laptop won't boot but fans go on and off

Nov 18, 2018
Hey! I have a HP Pavilion Power 15 notebook which is now about one and a half years old.

It has been sitting on a shelf in a box for about 3 weeks now since nobody was using it and today I wanted to turn it on again, that worked great, it only took about 5 seconds to boot into windows (which is basically a new installation, I reinstalled Windows, switched a hard drive and repasted the cpu and gpu before storing it away, I tested everything and let the system run for a day and everything worked fine) then after about a minute windows froze, so I kept pressing the power button until it was turned off, then I wanted to turn it on again but on the whole screen ( during the HP boot logo) there where those white stripes, no colour, only white and black) that's where I hit the power button again which leads me to this problem:

now my laptop won't boot

when I hit the power button the button lights up and the fans spin up for about a second and then it instantly turns itself off, repeating this process without ending and there is screen stays black.

 I connected it to the power supply but the same problem occured, the laptop has been charging for about half an hour so I tried again but the same problem...

my plan now is to let the laptop charge over night, then disconnect the cable, let the laptop sit there for a while and then try again

if that doesn't help I have to open it and disconnect the battery

or/and remove the drives and try booting with just one ram module

if that doesn't help I am basically screwed I guess since the only explanation would be that the integrated graphics chip is dead

btw those are my specs:

15 inch 1080p display 60hz

i5 7300HQ

gtx 1050 2GB

2x8GB ddr4 ram

256GB M.2 SSD by Samsung

2TB HDD by Seagate

oh and the reason this really pisses me of is because the warranty ended exactly 2 months ago
thanks in advance for any help :)
Nov 18, 2018

I have disconnected the battery and removed everything I could, the M.2 drive, the HDD and both ram modules after testing it with one ram module I could boot into the BIOS again, not sure why but the ram was the issue now I am running a ram check, I really don't want to open the laptop again if something like that happens again
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