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    Question 1 >> I am trying to connect my LOGITECH G933 WIRELESS 2.4Ghz to my mobile phone by connecting USB receiver to this >> The issue i observe is , mic is not working :( Question 2 >> When I connect AKG...
  2. L

    Solved! is it possible to stream videos from sony xperia c4 phone to westinghouse tv via the usb service port

    Stream from phone to TV via usb
  3. S

    Solved! contact tv manufacturer

    hello, Would anyone know contact details / email etc for the TV company DigiHome, I beleive they can be purchased via Amason, Argos, Currys eyc, but I cant track down any technical help Thanks All
  4. S

    LG TV connected to Samsung soundbar via bluetooth - can I use the TV remote to control volume?

    If I connect an LG TV (LG 55UK6470PLC) to a Samsung sound bar (Samsung HW-M360) via Bluetooth, will I be able to change the TV volume using the LG TV remote, or will I have to use the sound bar remote? I'm hoping to cut down on my remotes and it would be great if I could turn on the TV and...
  5. M

    Solved! Question about Dolby Atmos via HDMI ARC and SK8

    Hello everybody, I hope someone will know to answer my question. I am thinking of buying LG SK8 soundbar because of Dolby Atmos. I have LG OLED55B7 TV (supports Atmos) and LG UP970 4K BluRay player (also has Atmos support). As you can see, I already have those two LG devices, so it only makes...
  6. W

    Solved! My SM-T585 will not connect via WiFi

    My SM-T658 is new but not used for six months. We cannot connect to broadband via WiFi. This has never worked. We have eliminated the modem and broadband as other PCs and phone work
  7. R

    I have lost my mobile number but m a le to reset my password via can I get generator code via email

    I have lost my mobile number but m a le to reset my password via can I get generator code via email address.. I have tried so many times...l lost my phone as well my account was logged in that device please answer me solve that issues as soon as possible..trying frm last 3 days bt...
  8. C

    Question Transfering photos to pc

    unable to transfer photos from my alcatel 3v to my pc. When I try and transfer my photos via it connects with my phone but can't find any photos!
  9. D

    Solved! Soundbar Connect to Receiver

    I purchased a DENON AVR S740H receiver and have my cable, blu-ray, turntable hooked up to it via HDMI cables and then the receiver is connected to my TV via HDMI ARC cable. For sound, the receiver has speaker wire connections to 2 Polk Rti A9 floor speakers. I also have Polk MagniFi MAX SR...
  10. D

    Solved! Hdmi cable TV via laptop

    I am trying to watch tv on my laptop via hdmi cable to tv from laptop can't get laptop to pull up my tv? Denise
  11. J

    Solved! Audio from HDMI devices connected to TV to amplifier via TosLink Issue?

    Hi, I recently purchased an S.M.S.L Q5 Pro mini amp to replace a failed soundbar... the original set up was devices connected to TV (Samsung Series 4) via HDMI and the soundbar connected to the TV via TosLink optical cable... this all worked fine with all devices able to send audio through to...
  12. E

    Epson projector connected to Sony Blu Ray 4k player via HDMI and HDMI audio out to Sky Devialet Soundbox but no sound

    Epson projector connected to Sony Blu Ray 4k player via HDMI and HDMI audio out to Sky Devialet Soundbox but no sound. I have tried various settings on the sony but had no joy. Projector connects via hdmi to sky q and sky q connects to soundbox via optical and sound works great. Can anyone...
  13. M

    Dumb and Dumbfounded - Projector not detecting signal from Xbox One or Cable Box via Receiver

    Hope someone can provide guidance on setting up Xbox One and Cable box to basement projector. Had projector setup via Component through receiver to play old Xbox 360 but now have Xbox One so only HDMI connection available (worked fine). For some reason my projector is not picking up signal with...
  14. S

    Solved! Splice into smart phone USB data cable

    Making a cable for THE. T. V. VIA SMART PHONE INTERNET CONN. Shield wrapped wires =3ea. X 4 , dkblu,wht bare copp.wraped in pnkdfoil , lighter blue , wraedp in silver foil, wht/grn ,wraped in a blue foil, and wht/blu wrapped in gold foil. Which are used for D+ ,and D- ? Pink = v, silver...
  15. M

    Solved! My New Fire7 is not connecting via ATN_Obsidian Wifi

    Tablet recognizes a strong wifi signal from the ATN, I put in the ATN password (as per instruction for ATN link). The Fire7 tablet then states its unable to connect to network. How do I correct this issue? It is frustrating for this was the purpose of buying the Fire 7, due to bigger screen and...
  16. B

    Sony USB Walkman file sharing via OTG

    I do have the option to use pc for the process but I need to use OTG because I don't always have my pc with me. When I plug it, it says its broken. If I format it I'll ruin all the songs and the player (Done it before) so I need the most efficient and user friendly solution for this. I'm using...
  17. B

    Connected Samsung tv directly to Alexa via SmartThings app. Command turns tv off...but does not turn it on or any other comman

    Smart tv connection to Alexa not working with all commands
  18. R

    Solved! How to record into my computer via the USB?

    Again, HOW do you "make sure the external USB device is set as the input"??? My device manager simply shows all devices. I can't change anything there. How do you get your computer to recognize audio inputs from the USB ports? I have a new Windows 10 HP laptop.
  19. E

    Solved! How can I connect my android phone to projector

    Android to projector via Bluetooth
  20. S

    Solved! Volume control via HDMI or other output

    I have a Dayton Audio DTA-2.1bt2 amplifier. I have a samsung tv with optical and hdmi ports, it also supports blue tooth. I want to be able to control the volume via tv and tv remote In short, if I strip the audio signal from an hdmi output, will I able to adjust the audio on the tv thus the...
  21. T

    Audio Out of Sync

    I have a Toshiba 4K tv and an LG sound bar connected via optical cable. I also have a Sony Blu-ray player connected via HDMI to the TV. There is a noticeable delay in the audio sync when I watch BluRays... can’t figure it out.
  22. M

    Solved! my hp Laptop screen goes black when i tried connecting to a projecter via HDMI

    I tried connecting my HP Envy X 360 Cn000nx to a projector via HDMI but my screen goes black when HDMI is disconnected the screen starts working again, please help me to resolve this issue ..
  23. M

    Sound but no picture for Netflix via hdmi cable attached to IPad

    Sound but no picture for Netflix via hdmi cable attached to IPad
  24. K

    Question about playing movies via USB on tv with home cinema and sound

    Hi , I have a Philips 43PUS6262/12 TV and i use a Logitech Speaker System Z313 which you know is not very good...I have been playing movies via a USB hard drive connected to TV and i want to buy a home cinema specifically the LG LHB625. My question is if i buy that home cinema will i be able to...
  25. A

    Solved! When I use HDMI on my computer via Tv it only lets me See my home screen Why?

    Say it all in title
  26. K

    Solved! Optical Audio issue (4k setup)

    I am currently using a Yamaha A-S501 plugged into a Samsung UN65KS8500 via an optical cable. It seems that because of this I do not get sound during previews on blu-rays, no sound at all on discs with no home menu, no sound from built in television apps, hit or miss with standard DVD when played...
  27. A

    laptop to tv via HDMI, screen freezes every 5-10 secs

    When my laptop is connected via HDMI to my TV, and only while streaming over netflix, the video feed on the TV keeps freezing every few seconds (somewhat irregularly, for just a second or two). When watching YouTube or streaming over other sources, there is not problem at all. The stream on...
  28. B

    Solved! TV & Soundbar Issues

    I have a LG uk6300 TV and have a Samsung HW-M430 soundbar...they are connected via Bluetooth but the soundbar doesn't turn on each time the TV is turned on. I have to go into the settings and reconnect them via bluetooth again. I just want the sound to stay default on the soundbar. Is this...
  29. F

    Solved! Listen to music while watching TV

    Pioneer 7.2 Receiver VSX-933-B: Can I listen to music via the optical port while watching TV via HDMI? Then, how do I set up the VSX-933?
  30. R

    Solved! Getting Sound setup

    I bought a new Vizio P65-F1 and have my Sony sound system connected via HDMI. When I turn the vizio off with remote the the sony turns off too. Problem is when I turn the vizio back on with remote the sony sounds does not come on. WIth my old insignia everything worked fine.
  31. M

    new car has bluetooth...had cd player in old can i now listen to my cds via bluetooth in car

    Have a new hyundai car with in built bluetooth.......previous car had cd player for all my cd can i now listen to my cds vvia bluetooth in car.
  32. E

    Solved! My Civic FC5 Does not show the all my musics via usb

    Hello i have a 8 gb usb and 2017 Civic Elegance with standard radio system. Here is the problem, i uploaded 750 songs in my usb but the car only showing 256 of them. I tried take a part with the folders but same problem , car doesn't show the folder. What should i do? Please Help..!!
  33. E

    Audio speaker cell phone

    Is there a problem if i connect my 40Watt speaker with my cell phone ?? Via aux
  34. T

    Solved! Looking for a new audio system for my PC/TV/consoles

    I currently use a few year old Samsung soundbar. I have it connected to my PC via a green aux cable and my TV via optical. I have my PC hooked up to my 4k HDR TV via HDMI. I play PC games, console games, and watch TV and movies. Lately, my audio has been crackling a little when playing PC games...
  35. Z

    Old receiver to portable speaker

    Hi everyone, i was thinking about getting rid of cables and huge speakers, so i bought a small portable speaker with 3.5 AUX jacket. I have an old turntable connected to old receiver via phono cables and wondering if it's possible to connect it to that bluetooth speaker via aux cable at least...
  36. B

    Solved! Ssd problem help

    If an older laptop doesnt read ssd, would it read it if connected via sata to usb cabel?
  37. T

    Emerson tv vs Sanyo blu-ray player = black screen

    So here's my issue (and if anyone is wanting to ask, yes I have tried searching via google/Bing... I couldn't find any useful info.) Not too long ago I purchased a Sanyo blu-ray player model FWBP505F-Q. My tv is an Emerson LC220EM2 When I connect the player to my tv via HDMI (the player's only...
  38. P

    Solved! Connecting Majority sound bar to Sony braviaTV via bluetooth

    I can successfully connect my smart phone and tablet to my new sound bar but my Sony bravos TV refuses to find the soundboard via Bluetooth even though it too finds my smart phone OK. Any help would be appreciated
  39. J

    Solved! Connecting Two TV via HDMI Adapter

    My dual HDMI Adapter does not work when I connect both TV to see the same show
  40. T

    How can i use my rf headphones when streaming music from my phone via bt to soundbar

    How can I connect my rf headphones to soundbar when streaming music from my phone via bluetooth to the soundbar? The soundbar has available portable in, usb, and HDMI in. The RF headphones are connected to the audio out of a sky box by rca plugs and work great with the tv and video player.
  41. O

    Solved! Getting sound back to the receiver via the TV HDMI ARC?

    I've got a new Samsung TV hooked up to an Onkyo receiver. My HDMI cable is running through the HDMI ARC port on both devices but when I go to Netflix or YouTube on the tv, I don't get any return sound. I tried changing my receiver audio source to TV but still nothing.
  42. T

    Solved! No sound for Netflix through optical cable.

    I’m using a Bluetooth transmitter (Avantree Oasis) for my Bose headphones. Optical cable is being used. No problems with cable, but I have no sound with Netflix or Prime Video, etc. Setting is for PCM. Any ideas?
  43. L

    Solved! PS4 Sound setup

    Hi guys, Just wondering if this set up is correct, basicly i want 5.1 surround My PS4 Is connected to my TV via HDMI My TV is connected to my sound system via OPTICAL What settings should my ps4 be set to so i get 5.1 sound? if i look at my surround system its set up stereo X2, but my centre...
  44. N

    Have a sonic Tv model -L42V12aA-au, trying to connect with a Panasonic home theatre sound bar model no - SC-HTB688, Via a o

    Sound bar connection with Sonia tv and Panasonic sound bar
  45. D

    Solved! OTA Amplifier before the splitter?

    I want to put a antenna amplifer on an outside (non amplified) antenna via mast, "Before" the splitter (since ny splitters outside) Can I do this???? I'm using direct tvs hookup. (Thank you Direct TV) P.S. I'm not at all knowledgable about this, I just got lucky. I have 3 tvs working great with...
  46. M

    Solved! I want to buy new speakers, and I need help

    I am planning on purchasing KRK Rokit 5 G3's and am wondering if I should connect them via an amp with a TRS connector or an XLR, being that both of these are balanced connections. Most of the amps that I have found, namely the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 G2, only have TRS outputs. Should I use the...
  47. J

    Can't access fb via browser

    I'm trying to log into my Facebook account after resetting my phone. I've had the code via my email but then I get a page saying 'it seems you have not logged in from this browser before'. I'm absolutely stuck! Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  48. A

    How to enable sound via hdmi to my TV ?

    Sorry I am new to all this stuff so bear with me a moment please. I have a sony smart TV and a sony sound bar , I use them all the time with no problem and I also connect them to my PS4 and no problem as well. However , I connected my pc to my tv via hmdi and there is no sound whatsoever, am I...
  49. V

    I want to run film from my laptop to my old tube tv(a/v cabals ).can it do via usb to a/v cabal ?

    I want to run film from my laptop to my old tube tv(a/v cabals ).can it do via usb to a/v cabal ?
  50. R

    Screen of death

    Zte was locked via spyphoneapp, now it is black..won't power on or charge
  51. L

    how to connect bose AV28 media center to new SAMSUNG QE65Q9FNATXXU 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV

    i have the old but still working well Bose system which used to connect via optical cables straight into the panasonic 55" HD tv. now that ive purchased the latest samsung tv, i can only get 1 speaker working as i can only connect bose via 1 optical cable due to this tv connecting all usbs, hdmi...
  52. ievi

    Thinking of switching sound bar for a Dolby atmos sound bar

    I recently purchased the Samsung HW-MS550 sound bar and was thinking about returning it and changing it for the SAMSUNG HW-K950. Is this sound bar worth the price and will I be able to utilize the Dolby atoms feature with my setup? soundbar connects to computer via optical cable. soundbar...
  53. A

    VGA to HDMI converter no signal after 5 minutes

    I have connected My STC FTA Set top box to my AOC monitor via VGA to HDMI converter it's works good for five minutes after it start display no signal. I have test with another monitor with same converter and STB problem is still same. Test my set top box to LCD TV via direct HDMI cable working...
  54. B

    Solved! Samsung 5300M audio outlets

    Samsung 5300M... i have hooked up a Vizio sound bar via the optical audio outlet and I have tried both TV and optical selection for speaker selection but still have no sound out of the sound bar
  55. C

    NO sound from TV but sound on Laptop

    I connected by Toshiba 6355D-S5300 laptop to my NOT smart TV. Selected a Netflix movie. The picture is great but I am not getting any sound from the TV; albeit, I do get sound from the Laptop. Any suggestions?
  56. C

    Solved! Stream Atmos sound via network

    Hi New Set up is Benq W1070+W projector with wireless HD kit Samsung HWK950 Atmos Soundbar (Still boxed at present) Old set up was with Yamaha ysp 900(no longer working) With the same projector connected to Roku4 via plex app. I was streaming films to this set up wirelessly with 5.1 sound...
  57. D

    Ps4 pro, pc, audio dilemma. Help!!!

    I have a ps4 pro connected to a monitor via hdmi and i have another separate monitor connected to my pc via display port, is there a way to connect a speaker to both systems? For reference planning on using this speaker -...
  58. G

    My laptop cant connect to my tv via hdmi anymore

    I have never had problems in the past connecting my laptop to the tv via hdmi but now it won't connect. I have an hp laptop with windows 10. I have tried replacing the hdmi cords, changing the display settings and factory resetting my computer and still nothing. My tv recognizes the connection...
  59. B

    My magic remote will not let me change channels either by directly keying in channel number or by using the up and down channe

    My LG 2017 magic remote for my 65OLED E7P does not work properly. It will not let me change channels either by directly keying in the channel number or by scrolling up or down via the channel arrows.