HP Elitebook Freezing on windows start-up


Jul 18, 2013
Hello everyone I've got an issue I hope someone can help with.

I’ve got a refurbished HP EliteBook 740 G1 which has a copy of win 7 ultimate 64bit installed. Upon trying to boot it will just sit on the windows 7 start-up logo seemingly frozen. I tried going through the standard start-up repair options, last know working config, as well as several cmd commands to reset and fix other attributes but to no avail. Start-up repair gave an error indicating that "A patch is preventing the system from starting". After going through some troubleshooting steps found in other sites/forums for multiple hours, I decided it was a lost cause and booted into safe mode and moved the documents off the machine, and did a clean install of the same win 7 version via USB.

I thought this was all over until just now when I was installing the wireless network drivers, and it had frozen. I had to do a hard reboot and upon turning the machine back on again its yet again freezing on the windows start-up logo. At this point I’m now starting to think its either a BIOS issue or somehow a hardware issue? Any input/thoughts would be a great help.