acer laptop fan noise

Jan 21, 2019
I am using acer aspire F5-573G. When starting PC, the fan area have some sort of clicking sound. I have sent the laptop for warranty once, Acer did replace new CPU fan for me. But again, the noise come back. The noise will gone usually when i run heavy task, and the fan turn high speed, example when gaming, then it will be fine. But the noise appear again when i start the laptop fresh. Anyone come across this? Is it worthwhile for me to crack open the case to see if anything blocking the fan spinning?


Often times you an either have the fan failing on you or that there is a small amount of debris brushing up against the fan blades. I've had to repair an Acer laptop 3 times since the fan failed on it. The stock fan failed after 5 years and the replacement fan failed in 6 months. I also had to repair another laptop where the protective foam surrounding the fan to prevent any shorts with the PCB and chassis of a laptop got loose and got caught in the fans housing.

You might want to call up the warranty department and find out what they actually did to the laptop. If you're outside of warranty period, you can open up the laptop.
Jan 21, 2019
Yea thanks...., the fan noise normally reoccur when the I am doing light work, when the fan at low speed, when at high speed, the noise is gone. I am no confident to the Service centre, since problem resurface even after they changed the fan for me...., I am still in warranty, I don't feel like the hassle to bring the laptop to them, as this is the only laptop I have for my daily usage. Have been thinking to crack open to have a look. Ok....., maybe I'll let them have a look again...., after it past warranty period, and fan noise come again, I'll open it up to look by myself. This laptop has not even been 3 years......., think Acer has a week build quality.
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