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  1. J

    Question Where is the heat sensor on my Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW?

    Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice regarding my ZenBook pro UX501VW laptop. It seems that the laptop fans lost the ability to regulate their velocity. Every time I turn on the laptop, after a couple of minutes the fans start working at full speed and they don’t stop unless I close...
  2. J

    Question Fans running full speed when Laptop is idle

    Hi everyone, I will really appreciate some advice as my ZenBook pro UX501VW laptop fans are running at full speed all the time even when no processes are working except of the default Windows processes. I have tried so many things - I have physically cleaned my laptop and fans from the inside...
  3. N

    Question My laptop fan is spinning faster than usual without any reasoning and I experience Explorer.exe blank error

    Hello! I have Lenovo Ideapad 520 15-IKB 81BF. On 5th of June I removed my hard disk and installed a brand new Samsung 870 EVO Sata III SSD 2,5". I Installed Windows 10 Pro on it and all the drivers I'm supposed to have. On the first reboot I noticed one error when signing in windows -...
  4. H

    Solved! Laptop overheating when idle and plugged in

    So I'm having this problem with my laptop (Eluktronics Mech-15 G2R) I use my laptop plugged in 99% of the time, so it's not a battery charging overheating thing. When I unplug the laptop, the temperature drops to 45C which keeps the fans inactive. However, when I plug it in the temp goes up to...
  5. stealthgh0st

    Question How much RPM should my fans have and what is wrong with it?

    My laptop is HP Pavilion - 15-cc502ne I bought it in 2017. After a year and a half, my 2 TB harddisk burned, which I understood something was wrong with it but didn't know much what happened. Then after a few weeks battery was swollen too I told maybe because I used that semi burned harddisk...
  6. AdrianVD

    Solved! Laptop fan not spinning faster when needed

    Good evening! So basically my laptop fan does not start to spin faster when needed for heavier tasks. For example I open a game to play but the fan keeps spinning at a super low rate. My laptop is kinda low spec but it can run Overwatch at 30fps low settings well, but until now the fan span...
  7. E

    Question SOLVED: Toshiba laptop freezes

    Eli Leshem February 8, 2020 at 8:56 am TOSHIBA FREEZING SOLVED! I am a HW engineer. Had those freezing problems with my Toshiba Portege R700 for years. At first I eliminated it by not using the docking station, but not for long. It is not SW, but real heating problem (the docking station just...
  8. Nohen

    Solved! Laptop fan broke, laptop won’t start

    My laptops fan recently stop working, it makes a really loud grinding noise. My laptop would display a message before bios warning that the fan was broken and further use could result in damage but to hit enter to go to start the laptop. After a few hours of use the laptop won’t go past that...
  9. Huema838

    Question ASUS Zenbook UX390U Rattling Noise when fan is on

    As soon as the fans start the laptop makes this annoying high pitched rattling noise and it gets louder if it's sat with something uneven underneath. This has had this problem since i got the laptop around 3 weeks ago, but i put up with it because i liked everything else about it. Need help /...
  10. M

    Solved! Laptop fan is not working

    Hi. I have an old laptop called "acer aspire 5732z" and its overheating. i think the fan is never spinning (no sound). Sometimes laptop shuts down itself because of heating what can i do to solve this problem?
  11. A

    Couldn't reassemble power button ribbon cable

    I recently took apart my HP laptop to clean four years of dust from around the fan, but putting the laptop back together again I noticed that I could not reconnect the power button to the main board because the ribbon cable was too short. It was running from the power button, *above* the metal...
  12. S

    acer laptop fan noise

    I am using acer aspire F5-573G. When starting PC, the fan area have some sort of clicking sound. I have sent the laptop for warranty once, Acer did replace new CPU fan for me. But again, the noise come back. The noise will gone usually when i run heavy task, and the fan turn high speed, example...
  13. A

    acer aspire e14 laptop fan won't turn off even if laptop has been turned off

    The built in fan won't turn off even if I turned my laptop off. I had to unscrew the cover underneath, remove and replace it so it would totally turn off. Also, rebooting takes too long now when I only had this unit for a week and it doesn't have a lot of files yet. Please help.
  14. N

    Solved! RazerBlade Stealth 2017 Fans Obnoxiously Loud and Screen Falling Over

    I bought a used Razerblade Stealth laptop and ever since I got it the fans are incredibly loud even when I'm barely using the laptop. In addition to this the connection between the bottom left of the screen and the rest of the laptop snapped so the screen falls over very easily. Any suggestion...
  15. A

    Solved! Sony viao fan is ok but not spinning

    Sony viao vgn laptop is working but fan is not spinning. It works normal for 4-5 minutes n than laptop starts to hang. Plz help
  16. T

    Solved! laptop making noise ASUS X555DG

    I don't know what causing this, is this was from a fan or something else?. about half a year ago the keyboard was replaced because i accidentally spilled a water on it, but was replaced in the unofficial service center.
  17. L

    Solved! lenovo y530 fan sound like a chainsaw

    hello, i have lenovo y530, my laptop fan noise is like chainsaw, but when i check the harddisk its fine, when i open the back, the fan is clean too, can someone explain to me what happen with my fan? Thank you
  18. B

    Solved! HP ProBook 6555b overheating after switching mainboard

    Recently my HP ProBook 6555b just turned of with a black screen. Due to the backlight still working, I thought, it might be a motherboard-failure. So I bought a cheap replacement-board from E-Bay and replaced it. And the ProBook started as normal. But now, the CPU is getting overloaded very...
  19. E

    Laptop won't turn on (No fan spinning , No screen)

    Hi everybody! I have an ASUS X540LJ laptop for 2 years and some days ago I tried to apply some Thermal paste (HT GY260) and after I tried to turn it on it didn’t! (I’m not a newbie in computer and I’m absolutely sure I haven’t touched or broke anything on motherboard) Here are some other...
  20. chouiyekh

    Solved! the fan only work

    Hello I have an asus x64j n61jq laptop  When i turn it on, I hear the sound of fun working only and not displaying anything on the screen or any other sound I tried to change RAM and hard drive and it did not work Greetings
  21. M

    Solved! Lenovo IdeaPad 330s-15IKB - LOUD/NOISY Fan - Please HELP!

    Hello, I've owned this laptop for approximately 3-4 months now, and as of recent, I started to notice how LOUD the fan is! It is so annoying. I cannot describe it well enough in words how annoying it is to have a JET in the background while you're only watching a Live Stream on twitch or...
  22. J

    Solved! LENOVO G40-45 wont boot and fan not working

    Hi everyone My laptop won’t boot and screen didnt show anything When i turn it on, -Hdd indicator work -Carging indicator work -camera led work But -fan doesnt work (only work 1second and stopped) -screen didnt show anything even the lenovo logo and cant enter bios Around 30second after i...
  23. H

    Crackling sound coming from laptop fan

    My laptop (ASUS UX390UAK) produces a near constant crackling sound whenever the fan is running. Here is a recording. I have opened to laptop to see if there's anything stuck in the fan, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Would appreciate advice about the cause and any potential...
  24. stefanpruneanu

    Constant FPS drops and fan spinning on max RPM on any task except standby

    I have an Asus VivoBook S15-S510UN that I have bought recently. A few months after I bought it I started having framerate drops in every game I try and whenever I do something on the laptop (watch YouTube, check Facebook, open the calculator app) the fan goes to maximum RPM and doesn't stop...
  25. J

    Solved! The fan spines but no display. What could be the problem

    When I on the toshiba L505D, there will be no display on the screen yet the fan will be spinning and the dvd side also works
  26. T

    Solved! Laptop fan going crazy for no reason

    Greetings, I have an ASUS TUF FX504GD and recently I've been experiencing fan noise increasing SOMETIMES here is what I know: -When that happens (even in the bios screen) it says that the fan is spinning on 2500RPM -The laptop has 2 fans but only the fan on the cpu side does that -The bios is...
  27. U

    Solved! Laptop fans spin during boot, don't spin at all after boot even during high temps, causing overheat shutdown

    Hi guys, would really need some help here as I'm basically experience a laptop problem and attempting to fix it while I'm on holidays (frequent usage basically). So pretty much as the title says, I've had the problem ever since I've disassembled and reassembled the laptop. It was an attempt to...
  28. R

    How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important)

    How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important) am working near about 15Hrs in a day. My system Got overheating after few hours even am using extrernal fan to cool my processor.
  29. W

    Lap top fan important?

    I got my son a Samsung Chromebook. Does he need to be using an external laptop fan, like the kind that look like a lap desk that the laptop sits on?
  30. K

    Laptop fan takes a long time to start working

    my laptop fan takes a long time to start actually cooling down the laptop resulting in high temperatures (70-90 degrees Celsius) The fan takes about 30-50 minutes to start and when the fan works, about 2-3 hours later it stops again... The laptop was cleaned about a month ago, so I don't...
  31. K

    Grinding and scratching noise from laptop

    I have Acer Swift 5 laptop and there is scratching and grinding noise from the top right corner every time i turn it on, wake from sleep, launch some applications. According to the technician it is fan noise but the fan is located in the top left corner. There is little to no noise in the top...
  32. D

    MB Asus Zenbook UX31A cannot control fan and is always at max spin

    Hello, I ve been using many Asus Zenbooks UX31A over the past 7 years. I bought 1 for me, 2 more for my family. Another 2-3 I bought repaired & sold. Recently I bought a new MB from a big Chinese seller, selling refurb MBs with factory warranty. I chose 8GB ram, an upgrade for myself. So I...
  33. C

    Solved! Mrocrosoft Probook 6565b -- Noisy and HOT

    i have a microsot probook 65656b and the thing sounds like its gonna explode near the fan area. it gets relatively hot sometimes, it began running slow now and kinda lagging and freezing at times. the noise just started but has prgressively gotten louder and im beginning to worry cause theres a...
  34. M

    Solved! Can HDMI CORD power on Acer Aspire one it run the fan then quit

    HDMI run the fan fine THEN it quit if I put 9.5 v charge on it will it power on notebook
  35. S

    Old laptop boots up, power light is on and the fan is on, but the screen is black

    hey there everybody, so this is my first post on this site, and the post is that I am having a bit of a problem with a old model of a Fujitsu Simens laptop that I haven't used in a long time, so, today, I charged it in the morning, and I tried to boot it up after it has been charged for a bit, I...
  36. T

    New Asus vivobook s14 loud fan noise

    Upon setting up my laptop for the first time, its fan begam producing loud, constant noise. The core temps are about 70°C on average while no apps are running
  37. U

    After I power on my laptop it shows no display but caplock led will get on as well as fan will on and then it automatically sh

    My laptop had 75percent display so I gave lap for repair but now nothing is working. Charging light is on and fan is on as well as caps lock will turn on then immediately it turns off with blue led. Not sure what to do
  38. S

    Black screen Lenovo 330 ideapad

    New purchase Blank screen Power button on and fan working Internal battery
  39. M

    Solved! Bad Fan Or sensor?

    How do check or replace the fan on my Toshiba tv? (Mod 42TL515U) When turned on it says the fan isn't working and soon shuts off, no time to load a picture of her into settings! Or could a sensor have gone bad? If so, same question.
  40. O

    Help! does anyone know how I can repair this?

    I have a hp laptop that powers on but black screen comes on and the orange wifi light stays solid bot the white caps lock button blinks 3 and then 5 times real fast the shuts off.
  41. D

    Asus x555lj wont turn on, but its heating and fan dont start up

    Hello, its my first thread, so i'm new. Also sorry for bad english, but i will try to explain best i can. Today i've turned on my laptop, and screen gone black. Then i saw that battery, and other bulbs are not shining(charging). And then i've touched the laptop and it was super hot, but fan...
  42. B

    hp pavillion 15 replament fan

    so my fan is about to go out an it sounds like a small plane about to take off..i want to replace the fan an i have found a few an was wondering if i could just get a yes or no as to if it will work.. thanks...
  43. V

    Solved! Is my Laptop sound card fried?

    First of all, here's my spec Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro CPU i5-8250U 8GB of Ram MX150 So, yesterday, since one of my laptop fans was not working well, I opened the laptop to check it. Being stupid, I thought it would be fine to plug the right fan into the left fan power connector to check if it...
  44. A

    Solved! fan noise problem

    Hello everyone. I have Toshiba satellite c850 laptop, I had a problem recently with my hard drive and I replaced it with a new SSD, I also faced another problem with my fan and I replaced it with a new one. everything works fine but I'm having bad noise sound on my laptop... how to fix this! the...
  45. D

    gl553vd fan has no airflow

    my rog gl553vd internal fan is no longer working properly, as it has no airflow at all, as such drops my laptop performance when i comes to playing games. i even cannot play Just Cause 2 with all graphic settings set to the lowest available (the moment my gpu load went over 35%, the game will...
  46. N

    Help on installing PC fans.

    Hello, My HP Omen only has 2 pre-installed fans (that I can see from the glass side panel). One on the back for exhaust and one on the cpu. Overall cooling system seems pretty bad. My cpu temps vary from ok to hot so I want to install another fan. However I don’t see any vents at all on the...
  47. D

    Asus Vivobook s200e No Post, No Fan, No Backlight, HDD Spinning.

    Hi, I'm trying to repair an old laptop of mine, it's an Asus Vivobook s200e. After unplugging and reconnecting the BIOS battery, The lights come on, it charges and the HDD powers up. The CPU and GPU are both heating up when left running but the fan doesn't spin. I tested the fan header with...
  48. J

    Solved! Dell Latitud e6430 heatsink fan rattles at random

    The fan on my laptop's heatsink starts to rattles really loudly at seemingly random, I've opened up the laptop to check for random bits of garbage that might've been causing it, but even after cleaning it it still goes crazy for no reason. Is there any way to fix this ir should I just buy a new...
  49. B

    Solved! Any way to fake fan speeds digitally?

    While re-pasting my laptop I forgot to disconnect the battery before disconnecting my fan and broke something which caused the fan to not receive any power. Fan speed reads 0 all the time and I presume this is why my laptop is throttling the power delivery/clockspeeds whenever it goes above 65c...
  50. K

    Solved! Laptop Fan Spins at th boots and stop after a few second, then it would nolonger spin ever again

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5558 and my laptop's fan would only spin for a second during the time I pressed the power button and it would never spin again but my laptop would still boot and turn on. Except for one time after a few hours of pressing the power button when it just started to spin again...
  51. A

    Solved! laptop fan running loud for no reason

    ts has been 3 months that i have my Asus ROG Hero 2 and for the past 2 weeks i got problems where the fan will run at 100% for no reason. No its no overheating. the fans are pulling out cold air . making my research i found that only the gpu fan is running at 100% and the cpu fan is running...
  52. B

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Fan Noise

    Whenever I use my (relatively new) laptop to watch shows/play games, including on sites such as Netflix, the fan always starts up and remains on full blast for the duration of the show/gaming time. I was wondering why, and if there were any components I could upgrade so the laptop isn't working...
  53. P

    Toshiba Satellite -- fan malfunctioning

    Hello comunity, So I have a Toshiba Satellite L745-SP4023A running Windows 7 and I'm having issues with the motherboard fan. I bougth it used from an IT guy, so the laptop was ussed in a office and does not have any scratch or signal of missuse un terms of being hit. I understand the fan is...
  54. L

    Solved! Dropped laptop constant loop

    Dropped laptop, tried to turn on, fan can be heard spinning but shuts down 5 secs later and restarts in a constant loop. Opened laptop and removed ram and now the loops has stopped. There is also no image or can use a external monitor to access bios Cannot know for sure if hdd is fine because...
  55. E

    Laptop fan making a weird grinding noise.

    Probably a week or two ago my fan began to make a weird grinding noise. It shortly stopped and I completely forgot about it. Yesterday it began to do it again and I'm not sure how I can fix it. I have an Aspire E 15. Here is a video showing the noises it is making...
  56. F

    laptop won't boot but fans go on and off

    Hey! I have a HP Pavilion Power 15 notebook which is now about one and a half years old. It has been sitting on a shelf in a box for about 3 weeks now since nobody was using it and today I wanted to turn it on again, that worked great, it only took about 5 seconds to boot into windows (which...
  57. _dawn_chorus_

    Solved! Gigabyte has terrible software??

    I just got an Aorus Z390 pro motherboard and what little software works is a nightmare. I just wanted to adjust the fan curves but there is nowhere in the bios you can do this. I tried downloading the "Appcenter" because I had to in order to download the "Easytune" software, except neither...
  58. I

    Solved! weird fan scraping noise on new laptop

    my ASUS UX430U, when on near full load had this wierd noise where it sounds like something is scraping/rubbing against something. the sound is only on the left half on the computer and it sounds like a normal fan on the other half. i was playing crossout when i discovered this issue. the bottom...
  59. J

    Help disconnecting fan connector from motherboard

    I have a rattling fan in my laptop. I want to replace it by myself because I feel like it's an easy thing to do. The problem is that I can't unplug the connector of the fan on the motherboard. Here are some pictures of the connector: It seems that all I need to do...
  60. A

    Solved! CPU temp 104 C ???

    Samsung A10-4600 APU, fan is running but the temp on the CAM software shows 102-104 C and the fan speed is shown as -- ( no fan speed) both on the GPU and CPU. Windows 10 has given more than a 100 notifications in the last 2 hours. The fan is running but sound a bit slow. im not sure. bought...