No Wireless after fresh Window 7 64bit install drivers installed


Feb 6, 2013
Need some help on this one, networking has never been my strong suite!!!

Did a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit, downloaded the correct wireless drivers from Dell and was able to get online wireless with no issues..... Did all of the updates from Microsoft and poof! No more wireless!! There was over 180 updates done so it's impossible to undo the updates because I don't know which one caused it.... I have tried re-installing the correct driver from Dell, uninstalling it from Device Manager and allowing Windows to reinstall with a reboot, noting has worked....

I've tried googling my issue and tried all sorts of suggestions with the settings but nothing has worked and I don't understand any of what I'm researching because again, networking is not my strong suite!!!! I am able to get online with wired connection but I need the wireless...

Any help in simple laymen term's would be appreciated. Thanks


1 of the windows updates was an update for the wireless so try rolling back the update to the previous hopefully working version. if that don't work the do a system restore to before you did the upates then when doing the updates change the windows update settings to notify you there is updates but to download til you are ready. when the updates ready list is available then uncheck the update for the wireless card.


Feb 6, 2013

I'm not sure what you mean by "re-running the wi-fi drivers" I tried re-installing the ones from Dell that worked before. That didn't help
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