LG TV connected to Samsung soundbar via bluetooth - can I use the TV remote to control volume?

Jan 29, 2019
If I connect an LG TV (LG 55UK6470PLC) to a Samsung sound bar (Samsung HW-M360) via Bluetooth, will I be able to change the TV volume using the LG TV remote, or will I have to use the sound bar remote? I'm hoping to cut down on my remotes and it would be great if I could turn on the TV and change the volume all using just one remote.

Also, is mixing manufacturers (Samsung and LG) likely to cause extra hassle, such as having to manually connect to the sound bar each time I want to watch TV, or would you foresee any other issues with this setup?

I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me out with this, as I want to check before I buy and I can't find a clear answer anywhere online. Thanks so much!
Jan 29, 2019
You need to use the soundbar remote, to use the TV remote you would need to use an HDMI soundbar with ARC connections.
Thanks very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I already own the sound bar and it doesn’t have any HDMI ports, only optical, USB, AUX and Bluetooth.

In case it assists, I also have an Apple TV 4K. It is currently attached to my TV via HDMI. I then have the sound bar attached to the TV via optical. As a result, I have to use the sound bar remote to control all audio as neither the TV remote nor the Apple TV remote can adjust the volume (I realize this is because optical is fixed). Obviously, HDMI works great from Apple TV to TV, but since my sound bar doesn't have an HDMI port, this doesn't help.

Is there any solution using any of these which might let me control the TV/Apple TV volume using the TV/Apple TV remote whilst getting the sound through the sound bar? Would a universal remote help? Or are there any adaptors that would do the trick?

I'd be really grateful for any assistance you can offer.

Many thanks,
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