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    Friends dell laptop wont boot (says the hard drive isnt installed)

    My friend got his pc back after his hard drive in it broke 2 times prior to this time. This is the third time that the hard drive in his pc failed thanks to dell. Before he sends it back, AGAIN, is there anything we could do to fix it? Hes already tried opening up the pc and making sure all the...
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    Solved! Unable To Boot Bootable Media in Bios. Win 8.1 OS

    My computer will not boot bootable drives/media. I have several bootable USB Drives but my computer will not boot them. When I enter my laptop's bios the bootable drives are listed however non drives will not boot. The drives will boot on other computers but will not do so on mine. I am...
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    Solved! Asus laptop won't boot, no led lights

    My asus laptop was working perfectly last night, and this morning it doesn't want to boot at all, no charging light when plugged in. No warranty anymore. I took the laptop apart and removed the battery, and tried to boot, no success there. Anything else I can try?
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    Some one can help me with my laptop

    I cant boot to win7 and cant boot to usb flash althougt I have checked the bios boot selections The problem is, the laptop isn't booting from the usb drive no matter what. I checked the bios booting selections many times, and the priority was for USB Flash Drive, but still the laptop isn't...
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    Can't boot freedos after Win10 install

    Hi! On a new lenovo laptop with freedos on partition-1 (/dev/sda1), I installed Win10 in partition-2 (/dev/sda2). Now when I try to boot freedos I get Windows. :( How do I revive freedos? I also have two versions of linux in /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6, and my bootloader is grub2. It has an...
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    Solved! Laptop won’t boot windows

    My MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 won’t boot into windows. When I go to boot, it either just takes me to a black screen (skips MSI splash) and does nothing no matter how long I leave it, or shows the MSI splash then goes to BIOS about a minute later. Earlier it was getting to windows, then getting...
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    Hp laptop notebook

    Tripped over mouse chord, computer won't boot
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    Solved! It won't let me out of reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press key

    Toshiba Satellite P855 won't let me out of reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press key. I can not, I repeat I can NOT get into BIOS. No matter what key(s) I press it just scrolls "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in...
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    Solved! Laptop fans spin during boot, don't spin at all after boot even during high temps, causing overheat shutdown

    Hi guys, would really need some help here as I'm basically experience a laptop problem and attempting to fix it while I'm on holidays (frequent usage basically). So pretty much as the title says, I've had the problem ever since I've disassembled and reassembled the laptop. It was an attempt to...
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    Acer laptop wont boot

    I am not able to boot up my acer laptop. I had windows 8.1 and I downloaded the repair disk. I put it on a dvd to use. The dvd player works and it use to run everything else however it wont run the disk. My monitor broke so I have an external monitor. I tried all of the hotkeys, tricks...
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    Solved! HP EliteBook - changed battery and now wont boot up

    Hi Guys, I have an HP Elitbeook 1040 G1, I bought it refurbished and it was working great for a year. For the past few weeks I’ve been receiving a HP battery error upon boot up. The message said the battery cannot hold a charge any longer and needs replacing. Even though it still booted up fine...
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    PC boots to bios always

    My computer always goes to bios whenever I turn on and it doesn't boot . I have New SSD where no os installed .but it doesn't show any boot device when I insert my os disc
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    Boot device not found. It appears in the middle of using the laptop

    After logging into the hp laptop windows 7, it operates normal but after a few sounds from the hard drive it freezes and shows the command boot device not found. when replacing working hard drives it gives the same command. Please I need help
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    Solved! I have a factory installed windows 10 HP 17 laptop I am want to convert to window seven having problems this shows with boots

    I have a factory installed windows 10 HP 17 laptop I am want to convert to window seven having problems this shows with boot Folder but is still don’t boot thanks
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    msconfig "normal startup" has safe boot enabled

    why does it do this? if i uncheck safe mode it goes to selective startup, i just want to use normal but for some reason this is on by default
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    Solved! My ASUS X455L (4GB RAM) Wont boot up,

    My laptop wont boot. First I turn on tha laptop and the asus logo shows up after that a loading circle shows up on the middle bottom of the screen and after awhile it dissapears (black screen) and when i press my mouse a loading circle cursor shows up and it wont start
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    360safe chinese installer always pops up when i turn on pc

    Help every time i turn on my computer 360safe chinese installer pops up even when i scan with antivirus softwares (Avira and others). Malwarebytes doesn't even identify it as a virus. Please help. It annoys me every time. Thank you. :)
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    Solved! Laptop stuck in Hibernation mode. Unable to access BIOS/Boot menu. NO bootable OS found.

    Have a crazy computer problem with a personal laptop. So, I installed Debian, but something was wrong with the bootloader....when you booted it up, it would give the "No disk/no OS" black screen, making it look like there was no OS installed, however you could hit F7 and access a boot menu...
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    my laptop won't boot

    Hello there, my acer e5-571g laptop won't boot after i replace the hardisk. only blue led light apear few seconds every press the power button. Can somebody help me to fix it. Thnks
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    Old SSD Transferred Not Working

    Sorry about posting this to the Laptop section. If I need to, I'll repost in the Desktop section. For now, however, I've had an old homebrew running Win10 Pro with an SSD that I'm swapping for a new HP Pavilion Desktop 590-p0050. I am moving the SSD from the old system to the new without...
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    My pc will not boot or is able to reset

    I accidentally got a virus where things kept popping up, my pc shut down and when ever I turn it on it shows I tried resetting the pc but it just keep saying errors idk what to do can someone help please. P.S I am not able to go into windows go to browsing
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    Solved! Insert boot device and press any key

    Hello I need help I just try to boot my acer and show me that message no bootable device--insert boot device and press any key but the first time before I change the boot setting into legacy I was that message no bootable device after to change in legacy there's no change gives it is not start...
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    Solved! ASUS laptop will not boot

    My ASUS X541N laptop won't get past the splash screen logo. It won't boot and it won't respond to F2 so as to enter bios. A hard reset (holding the power button down until it clicks and the screen turns off) does not help. The battery appears fully charged. Any advice?
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    Toshiba Laptop not boot

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows 10. I updated windows 10 and I restarted the laptop. After the win 10 not coming back just a message: " Preparing Automatic Repair" I made usb repair disk but when I using nothing happening ( not see the Preparing Automatic Repair) . The laptop...
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    Scrolling reboot and select proper boot device or incert boot media in selected boot device and hit any key"

    I have a Toshiba Satellite p855. I caught the GANDCRAB V5.4 so I reset my windows 10 and now it acts as if I have no hard drive. I can't boot up into BIOS, if I hit any key including F2 or F12 it keeps scrolling " reboot and select proper boot device or incert boot media in selected boot...
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    Solved! laptop refuses to delete dual partition setup

    I'm trying to cleanup an old HP laptop that I had years ago installed a dual boot Windows 7 setup on. While I can get into the secondary Windows 7 system boot, the OS boot up process started freezing up when ever I tried to get into the primary system boot. But even in the secondary boot, when I...
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    Solved! VAIO laptop 1511B1EW boot menu on new hard disk

    I am having problems fixing my mother's VAIO laptop. The original hard drive has finally died. I bought a new one and fitted it in. Now I can't get either USB or DVD to boot in order to install win10 on the new drive. My brother knows how to do this but won't tell me. He's in that rebellious...
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    Toshiba Satellite L55-b5267 locked with initial boot password

    hello there, i have a toshiba satellite L55-b5267 and it's boot is locked with a password. i remember i was the one that put the password but i've tried everything and i cant remember. i've tried using the `Toshiba` backdoor password but it doesn't work. is there by any chance any way of...
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    Solved! Laptop Screen Goes Black after Boot (Fujitsu Amilo LI2727 - MS2228)

    Hi All! I'm experiencing an issue with my laptop screen, and seeking for advice from the community. Upon booting, my laptop screen goes all black. The machine is on and seems to be working just fine. In fact, I've found out that if I push (and keep pushing) the laptop case right behind the...
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    Solved! Asus s56ca-xxo15h Reboot

    I have the same problem. Asus s56ca-xxo15h Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 Ran for several weeks then crashed. Cannot rescue boot. It will not boot via USB. Help please.
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    No bootable device

    I have a laptop that i bought from like 3 months ago. It's an acer nitro 5 an-515-52. And yesterday i ran into a problem. I was playing a game and the i rage quitted. Then i bang my laptop pretty hard on the harddisk part. After that i got a blue screen then my laptop crashes. When i boot it up...
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    Solved! Sony Vaio new hard drive install, Windows 7 USB won't boot.

    I've got a Sony Vaio F series laptop 64 (about 10 years old) that the hard drive died in, i got a new one, went to Rufus (lots of people on reddit said to use it) and got a copy of Window 7 (i've tried three different ones) I tried using my product key but windows says in was installed at sony...
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    Lenovo 100s stuck in boot startup, no rotating circle...

    Hi people... we tried to do a complete factory reset of the "Ideapad" but.. is now stuck in an endless boot cycle. It doesn't get to the stage where you get the rotating circle. I have tried to press the "Lenovo" button and the power button... sometimes that works, most of the time it...
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    Solved! No display after enabling Legacy Boot and disabling Secure Boot

    I have an Hp Pavilion G4-2304tx laptop win8-64bit, my hdd start having problems so I bought a new one and tried installing win10 using a cd but it doesn't show up in the boot manager, when I tried disabling secure boot and enabling legacy boot,after restarting my laptop there is no display only...
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    ASUS ROG G703GM Fails to boot, let alone post. No battery indicator when plugged in.

    Symptoms: Failure to boot or post. No indication of a power source. No battery indicator when plugged in. Symptoms started about half a day ago. I stayed up til' 4am merrily playing games instead of writing a final. Plugged in my phone to charge, set the alarm and went to bed. Woke up to an...
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    Dell G5 won't boot into Windows 10

    A few days ago, I finally got a Dell G5 (8th gen i5, 1060 MaxQ, 16 gb ram, 256 gb SSD and 1 tb HDD) And I was pretty happy with it, until now. A few hours ago, I was updating every program I had, and I noticed that I had a firmware update pending, so yeah I updated to the Bios 1.6.1 (a mistake...
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    My laptop won't boot up

    Laptop dell inspiron 3567 recently had a repair of the power IC of the Motherboard. After the repair it worked well but after 4 days it won't power on and I again the same problem arose. Again I sent it to a repairing place and repaired it. This time also Laptop switched ON and worked well. But...
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    Solved! Help restoring my laptop

    My toshiba satellite s7332 will not boot correctly or auto repair
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    Solved! Acer aspire v5-551

    On day I was playing my game and windows recovery popped up and said they had to restart my laptop ever since my laptop has been stuck on the acer logo and won’t boot you can enter bios and my boot menu please help
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    Asus stuck in Apto Setup Utility model number 540SA

    I have tried the steps suggested in this site, to make a change to the Launch CSM under Boot, however, it does not allow me to change this setting. Only has the Fast Boot option enabled (allows me to disable) and has a Delete Boot Option but does not give me anything when I select that one. The...
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    Laptop display goes black after boot logo appears

    I have switched my stock display : LP156WF6-SPK3 (LGD0533) 60hz with a new : AUO B156HAN04.2 120hz when restarted the laptop the boot logo appears but then the display turns off and the machine is still active when connected to another display and duplicated the monitors it shows both screens...
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    Laptop only boots after taking battery out holding power button and repeating a few times. **HELP**

    So.. A couple of days ago I went to boot my laptop ( Asus X552C ) and the screen was black (didn't show the normal Asus boot logo) but their was a back light on fans powered up lights came on ect. . I gave it a few minutes and nothing happened, so I tried the usual unplug all devices and try...
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    Solved! Laptop shut down and it won't boot up again

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L50D-C-18J. Today I was learning for exam and I had night mode on laptop on, after that I decide to play some games and forgot to turn that night mode off. After half hour my laptop just turned off and when I tried to boot it up again it would come to the...
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    Solved! USB v UEFI Booting

    I have an Asus x200ca laptop with Windows 10, and a Sandisk 16gb Cruzer Glide which i burned DBan on with Rufus. When trying to boot with USB, it booted with Windows OS instead of the USB, so i went to BIOS to change the priority order, the only 2 options were the windows OS and UEFI Sandisk. I...
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    Solved! Laptop doesn't boot windows/Black screen

    Hey all! I have a 2016 Razer Stealth laptop (6500u) that has experienced sudden crashes since I've had it. I was dumb and never sent it in but thats besides the point. Recently it started giving me a blue screen of death after only 10 mins of being on. I tried a system restore but got stuck at...
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    Solved! Toshiba Satellite Boot Problem

    Hello, i am using Windows 7 and i want to install Windows 10. I made a Bootable USB with Windows 10 on it but there is no way i can enter the Boot Menu like its disabled. I tried all the keys that were suggested on Forums for my Laptop and doesnt work, same for the BIOS i cant enter it with all...
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    Solved! I was watching Netflix there’s black screen came on my computer said no bootable devise insert boot disk and press any key

    And I press any key it said the same thing over and over
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    boot from USB

    I have a HP ELITEBOOK Folio G1 (W0R77UT#ABA) - the image has been wiped by corporate IT and there own IMAGE was replaced. i can not log into the computer. now i want to Boot from USB windows 10 drive. I have the dock plugged in with the USB drive plugged into the dock and dock connected to...
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    Solved! My acer says cannot find system drive I cant get in to bios and I cant put it in safe mode "help"!

    I tried to restore my laptop and it says it can't find system drive, I tried to get it into safe mode but when I press f8 it says it can't boot and to put in a recovery system then press enter to choose the boot to start from
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    how do i make my RCA cambio101-cs to boot from a thumb drive

    how do i make my RCA cambio101-cs to boot from a thumb drive
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    Solved! looking for help

    I formatted my hard drive for Toshiba satellite L15 W now its no longer boot even from flash, even if l try to load windows from another laptop when l put it back its juss failing to boot
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    solution no boot

    acer e15 won't boot up. No lights.
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    Solved! Overstuffed HDD won't boot

    My Macbook Pro hard drive is full and will not boot. Can I run a rescue program thru another computer ? How can I hook it up?
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    Acer Aspire with SSD Struggling to Boot

    My Acer with an SSD that was very fast to startup just within the last week starting slowing down with booting, and sometimes won't boot without a hard reset. The initial startup is normal through the green Acer logo then the white circular pattern of dots start for booting and sometimes they...
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    Solved! Cant boot ASUS k55a laptop shows black screen

    Hi, I have a ASUS k55a laptop. I opened the back panel to check the existing RAM model as I wanted to add another RAM in order to improve the laptop performance. I reseated the RAM again and tried to start my laptop. But the power turns on and it shows no display a completely black screen...
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    laptop won't boot but fans go on and off

    Hey! I have a HP Pavilion Power 15 notebook which is now about one and a half years old. It has been sitting on a shelf in a box for about 3 weeks now since nobody was using it and today I wanted to turn it on again, that worked great, it only took about 5 seconds to boot into windows (which...
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    Solved! Can find usb in boot menu

    Im trying to install linux kali on my ubuntu computer. When i go to the boot menu the usb isnt there. When i go to boot order tomadd it i cant find it their either. My bios is: Phoenix TrustedCore(tm) Setup Utility
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    Solved! Boot to USB on older Toshiba Satellite Pro

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro P50-B (PSPNUU-032S05D) and can't get it to boot to a USB stick. I've read dozens of previous posts about disabling secure boot and choosing CSM over UEFI, but none of it worked. I've tried different USB sticks (small ones and large ones), and know the USB...
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    Toshiba Laptop BIOS Entry Predicament (Fast boot + Boot error)

    I've done some Googling around this but have come up short. I'm working with a Toshiba Satellite L650 Model No. PSK1JA-0K3017. My problem is that I am having trouble getting into the BIOS due to fast boot having been enabled before error code F3-F200-0002 began pausing the startup. I can get as...
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    Solved! Should I be worried? Possible Virus? So I have been having a "How would you like to open this file" Windows pop-up for the past few months every time I first boot up my PC. As soon as I boot into windows this is the first window that pops up. Recently I decided to open it with Word pad just to see what came...