Constant FPS drops and fan spinning on max RPM on any task except standby

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Dec 2, 2018
I have an Asus VivoBook S15-S510UN that I have bought recently.

A few months after I bought it I started having framerate drops in every game I try and whenever I do something on the laptop (watch YouTube, check Facebook, open the calculator app) the fan goes to maximum RPM and doesn't stop unless I leave the laptop alone for 5-10 minutes.

Games run at a stable 60 FPS but every 2 seconds or so, the framerate drops to 2 (shown by the Steam FPS Counter) and the game apparently slows down. It doesn't start to move 'in pictures' but rather in slow motion, like emulators would allow you to do to games you play on them.

I've tried:

  • - opening the laptop up and cleaning it of dust since thermal throttling is a common issue on laptops.

    - playing any game from an external HDD thinking that loading more parts of the map from
    the laptop's HDD on open world games would cause the FPS drop.

    - defragging the internal HDD.

    - switching Power Mode to High Performance Mode only with only the main FPS increasing by 10 (League of Legends for example ran at 60 FPS in High Performance Mode and in Standard it went down to 50 FPS)

    - reinstalling windows

    - switching Nvidia drivers (tried the drivers I had when I bought the laptop, older drivers, latest drivers, reinstalling drivers)

    - resetting BIOS settings
Is there any particular reason for such behavior or the last thing I can do is to just send the laptop to Asus to fix it ?
Dec 2, 2018

CPU Standby temperature is ~60 degrees Celsius
GPU Standby temperature is ~70 degrees Celsius

CPU temperature while gaming is STILL ~60 degrees Celsius
GPU temperature while gaming is ~80 degrees Celsius

Games run fine for a few seconds, then the slowing down starts to happen.
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