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    Solved! Strong Wi-Fi weak connection Huawei Honor 7x

    I have had this phone for approximately 6 months and really like everything about it except for the Wi-Fi. It shows a strong signal but the internet and everything related to Wi-Fi is horrible unless I am next to the router. It is NOT a bluetooth problem (I have eliminated that as a possible...
  2. M

    Wi-Fi fix for tab a

    Every time I put the back ,back onto my galaxy tab a the Wi-Fi signal goes away ,I leave it off or just not snapped all the way back on its fine shows strong x Signal , can anyone figure that out
  3. M

    Solved! My New Fire7 is not connecting via ATN_Obsidian Wifi

    Tablet recognizes a strong wifi signal from the ATN, I put in the ATN password (as per instruction for ATN link). The Fire7 tablet then states its unable to connect to network. How do I correct this issue? It is frustrating for this was the purpose of buying the Fire 7, due to bigger screen and...
  4. A

    Solved! Bitdefender is it good

    Im looking for strong and good anti malware software for detecting trojans,worms ( and such) Is it gonna block trojans worms ect. Cuz i recently got one (Trojan) in my system but rwmoved it using a lot of anti viruses like avast, microsoft defender,malwarebytes and i don't want tjat to...
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    Monster Hunter World - Rathian Guide

    Rathian is unequivocally a terrifying monster that can do a lot of damage with its attacks if you are not quick enough to dodge them. So if you want to know more about this monster and how it behaves, read the guide about it below: General Information: Rathian is a very strong monster but you...
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    Monster Hunter World - Jyuratodus Guide

    The Jyuratodus is very similar to the Barroth but it will not go into dry areas. If you want to know more about it and how you can prepare for it, you should read the guide below: General Information: The Jyuratodus is featured in just a few quests. You will first come across this monster in the...
  7. I

    Solved! one workstation has strong wifi but no internet

    I have a workstation running windows 7 and for some reason will connect to the wifi network, but no internet access. All the other workstations are fine except for this one. Wifi signal is strong. Ran the troubleshooting and just said no problems found. It is hardwired to the company server...
  8. T

    Solved! I am connected but keep on and off

    When getting into website my wifi got off but my signal .is.strong keep on and off
  9. B

    Is my PC Strong enough to stream and run a game at the same time?

    Alright so ive had my laptop (Acer Aspire V5) for a while now and its all good recording and editing but im still left wondering if it will be strong enough to stream on twitch, can you guys review my laptop specs and give me some tips? My Build: CPU: Intel i5-3337U (Ivy Bridge) GPU: Nvidia...
  10. T

    Is an gtx 1060 6gb strong enough for HTC Vive?

    I have: -GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 -16GB RAM DDR4 -i7 6700K Are thoose components strong enough to run HTC Vive ?
  11. A

    What is the best Antivirus in 2018?

    I use Avast antivirus pro. It works well but I want to know have any the best Antivirus in 2018 update and latest version with strong security?
  12. N

    on my Asus laptop's keyboard soe keys (M, V, C, Q) work only at strong and long pressing. What to do?

    on my Asus laptop's keyboard some keys (M, V, C, Q) work only at strong and long pressure. What to do? Rom
  13. C

    Serious Battery Issue?

    I was taking apart a Blue R1 HD. Upon attempting to pop out the battery I smelled a strong chemical-esque, nailpolish remover smell. Is it some type of glue, or a punctured battery? Should I be worried?
  14. oathmark1

    How Can Anyone Break the Locktite Solution on Laptop Screws?

    I have a laptop that obviously has either too strong of locktite on the screws, or it has too much. How to I break then loose without damaging the shell? It seems like they are so tight that when I tried to break two of them loose already that screw bases came loose, so now the screws just...
  15. A

    My laptop is not connecting to the net despite the router working.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3521. My laptop is showing a strong internet connection yet none of the browsers are connecting to the internet. I tried all the command prompt commands given on the Windows web page and still no luck. I even tried using my mobile data on the laptop through USB and even...
  16. J

    How strong of a magnet do you need to "break" a macbook air?

    I was just wondering, I have searched and from the looks of it you need a magnet strong enough to pick up a car in order to ruin todays hard drives. Another question, do macs even use hard drives or ssd's? Plus when a magnet is put by the charging port you can hear something stop, a fan or...
  17. I

    (non-gaming headset) Headphones for gaming (closed-back and portable)

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of closed-back headphones with a decent soundstage and that are portable and comfortable. I was thinking about : DT-770- unfortunately they are not portable at all (in terms of size). ATH m40x - soundstage not quite good What would you recommend me? Price...
  18. S

    I need help in knowing if this television is good or not.

    Hey guys, I wanna get a new televeision for myself and i have found this television which I like. The problem is, I went into work today and a colleague said to me "That I need to be careful with televisions because I need to factor a lot of details". He went into those details but I didn't take...
  19. M

    JVC TV LT32ex19

    I do have JCV TV model LT32EX19 won't pick up any channels when I auto scan it for channels through antenna. What is your recommendation to get a strong signal for antenna
  20. M

    can i play bf 1 with amd a9?

    i want to buy a laptop with amd procie that can play civ vi or bf 1 with lowest quality i have one in my mind, its Lenovo IdeaPad 110 amd a9 9400 with this spec : AMD A9-9400 (2.4GHz) 4GB RAM ddr4 HDD 1TB / 1000GB VGA AMD RADEON integrated R5 2gb can i play both game with this? i know i must...
  21. V

    hey i have laptop acer aspire e5-522g with what cpu can i upgrade it

  22. D

    android tablet shows strong wifi signal, but won't connect to internet - says no internet connection

    I have an android tablet that shows my wifi signal strength is strong, but when I try to connect to the internet, Facebook, etc., it says to check my internet connection. My computers are connected, they work, but the tablet still says to check while at the same time showing a strong signal?
  23. B

    Secondary Computer for College

    I need recommendations for a laptop for college. I don't need something too strong, because I'll have my desktop. I just need something with good enough performance and lifespan. Thanks in advance! I'm already considering this, but I would end up buying another hard drive for it...
  24. M

    I keep blowing out my hearing aid battery in a very few days. I discovered a magnet in my new HP laptop and I wonder if the p

    Found a strong magnet in corner of my new HP laptop. That coincides with the fact my hearing aid battery is blowing out in just a few days. Never happened before. Could it be the magnet is too strong? Can you tell me the strength of the HP magnet and I can research further on the subject...
  25. C

    Durable Business Style Laptops

    I'm on the market again for a well built laptop. I haven't bought a system since 2009 and my current system is still running strong. Running an Alienware M17x R1. Laptop Musts; - Strong very durable Case. - Hardware that will last 5-6 years minimum. - Large battery. Time is important. - 17"+...
  26. P

    best gaming laptop recommendations?

    looking for a good gaming laptop with a strong cpu (best possible i7) for under $1400. I also want a ssd in it (128 GB is fine). Not familiar with intel cpus and I'm not sure what the good cpus are.. Recommendations? Thanks
  27. A

    STRONG bass speakers for PC

    Hey im looking fore a set of speakers for my PC, I am an extreme bass junkie and want something with a LOT of STRONG bass i would like it to be a 2.1 system and preferably no more than 70 dollars and the treble and highs should also not be distorted. I dont want it to sound perfect but not...
  28. T

    Strong subwoofer suggestions

    My home theatre is great but the subwoofer has always been week with no option to increase strength. It uses positive and negative wires (like old radios) to connect to the sound system so I'm looking for a woofer that also uses the pos/neg wires so I can just swap them out. Any suggestions?
  29. G

    Help deleting gmail account.

    Hello, i want to delete my two gmail account but the first has a strong coc base and the 2nd has a minecraft account and coc too, i want to give it to my friends but i have other accounts there like fb, twitter,etc(theres to many) How do i delete all of it individually?
  30. L

    Can you recommend the best laptop of these 3?

    I need a laptop that is durable and strong enough to play games at Med-High but do not cost a fortune. After doing some research i choose those 3. Honestly the system of these 3 is not very different but i wonder which is the coolest laptop when playing games and the most durable. ASUS...
  31. K

    4400mah or 6 cell li ion which is stronger

    My gateway ne5 needs a battery and I want a strong one which one do u recommend
  32. S

    Is the sound blaster z too strong for hd 598s?

    It says it can power 600ohm headphones and I've read that it doesnt have a gain setting. I don't want to spend this much money just to blow out my headphones. Does anyone know if it's a safe pair?
  33. revolultrablue

    Is soundblaster z's headphones amp too strong for my hd 598's?

    I just recently bought both. They sound pretty good together but I notice that I have to keep the volume low. The amp is designed for up to 600 ohm. The 598's are only 50 ohm. Did i choose the wrong sound card for my setup?
  34. C

    Strong Gaming Laptop

    I have found I laptop that I think will be good for casual gaming(Counter Strike, League of Legends, and Black Ops) on medium settings, here is the link to the laptop...
  35. H

    No Wireless after fresh Window 7 64bit install drivers installed

    Need some help on this one, networking has never been my strong suite!!! Did a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit, downloaded the correct wireless drivers from Dell and was able to get online wireless with no issues..... Did all of the updates from Microsoft and poof! No more wireless!! There...
  36. Feibrand

    Is there a way to refresh the wifi function for my android tablet ?

    The wifi signal is so weak and sometimes it loses connection Can I improve it by myself ??
  37. S

    Help Picking the Right IEM

    Howdy, first time here! I am trying to find the right in ear headphones for me, and I hope that you guys can help me out some. I currently have the m50s, however, they are too obviously too bulky for when I go running or to school. Also, I do understand that I am going to need to compromise a...
  38. L

    Looking for an "Indoor" Longrange UHF/VHF antenna

    I want to drop cable completely. My reception with the antenna I have now is decent. It picks up at least 16 channels. Those channels are within a 30 mile range. If I move the antenna around, it'll pick up a few others. But that causes it to loose some of the original 16. I...
  39. M

    What laptop would you choose...

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new laptop quite strong for working with photoshop and 2 VM's. Screen + screen card + memory + fast/strong hdd (ssd) are important factors. By now I'm working with Dell Oecision M4500 with Win7 Many thanks!
  40. tomsguideUS

    How to Unlock S.A.M. in Jetpack Joyride

    Jetpack Joyride has a bunch of vehicles in it, but the most powerful of them all is the Strong Arm Machine, or S.A.M., a giant robot that fills up the screen and deflects missiles. Here's howh to unlock S.A.M. in Jetpack Joyride: 1. Open the game and tap on the screen to start playing 2. Play...
  41. L

    Strong and durable laptop

    Hi , I had Lenovo ideapad which died on me suddenly within less than 3 years. Now on look for a new laptop which is strong and durable and lasts long
  42. G

    How To Set up 1Password on your PC

    1Password is a powerful app that creates unique passwords for all the websites you visit and automatically logs them in in just one. It also helps you generate strong passwords for every account you have. Here's your guide how to set up 1Password on your computer. 1. Download 1Password from the...
  43. S

    Is this more secure?

    Obviously only as strong as the weakest link but I'm assuming that if i had a drive or folder encrypted with Truecrypt (or similar) and had a file in there encrypted with axcrypt (or similar) a potential attacker would have to get past both layers if I have different passwords for both right? I...
  44. N

    [Laptop] AMD A10 : The lag is strong.

    Couple months ago I needed a new laptop and with my budget the Lenovo G505s (AMD A10 5750M - AMD Radeon HD 8670G) from amazon. (I live in Jamaica, irrelevant) The laptop ran everything so smooth, Battlefield 3 ran on 30fps on ultra. League of legends ran at 40fps at max as well just to show the...
  45. A

    please advise about Asus Transformer Flip TP300LD

    Dear all, i want to buy a new convertible PC, i'm searching for good one have a good size and strong hardware i found what i searching in ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP300LD Link. but i cant find any review for that model or i cant find it in big e-procurement sites like amazon or ebay whats...
  46. N

    Will I be able to stream Dota 2 in 720p on the Lenovo Y510P?

    I was thinking about getting a new laptop, I don't really play anything but Dota and I want to be able to stream. Will the Lenovo Y510P be strong enough? CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 750M, 2GB 8GB RAM And what about the Y580P, any reason to get it over the Y510P? Seems...
  47. SuperAdithya

    Headphones with strong cord, under Rs. 2000 ($32.706), PLEASE HELP

    Is there any good headphone out there available under Rs 2000 ($32.706), which has a strong cord? It should be available in India. ( THANK YOU. Any suggestions welcomed and appreciated. :) PLEASE REPLY QUICKLY!
  48. T

    Need a strong gaming laptop thats portable and doesn't overheat/get too hot under 1800

    I'm looking to spend sub-1800$ for a solid gaming laptop that can run league of legends or assassin's creed, or crysis at max/very high settings or school programs like maya without overheating. I also want it to multitask programs like skype+games+twitch at the same time Battery life would...
  49. ry4n_1337

    Lenovo Y550P Lose Hinge Problem

    I'm going to be taking apart my laptop soon because the screen is very wobbly. The cause of the wobbly screen: As you can see, over in the circled red area is very loose and can be moved around alot. Also, my laptop can not be closed fully. I know how to fix this...
  50. D

    Is the Nexus 5 worth it?

    Hello guys, I am looking for a new unlocked phone. I had the galaxy s3 for about 1 1/2 years, and I absolutely hate it. At the time of release, it looked like an amazing, great phone. After the year, the software started bugging, battery sucked, I hated how fragile the phone is, and now my...
  51. O

    i5 4200u with a hd 8870m?

    Is the processor enough strong to the vga? The resolution is 1600x900
  52. H

    Best laptop around 1000 dollars

    Hello, I live in the USA, Oregon and am looking for a laptop that has the things that follow. 1) A long battery life 2) it to be a strong gaming laptop. Those are the main things some small thing in random order are 1) A anti-glare screen so no glossy 2) GeForce graphics card GTX 760M and above...
  53. F

    help finding a good laptop for college

    What is your budget? $1000-2000 What country will you be buying this in? united states What size notebook do you prefer?< Thin and Light (13 - 14-inch screen) What brands do you like or dislike? Like: any brand Dislike: HP Would you consider a refurbished laptop? Yes What are the primary...
  54. M

    Elder Scrolls Dell Laptop Suggestions

    Hello Im looking to buy a strong gaming laptop through capable of running Elder Scrolls online. Im terrible when it comes to choosing a laptop purchase that suites my needs. For something like this I can't help but to jump right to an Alienware but sometimes feel my price is doubled...
  55. TheMohammadmo

    Tablet for 2 year old

    Hey there Tom's Hardware, This isn't my strong side, my strong side is suggesting parts for a gaming desktop. Anyway, so my dad gave me a little job to do. He said that I had to find a good tablet for my 2 year old baby brother that can house all of of his movies and educational apps and...
  56. M

    Strong phone please

    is it worth paying out to get a phone screen fixed or is it all right to D.I.Y ? i mean for a galaxy ace its £59.99 WTF you can by the ace for cheaper on PAYG. secondry i would like a new phone for ovbs reason would like it to be android 4.1 or above incase in polycarbonate or Kevlar and £25 a...
  57. D

    MSI GX70 strong enough for gaming and streaming games?

    Hy I need help with buying a gaming laptop. I will use for hard gaming and streaming to Is the CPU power enough for playing games and streaming? I want to play new games but i will stream only League...
  58. T

    Cheap strong Laptop for gaming and HDMI

    I am looking for a laptop that would be able to play PES 2013 comfortably, and has the HDMI output; which would you recommend?
  59. K

    LG G Pad has gorilla glass?

    Im really into buying the LG G Pad, but theres a possible setback - if it doesnt have gorilla glass. Ive watched some reviews and when the screen is tapped it seems like its "bending" down under the pressure of a tap, which my gorilla glass S3 does not at all. Similar to my ipad mini it seems...