My New Fire7 is not connecting via ATN_Obsidian Wifi

Jan 1, 2019
Tablet recognizes a strong wifi signal from the ATN, I put in the ATN password (as per instruction for ATN link). The Fire7 tablet then states its unable to connect to network. How do I correct this issue? It is frustrating for this was the purpose of buying the Fire 7, due to bigger screen and mobility. I was using my android phone for this but wanted a bigger view. I was able to upload the google play app without issue and it is working properly. Please help.
There seems to be a bit of misinformation here. ATN Obsidian isn't a WiFi, but a game. So going by that, I am guessing you are having trouble connecting to their service. Not to WiFi itself, as you could connect to Google Play. These are totally different things. WiFi is the means to connect at all to the internet, which if it wasn't working you couldn't connect to any online app or site.

So, if correct, your problem isn't connecting to WiFi or all places but to connect to that particular app's/game's service. Is this correct?

If yes, and that is what is going on, then you need to contact them about the issue. The only thing I could think of that would make it not work as well on the tablet would be if perhaps the tablet is using an older version of Android. Which is very common for tablets.

If, however, it is something else that is happening, please do let us know.
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