Old receiver to portable speaker

Nov 4, 2018
Hi everyone, i was thinking about getting rid of cables and huge speakers, so i bought a small portable speaker with 3.5 AUX jacket.
I have an old turntable connected to old receiver via phono cables and wondering if it's possible to connect it to that bluetooth speaker via aux cable at least? Or bluetooth which would be fantastic.
If your turntable has its own preamp, you can connect them directly (or with Bluetooth transmitter). Another option is to get external phono preamp. Otherwise, you have to see whether your receiver has audio output, and whether it's safe to run it without speakers.
Nov 4, 2018
I'm not really good at this, unfortunately, so i'd like to ask if i'll buy phono preamp, then i have to connect my receiver via phono output to the preamp and also as and connect preamp to my portable speaker using phono to 3.5 cable?

1. Connect the TT to the phono input of the receiver.
2. Connect the tape record output of the receiver to the aux input of the speaker.
3. Select the phono input as your source or as the record source.
4. If you want to use bluetooth then connect a bluetooth transmitter to the same record output that you would connect the speaker to.
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