Question HP Elitebook vs Microsoft Surface


May 21, 2015
My company is replacing my aging HP Elitebook and have given me basically two options for laptops. (Mac is also an option, and I am a Linux admin so I'd like to go Mac, but I'm so used to windows so sticking with it lol)

Anyway, the options are basically this:

HP Elitebook 850/840 G8
Core i7 1165G7 / 2.8ghz - Win 10 - 16GB Ram, 256gb SSD, 1920 x 1080 HD


Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ M1960
Intel Core i7 - 11857G7 3.0Ghz - 16gb ddr4 - 256gb SSD - 2256 x 1504 Pixelsense 10 point multi-touch screen 720p front camera

I do also have the option of a surface with the 11657G7 processor, but comes with 2736 x 1824 screen, 1080p front camera, + rear camera

Anyway, specs aside, my main question is just the HP Elitebook vs the surface. While I kind of prefer the traditional laptop form factor if I have to travel with it, it does spend 90% of its time closed, docked, with three external monitors, and external keyboard and mouse in use. So most of the time, the form factor isn't really an issue. I guess I'm curious which is the more solid machine. My current HP Elitebook is the 1040 G4, and while in general it's been ok, it's suffered random BSOD's, and for the last year or so, the graphics cause my monitors to randomly disconnect. I use a 42" 4k TV as my main monitor with two 23" 1080p monitors on the side.

So wondering if the surface would be more stable, or if they are somewhat evenly matched? Thanks for any advice.


Most crashes come from the software side not hardware. The biggest benefit of the Surface is the touchscreen and tablet formfactor.
Docking solutions for the Surface are not as good as the standard laptops however and using the portable keyboards with them is not nearly as nice as a standard laptop keyboard.

The odd thing is that you are getting this from work, they would know better than random internet people on how you use the thing and should be able to guide you.


May 21, 2015
Ha well yeah I talked to our IT guy and he basically said what I already knew. And like you said, I really prefer the standard laptop form factor for when traveling or using it outside a docked environment. And yeah the software causing issues makes sense. They put so much crap on these things, that could explain a lot of my issues.

But yeah I think I will just go with the elitebook, I don't really need the touch screen, and the keyboard would probably be a pain when I'm not at my desk.

Thanks for the input.
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