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    cable internet and lightening strikes - protection?

    We have cable internet - it comes in from a pole and connects inside the house with a cable (co-axil I think it is - screws into modem) - it has been hit by lightening twice in three weeks and it fries the modem. Also fried the main Deco mesh unit. The strike last night was a quick storm and I...

    Solved! Need help connecting HDTV, DVR, PS4 to a Sony Home Theatre system with only one HDMI OUT.

    I've seen similar threads...but I still cannot figure this out; can someone please guide me on the best way to attach the following components, I'm just lost. Also...I don't have a remote controller for the Sony surround...can I still setup/configure this system without one? Thank you in...
  3. aparky42

    Discussion Correct cable to connect laptop to external monitor

    What type of cable do I need to connect my hp laptop to an external monitor?
  4. O

    Solved! What connection, category of cable is preferable, and efficient from my DAC to AV Receiver?

    Hi, I have a Topping D10 DAC (2019) that I also want to occasionally connection to my Sony AV Receiver, STR-DH520 (of 2012), that I mostly listen from stereo mode for analogue playback, from turntable, CD player, cassette deck. Anyhow, I use my DAC connected to my laptop Acer V3 computer to...
  5. K

    Question I have some questions about laptop LCD cables.

    First, for some background, I'll copy my message from a different forum here. That will make my reasons for the questions clearer: "My laptop's screen won't turn on while the laptop itself does. I don't know how relevent it is, but my model is a toshiba qosmio. It started when a portion of...
  6. M

    Solved! Creative T15 Wireless playing sound only from left speaker when using aux

    My Creative T15 has suddenly stopped playing sound from the right speaker and only through the left when using aux cable. While using bluetooth, both speakers work fine. At first I thought that something was wrong with the aux cable, but I bought a new one and they problem is still there. Does...
  7. H

    Could my USB ports be ''burned''?

    Hi, I’ve connected my Mobius usb cable to my laptop, in the same time my mouse was connected to the other USB port. As soon as I connected the Mobius, my laptop switched off. I disconnected the Mobius, and restarted my laptop. Now all of the USB ports work without that one some my mouse was...
  8. A

    Couldn't reassemble power button ribbon cable

    I recently took apart my HP laptop to clean four years of dust from around the fan, but putting the laptop back together again I noticed that I could not reconnect the power button to the main board because the ribbon cable was too short. It was running from the power button, *above* the metal...
  9. 3

    Solved! How can I hook up Samsung TV HDMI to alpine head unit with ai inpuy

    I want to run the sound through my head unit TV doesn’t have RCA jacks I can get a conversion for RCA to AI Cable but I need an AI to HDM1 Cable will the to even be able to communicate
  10. K

    Solved! Headset with mic and audio together with computer with audio and headphone jacks

    So i built a PC recently and coming from Xbox, I already owned a Hyperx cloud alpha that has the audio and mic in 1 3.5mm jack whereas my PC has the audio and mic jacks separate. I havent been able to find a solution or a cable such as 3.5mm to usb ect to fix this just wanted to know if anyone...
  11. E

    Solved! One part of my cable (earbuds) has 2 wires, while the other has 3

    One of the cables of my earbuds got cut. I'm planning on soldering the wires back together, but one part of the cable (the one leading the earbud itself) has 2 cables: one blue, the other copper. The other side (the one leading to the rest of the cables) has 3 cables: one red, one blue, and one...
  12. K

    Computer won't boot up even with only ngff cable installed

    The problem is easy; no matter what I do the setup is not working. Everything is what is supposed to be, I connected the PSU and graphic card then I plugged black cable (NGFF to HDMI cable) and pressed the power button but unfortunately the computer didn't boot up there were no sign of problem...
  13. B

    Solved! Trying to hook a Sony VCR to an Element tv to be able to record to a vhs

    I already have the tv cable going in and out of it, but whenever I try to record something, when I playback it just says no signal. The vcr keeps setting itself to channel 2, I don’t know if that’s good or not, it skips channel 3 (the one the tv streamed to) please help me record onto a vhs :3
  14. J

    Solved! Powered Subwoofer to Powered Monitors

    Hi, So I just bought myself a new subwoofer and wanted to connect it to my pair of powered monitors. But I can't figure out the best way to plug them up. The main speaker have an output to a subwoofer cable and output the other speaker. The subwoofer have right and left input and right and left...
  15. S

    Solved! Unstable HDR signal from PC to 4k Samsung TV????

    I’m at my whits end trying to figure this out I am trying to pass a 4k/60hz/HDR signal from my computer to my TV using a newly purchased HDMI 2.0b cable. The HDMI is connected to my Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 through 2.0b capable HDMI port, routed through a 30ft new HDMI 2.0b cable (link posted...
  16. E

    Solved! What cable can pass IR signals to IR input port on back of A/V receiver?

    This receiver has an "IR IN port" Please correct me if wrong, this port is so you can setup an IR receiver elsewhere, and have it forward infrared remote control signals to the A/V receiver, correct? All...
  17. C

    Solved! Pioneer elite remote only works with vol and power button on ant mode

    Hooked up ant to cut cable. Remote only works for vol and power. Pioneer elite plasma tv
  18. K

    Solved! when i bought a new tv it has no headphone adapotor soi can not plug in my tv ears. I can only now plug it into the cable box

    when i bought a new tv it has no headphone adapotor soi can not plug in my tv ears. I can only now plug it into the cable box
  19. H

    Solved! Connect roku with male hdmi to coax 75 ohm tv input (adapter)?

    I am wanting to find a solution to connect Roku Streaming stick with HDMI (Male) to 75 Ohm coax TV input? Is there an adapter / or converter to:do this at a reasonable price?
  20. J

    Solved! digital cable won't stick in the Vizo sound bar

    digital/optical cable won't stick into the Vizo sound bar, looks like plastic that holds the cable in the sound bar is missing a side, is there a way to fix without using RCA cables
  21. J

    Stb for cable

    Hello I bought Vizio E50x-E1 TV and I didn't realize that it was a home theater display it doesn't have a place to plug in my cable. My cable company Salem Cablevision doesn't use set top boxes on there cable. What do I need to do so I can hook up my cable from my cable service. Please help...
  22. S

    Solved! Need help with headphones, has 3 cables

    Hi! I'm going to get a headphone with 3 cables. One for LED light, another for mic and the last for audio. For singing, is it possible to plug in the mic and still hear the music in order to sing, or do I need the other cable for audio to be able to do that? Do I need 2 other cable slots on...
  23. C

    How Do you hook up a JVC dvd player to a JVC tv,without cable tv?

    I hooked up my JVC dvd player to my JVC tv.I have video but no sound.My tv does not have cable tv.
  24. D

    Solved! Connected TV to PC with HDMI to USB cable nothing

    I'm trying to watch my movies from PC to TV. I bought a cable that has HDMI one side and USB the other side as my PC has no female HDMI input?
  25. J

    Solved! get tv to play without original remote

    without original remote control how to set up for tv not cable a Panasonic 1080i
  26. L

    Solved! Samsung Gear IconX usb cable

    So lost the original cable that came with the headphones, boo hoo me. So I try using a generic usb-C, doesn't fit. I try my anker usb-C cable and it also doesn't fit. Do these things have their own weird variant of usb-C cables, or am I just and idiot?
  27. A

    Solved! Auto shutdown HT and monitor

    Hello I have some issues... My setup is like this, from PC I have a HDMI cable to Samsung HT and from HT to the monitor another HDMI cable. Is there any possibility when I shut down the computer to also close/shutdown HT and monitor? Or at least the monitor when I'm closing the HT? I'm getting...
  28. R

    Solved! No volume Bose

    I have a Samsung DLP with a Bose 321, Samsung Blu-ray, Fios Cable, recently purchased a Firestick to stream Amazon movies. I have a HDMI switch to assist with the HDMI cables, I connected all the HDMI cables to the switch, the switch to the TV, the Bose has a HDMI and Optical cable to the TV ...
  29. A

    Solved! Razer Blade 14" (2017) - display issues - is it a loose cable?

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a used razer blade 14" laptop (2017 model), and have noticed a visual issue that seemingly occurs at certain positions and holding styles (ie. leaning the back of the computer on one knee, while typing with both hands resting on the laptop to keep it steady...
  30. C

    Need help with Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Bass Module

    How do you connect the Bose Acoustimass 10 series V bass module with the one RCA plug going into a receiver which doesn't have an LFE/subwoofer rca output, but instead, 2 rca subwoofer outputs?
  31. S

    Solved! HP Envy X360 sd card adapter cable randomly shorted out. Any risks?

    So a few minutes ago, my HP Envy's SD Card adapter's connector cord randomly shorted out. I could smell it and small smoke, so I turned off the laptop, and popped open the bottom. I opened it and found everything looking fine other than the cord that connects the SD Card Adapter to the main...
  32. J

    Solved! Coaxial to HDMI

    I have cable tv coax coming from the wall that is hooked to my tv. I want to use a hdmi cable that is in the wall that can connect to my wall TV. Other end is next to the coax where it comes thru the wall. What do I need to convert the coax signal to hdmi? The cable service plan I subscribe to...
  33. D

    Access Point slowed internet

    recently ran Ethernet cable out of back of my windstream router/modem to another router that i made an access point. plugging said ethernet cable directly into computer i am getting speeds up to 12-13mbps which is what i pay for. so seems that ethernet cable length doesnt seem to be an issue...
  34. J

    Solved! trying to hook rca to digital tv

    RCA cables going to a 4k Samsung TV which is hmdi what kind of box needed
  35. V

    Solved! Bad sound signal to JBL LSR305p's

    I have set up my two JBL lsr305p's to my computer, but the audio signal is very bad with a lot of crackling. I don't think there's anything wrong with my speakers, since i just bought them new, and my headphones seem to work fine with my motherboard, so I thibk it's something about my cables...
  36. S

    Solved! I have a ethernet cable box can I hook up another in different room from it

    I have a ethernet cable box for the tv can I hook up another from this to a different home
  37. R

    Solved! Aspire 5102 black screen.

    Aspire 5102WLMi black screen.Works external monitor OK.Screen and inverter changed but still same fault.LCD connecting cable appears OK but not yet checked end-to-end.I believe there are two separate VGA outputs. Does anyone know if LCD and external outputs can be controlled independently or...
  38. R

    Solved! Just show me the cable to hook up a mini Mic to my android phone?

    ???? The cable from microphone to android phone ,what's it look like ?
  39. S

    Solved! Would a display port cable let me use a 144 hz monitor for my laptop?

    My laptop inly has a 1.4b HDMI port so I want to buy a display port cable so that I can hook up a 144 hz monitor to my laptop
  40. J

    Solved! Having trouble setting dvd player to my 5p inch element tv 1080 led

    Its all hdmi no red white yellow it works for cable but not dvd player
  41. M

    Solved! Installing Digital Antenna

    Hi all, first post here. I'm looking for online resources to learn about cable wiring in my house. I want to move to a digital antenna and cut my cable TV bill. I have a cable connection box in my garage, but I'm not sure what those cables do in there. I'd like to learn about that connection box...
  42. J

    Solved! Audio cable choice

    Hi! I have my PC hooked up to the TV via HDMI cable, so I basically use it as a large monitor to watch Netflix and stuff. I'm currently looking to buy a soundbar for the TV. What type of cable makes the most sense in this scenario? The options are: AUX in Digital coaxial in Digital optical in...
  43. D

    Solved! Soundbar Connect to Receiver

    I purchased a DENON AVR S740H receiver and have my cable, blu-ray, turntable hooked up to it via HDMI cables and then the receiver is connected to my TV via HDMI ARC cable. For sound, the receiver has speaker wire connections to 2 Polk Rti A9 floor speakers. I also have Polk MagniFi MAX SR...
  44. D

    Solved! Hdmi cable TV via laptop

    I am trying to watch tv on my laptop via hdmi cable to tv from laptop can't get laptop to pull up my tv? Denise
  45. J

    Solved! Can't get sound from TV speakers and headphones simultaneously

    I have a Samsung Q9FN TV which allows you to either send sound to the TV speakers or a bluetooth speaker and I want to use both simultaneously. Here is my setup. My TV has a ONE Box which accepts all of the TV's inputs and there is a cable that runs from the TV into the HDMI ARC port of this ONE...
  46. G

    How do you add the Smart Home Hub using the cable remote for your TV?

    I am trying to connect a Smart Home Hub with my Samsung Smart TV so I can use Alexa to navigate the TV but instructions say to use your TV remote. The remote I am using is the cable remote from my cable TV company. How can I make it work?
  47. E

    I connected DVD w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box to samsung smart tv via HDMI cable, picture quality terrible. No tru

    How do I connect bose 321 dvd to Samsung 4D smart tv so that picture quality appears. Connected w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box then to tv via hdmi cable but poor picture and not proper colors
  48. M

    Solved! Change from DVD to cable no remote only power button need input

    Lost remote only power button on Vizio smart TV need change input from DVD to cable
  49. A

    logitech z50 cables replacement

    I have logitech Z506 speaker 5.1 , i dont have the audio aux cables, can you sugggest me a good 5.1 cables from newegg or amazon ? country : israel thanks
  50. T

    Solved! How to scan a Sylvania model #LC320SLX for any free channels without cable and without a remote

    I have a Sylvania Model# LC320SLX and I am trying to find out how I can we can for any over the air free digital channels without having any cable and without have a remote
  51. G

    How do I connect a DVD and a VCR to an HDTV? The top photo is the back of the TV. The middle photo is the back of the DVD. The bottom photo is the back of the VCR. What kind of cables do I need? What jack should each connector be plugged into on each device?
  52. T

    Solved! bn39-01154h cable fit for use as a rca to 3.5mm cable

    Hi, I want to connect my TV (that has only a digital (optical) out connector, to my new Bose speaker (which features an aux 3.5 input). I have ordered an optical / analog convertor which I need. To connect the output of this convertor (the connector is a red & white female RCA connector) to the...
  53. S

    Add an antenna to a television that already has cable

    If I have a Samsung TV and cable, am I able to add an antenna for stations that are not available on cable?
  54. B

    Last person using tv in motel, connected a fire stick for gaming. Now the universal remote doesn’t work properly - how to f

    Roku tv attached to cable in motel room.
  55. A

    Solved! how to gate sound output for sony projector for connect hdmi cable for laptop

    how to output audio for sony projector for hdmi cable
  56. T

    Vizio to VHS hook up

    New search, old subject. I have a vizio d24f-f1 smartcast with 2 HDMI and room for the video cable and one audio cable only (the red, white and yellow kind). I want to connect it to my old Phillips r3475/37 vcr with no hdmi & my Explorer hdtv Cisco dvr with hdmi (which leaves 1 HDMI available...
  57. C

    RCA to HMDI for Old DVD VCR combo

    Will a the 3 prong (White, Yellow, RED) cable too HDMI cable work on a Phillips DVP3050V DVD VCR player built in 2005. The unit works fine but need to order the cable set. Would I need a converter as part of the set.
  58. P

    Solved! changing streaming back to cable input

    when I use Chromecast the input change automatically when casting.. How can I change the input back from Chromecast to cable at the end of casting
  59. S

    Solved! ASUS laptop only recognises power cable when battery fully depleted

    I have an unusual issue with my ASUS TP300L laptop (running Windows 10), where it occasionally stops recognising the power cable for a period. When this happens, I plug the power cable in but the laptop does not seem to notice: it does not register on the taskbar or the charging indicator...
  60. B

    Solved! Splice a av cable with HDMI cable

    Trying to hook up new TV with old DVD player and a vcr