Solved! Soundbar Connect to Receiver

Jan 14, 2019
I purchased a DENON AVR S740H receiver and have my cable, blu-ray, turntable hooked up to it via HDMI cables and then the receiver is connected to my TV via HDMI ARC cable. For sound, the receiver has speaker wire connections to 2 Polk Rti A9 floor speakers. I also have Polk MagniFi MAX SR soundbar with wireless subwoofer and surround speakers. I want the output of sound from the receiver to also go through this unit so I can use them. Currently when I watch TV, the sounds just comes out of the floor speakers through the receiver. The soundbar doesn't have RCA input, just 3.5mm aux and 3 HDMI inputs. Any idea how I can get sound to come from my receiver and play on all of my speakers?
The soundbar is powered and powers the speakers, you can't connect it to the receiver the way you want. You would need to replace it with non-powered speakers or use the soundbar.
Receiver and soundbar are different species from different planets, you don't mate them, the kids will come out weird. :D

Either buy a SB with all features u want built-in, 'cuz they are not upgradable.


Go the receiver route for maximum flexibility with stand-alone passive speakers. Get a nice 7.1, even a 5.1 and you can start with 2 L+R speakers and add on later as ur budget allows.