Solved! Any way to fake fan speeds digitally?


Mar 29, 2017
While re-pasting my laptop I forgot to disconnect the battery before disconnecting my fan and broke something which caused the fan to not receive any power. Fan speed reads 0 all the time and I presume this is why my laptop is throttling the power delivery/clockspeeds whenever it goes above 65c. I rewired it to a usb cable and now it's constantly powered, but still throttles at 65c. I tried reconnecting my fan tachometer cable, but I made it a little hard when I wired it to the usb cable so the connection isn't very good but something is still wrong. When I boot up it acts like the fan is sort of spinning, even when the fan isn't. This always happens at startup.

Then fan tach reads 0 forever. Not sure if I can make a better connection between header and fan so is there any software I can use to fake some fan speeds. Everything else is fine, so fan speeds is the last thing I can think of to fix the temperature issue.