boot pass bsod error(2 or 3 different codes).cant get to uefi to select reinstall usb. Only thing i can boot to is edit boot options by pressing f10. F1-F9 F11 F12 and esc all lead to bsod. Edit boot option gives me a space to finish or replace txt or command. [...
  56. B

    Laptop wont boot from usb

    Hello! Today I tried to help my friend with formatting her laptop but I cant find the way to boot the pendrive. I think i set everything as it should be in BIOS, fast bios mode is disabled, UEFI boot support is disabled and the usb is 1st on priority list. Her OS rn is windows 10 and we want to...
  57. R

    Acer Aspire E5-575G-57D4 No Bootable Device

    I have an Acer Aspire E5-575G laptop. Intel I5, Nvidia 940mx, 256 SSD, 8gb ddr4. Finding specific info for this device is hard, seems kinda rare, so here I am. I am receiving a No Bootable Device error message when trying to start it. Numerous different attempts listed below, simplified. Tying...
  58. N

    Solved! Black screen on boot, and when booting into Windows. Screen works when booting into Ubuntu

    Hello again, I posted a while back, and this time I have more information as I have been trying to figure out the issue, but it's still not working. Things that haven't changed: Everything is visible when using an external display. There is no power to the screen during boot, the grub menu...
  59. T

    Dell Latitude e6500 BIOS A29 no UEFI in Boot list options

    Windows 10 running but only in MBR boot mode not possible to define GPT mode