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    lenovo did not open

    I was using my lenovo laptop then i was conecting usb cable sudenly my laptop shutdown and not open all, please i need help
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    Solved! How can I hook up Sony Blue Ray to a media com cable box and a smart Tv

    I have a Sony Blu-ray w/HDMI out and RCA Audio In. I have a media com cable box w/HDMI going to Tv and a audio out. And a Sanyo tv with 2 HDMI
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    Solved! Newbie - HDMI or an HDMI ARC for Soundbar to TV

    Hi there, I purchased a 55 in. Samsung UHD 4K TV, both the TV and Soundbar have HDMI Arc inputs. Do I need an ARC cable specifically, or is just a regular HDMI cable fine to use? What difference would I hear with a ARC HDMI? I'll have more questions later about coaxial cables. :pt1cable...
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    Solved! Replacement cable with inline mic for Sennheiser HD 5X8 series headphones?

    Hi, I am looking for a cable for the HD 5x8 (558, 598, etc.) series headphones that has an inline mic built in. All I can find are aftermarket ones but I would really like to get an OEM one. Any help is appreciated!
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    VGA to HDMI output

    I recently purchased a projector with VGA port,how I can use it with HDMI cables.
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    Solved! Dropped picture when cable box runs for a bit

    I have a problem through my cable box and receiver getting dropped picture, reset TV and it's ok for a min or 2. When I watch my android box also connected to receiver it's fine. Switch hdmi on the back of receiver still samething. Hook up cable box to tv and it's fine. Never had an issue for...
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    Solved! What kind of cord does fios use

    I want to attach a splitter to a cord in another room and bring the box and tv into bedroom. What kind of cable cord does fios use? I want to attach a splitter to it and bring it into another room with the cable box.
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    Solved! How to put Netflix that comes with cable on ps4

    How to put Netflix that comes with cable on ps4
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    Solved! How do I connect my BOSE 3.2.1 Series ll stereo red and white cables to my un65nu800D Smart TV

    My Bose has a component cable and a stereo cable. My new TV has only HDMI ports, therefore I will add an AV to HDMI converter for the component cable. Where should I connect the stereo cable? We use the BOSE to enhance TV musical programs and to play DVD'S. Fred D.
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    Solved! re: changing out a keyboard

    This is on an Asus model X541N laptop. The optical drive died and when I opened the laptop to look at the optical drive. I was just a bit careless with the keyboard ribbon cable and tore the cable. I found a new keyboard minues the top cover for around $13. on eBay I also found on eBay the top...
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    Solved! Connecting old sony sound system to new tv with Android tv box

    Hello, i have an old sony stereo sound system with a 2rca port and i want to connect it to my new Samsung tv that has only optical and hdmi ports. I also want to buy an android tv box in the future and i have seen thay many dont have an optical port but they do have av. I would probably need to...
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    I have a super old tv

    Hello I have a Tv (super old tv) that just works with analog cable, and I was thinking using a digital converter box for the tv and plug a HDMI fire stick and connect AV Converter in the tv converter box. But I don't know if it will work and I need some help. If is confusing I'm leaving some...
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    Sharp Soundbar/JVC SmartTV. Netflix

    UK based here. I've been reading with interest peoples issues with Netflix and their soundbars. I've tried and exhausted all the options mentioned, barring the optical cable. I have heard that Netflix simply don't support surround sound. However; having read some posts on here. Is the issue just...
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    Solved! SSD cable to motherboard

    Hi! Bought a laptop and it only has 128gb nvme ssd and I'm planning on adding an additional 2.5" SATA SSD. I checked the laptop and there is a space for the 2.5" SSD and a connection for the cable. Problem is that I don't have the cable for it. Is there anywhere I can check out to know what...
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    Solved! Lenovo tab4 8" wont charge

    I bought lenovo tab 4 3 days ago and suddenly it stopped charging... Tried different cables and they are working on other devices.. That's really frustrating cuz I bought this as a present to my brother and i feel awful
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    Solved! sound bar connected but not getting the bass i should be

    I have a Vizio smart TV, it has one HDMI input. I recently just purchased a Samsung 5.1 soundbar that comes with a Sub woofer and two rear speakers. I have everything hooked up. The soundbar is hooked up using an optical cable to the cable box. nothing is hooked up directly to the TV...
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    Solved! how to wireless connect tv antenna to 2 tv's

    I want to ditch cable install rooftop antenna connect the antenna coax cable to a wireless transmitter and connect 2 wireless recievers to 2 different tv's.
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    Bypass Toshiba push button start

    I have a Toshiba p50w with a damaged ribbon cable that connects the power button to the main board. Is there a way to bypass the switch and power up the laptop? Parts are no longer in stock
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    Solved! HDMI ARC Doesn't Work On Soundbar With PS4 Plugged To The TV

    I have a Yamaha Yas-207 Soundbar plugged into my Samsung TV via HDMI ARC. Everything works fine when I have only the cable box and the soundbar plugged with HDMI cables into my TV. However, when I plug my Playstation 4 to the TV with an HDMI cable, the HDMI ARC stops working with my soundbar. I...
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    Converting SHARP camcorder footage to digital (RCA cable not picking up video)

    Hey all, I have an old SHARP VL-E650U 8mm Analog Camcorder with a bunch of old family footage on it and I want to convert the footage from the tapes to digital. I bought a 3.5mm to RCA cable, and then bought a Video Grabber tool (
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    Just changed my. Cable contract and lost about 5 channels from my tv but the channels are still available by streaming on my iPad How canIget streaming for these channels on my regular sad tv ( not a smart tv)
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    Solved! How can i watch cable on my laptop?

    I want to hook my cable box to my laptop to wstch cable on my laptop
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    Solved! Any way to fake fan speeds digitally?

    While re-pasting my laptop I forgot to disconnect the battery before disconnecting my fan and broke something which caused the fan to not receive any power. Fan speed reads 0 all the time and I presume this is why my laptop is throttling the power delivery/clockspeeds whenever it goes above 65c...
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    5.1 channel speaker – making them wireless

    Hi All, F&D Model Number D-60L 5.1 channel speaker – making them wireless Model look like below...
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    Solved! Wireless tv 2 rooms indepental channel watching

    I have cox cable and want to watch tv from another room wirelessly and independently of what is being played on the main tv. How can I do that?
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    Essential Sky Q Tips and Tricks

    Get to know your next-gen TV system, with these essential Sky Q tips and tricks. Essential Sky Q Tips and Tricks : Read more
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    Check signal cable

    Tried to put on Amazon Prime but I get this message. How do I fix it.
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    What's on Sky Q? Packages and Content Explained

    The ultimate guide to the packages and channels available on Sky Q. What's on Sky Q? Packages and Content Explained : Read more
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    Solved! sound bar/cable problem

    I have a Panasonic smartvera flat screen tv, Zvox 205 sound bar, and a Motorola cable receiver from Spectrum (my provider) I hooked up the new sound bar to the tv via the toslink fiber optic cable per Zvox instructions and it worked perfectly. However, later I was not able to turn off the system...
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    Solved! Splitting the Dish Netwrok Satellite input signal to four locations.

    I would like to be able to split the coax cable coming in from my dish network dish and have it connected to 4 locations in the bedroom where I can then move my receiver to any of the 4 locations and have it work. What kind of splitter do I need? The receiver will only be connected to 1 location...
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    Solved! Buzzing noise when connecting microphone with an extension cable.

    Hey. I am using a Logitech G231, and since i am a producer i decided to get a soundcard. Problem is when i connect my headset to it, the microphone cable cannot reach. So i decided to get an extension cable, but now when i connect the extension cable and the microphone, there comes a weird...
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    Solved! I manually turned off my 4 year old 40 inch tv now I have no cable

    I manually turned off tv because my converter wasn't working. I cannot find the tv converter for it
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    Solved! Tv remote wont work then works

    I have a proscan tv that's only about 5 years old. Recently the power button on the tv remote and cable box remote stopped turning it on. However when you use the power button on the tv to turn it on then both remotes work again. This has happens twice now and I feel like the answer is simple...
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    Solved! How can I connect a cable to a DVD with out a converter box

    I have a cable service but no converter box.. how can I hook up the cable thru a DVD player
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    Solved! Arc audio questions

    I have a tv mount on the wall above a fireplace. There is an hdmi cable running through the wall and comes out in another section of the wall. I have directv and an audio receiver/blue ray. How do I hook all of this up so I can run arc audio with just this one hdmi cable?
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    how to connect a tv without opt cable port as well as no hdmi output to a android box and sound bar

    trying to hook up sound bar... tv... and android box....frustrated!! I have a tv without a optical imput ot hdtv output....would like to hook up sound bar and android box to the tv.
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    Solved! 4KTV HDMI Cable Advice Needed

    I have a 65-inch 4KTV and a 4K Blu Ray disc player which I bought in February of this year. Both are manufactured by Samsung and are HDR capable. I currently have video distortion issues with my TV which may require the TV to either be repaired or replaced despite corrective measures including...
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    Solved! Phone won't charge unless restarted

    My phone won't charge unless I restart it and if I take the cable of the phone and plug it back in, it won't charge again, so i need to restart it again.. Can anyone please help me how to fi fix this.
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    Sonya DVD/Surround using red, white,blue cable to VianoUHD4K tv. does not have red, white and blu

    Trying to hook my old but good Sonya dvd/surround sound to Viano UHD4K TV but TV doesn't have same white, yellow, red port.
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    Solved! What proper cables needed to connect sub woofer to sound card?

    I want to buy a polk audio sub and don't know what cables to buy Sub: Sound card...
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    Solved! What are the practical applications of connecting two computers together with an Ethernet cable?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, what are the practical applications of connecting two computers together with an Ethernet cable? Why might someone want to do this? For instance, can you transfer data from one computer to another if they're connected with an Ethernet cable? Or, if one computer...
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    Monitor always on sleep mode with hdmi cable

    hi, yesterday a bought a new samsung monitor (24" FHD Monitor SF350 ) and a 10 m hdmi cable (Valueline HDMI 1.4). The problem is that when I connect my laptop to the monitor with the cable, the monitor automaticaly goes into sleep mode. I have tried 2 more hdmi cables( 2 m. each) and they work...
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    Solved! Speaker cannot connect with TV

    I have sony mhc-v21d speaker and i want to connect it with my tv, i tried connecting it with the rca cable but it does not work.
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    Question sony dvdhome theatre system Davdx375 no digital optical , sony tv kdl60ex645 no arce hooked to cable box no sound through spea

    no sound through speakers? hdmi from tv to dvd home theatre, and coax from cable box to home dvd home theatre ?? tv has no arce dvd home theater no digital optical ?? and still cant get cable remote to work on all???
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    Question Sony Smart TV - old Philips Home Theatre

    Hey guys, I have the following: Sony KDL-40WE660B / Home Theatre Philips HTS3357/12. I'm not very good at this things, I'm trying to set up the HT for 5.1 surround sound from the TV. From my understanding there's no direct cable for this to happen. The Home Theatre does not have Toslink nor ARC...
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    Solved! Hisense 50 inch tv functions not working

    All functions were working fine, then picked up remote to control the volume, it didnt work, tried using the volume keys on the tv itself and they dont work. Neither does the power button or any of the other functions on both the remote and the tv itself. Help, is this fixable with some kind of...
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    Solved! Sony Bravia .. output through Harman/Kardon354 Receiver

    Just got a new SHARP Bravia TV... I have a harmon Kardon Receiver with HDMI hookups to the TV and satellite receiver.. The audio works fine watching satellite TV but when I switch to Netflix the receiver still outputs the Satellite audio. How do I set up the receiver so I can output the TV...
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    Solved! Asus X750J touchpad ribbon cable problem

    Hello guys, i have small problem with touchpad - ribbon cable on my laptop, pins are separated like pulled out (some of them cuted on half), name of cable is CNJS E308724 AWM 20798 80C 60V, i really cant find the same cable and my question is does it need to be the same cable as i had? or i can...
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    looking for lead for laptop samsung rv520

    i need a new cable because mine snapped when i removed hard drive for upgrade :( so what cable do i need to connect saga hard drive to motherboard
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    Solved! Can't be able to connect Tecno cx using HDTV Cable to TV

    I bought a HDTV cable but my phone can't connect to my non smart TV.I am using Tecno Cx.
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    how can I program a jvc tv remote to work as the cable remote for infinity cable box ?

    i have some some small infinity cable boxes without remotes for cable. But how can i use my tv remote with the cable box ?
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    Moving a TV - Can I do so without running longer cable?

    I'm moving my TV about 25 feet. Is it possible to keep the receiver where it is but somehow send the signal wirelessly to the new location? Is there a product that send/receives the signal more or less? Or is my only/best option to run a longer cable? Just trying to avoid a couple of obstacles...
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    Solved! Ultra thin optical cable

    The connection cable that came with our LG soundbar has packed in and I can’t find another like it anywhere. It was really really thin, almost wire-like, with micro-connectors. Should I give up and consign the soundbar to the realms of history?
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    Old receiver to portable speaker

    Hi everyone, i was thinking about getting rid of cables and huge speakers, so i bought a small portable speaker with 3.5 AUX jacket. I have an old turntable connected to old receiver via phono cables and wondering if it's possible to connect it to that bluetooth speaker via aux cable at least...
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    Harman Kardon Bds 5 subwoofer

    I have a Herman kardon BDS 5 ,I am stuck on how to make the Subwoofer work,I have connected it to the TV with an optical cable but still no Bass. I have been connecting the LFE using an RCA cable to the Subwoofer port on bds. The white light on top has been flashing all along. Looking for...