Question Need Your Help with Lenovo vs. HP Laptop for GF


Jul 3, 2016
My GF is returning to in-person classes at the undergraduate level in two weeks and wants a laptop, presumably to take notes during class, do Zoom meetings for classes and do any on-line assignments. She also used Zoom for class meetings and the on the school's on-line system (CANVAS) to do homework, watch lessons, and take exams. She's not a gamer and the most power she needs is enough speed to watch YouTube videos and read international news. That said, she wants something "fast." Her prior laptop, which was a drama queen (e.g. intermittent keyboard freeze-ups) was a 2017 ASUS Q304u, 8GB RAM (would not accept RAM upgrades) with an Intel Core i5 7200 OU at 2.5 GHZ. When it worked, it was "fast" enough for her. Touchscreen is a must, 2-1 Tablet not at all (she just figured out that the ASUS in question was a 2-1 Tablet, which I thought was part of the reason she wanted it). She wants a "nice screen," but she didn't seem to have any problems with the ASUS 1920 x1080 at 60 Hz monitor that has Intel HD Graphics 620.

She does not like Apple.

She found these laptops in her price range (implied around $800-$900):

HP Envy x360 2-in-1 w/ Ryzen 5 5625u

HP Envy x360 2-in-1 w/ Core i7

Lenovo Yoga 7i 2-in-1 Core i5-1235u

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Core i7 1255u

A Best Buy Geek Squad tech said that the HPs break down within a year, but the Lenovos are reliable.


She's gentle with laptops; are extended warranties a waste of money?

Which are the most and least reliable laptops: HP Envy; Lenovo IdeaPad; Lenovo Yoga?

As long as it's not Apple or ASUS, she's open to the brands. She went around Best Buy and picked the HP Envy with the Intel Chip and the Lenovo Yoga. I found the IdeaPad at Costo, because it looked like it had better features and the price was lower (not that Best Buy's price changed overnight on an unrelated item I was following, so you might see a different price).

HP has some AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs in her price range. I've always been skittish about AMDs (but I don't know a lot); what are your thoughts about AMD Ryzens in HPs, e.g. this:
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Feb 12, 2023
Hey I can now reply for whatever reason but definitely I would choose the hp i7 12 gen and the 16 gb ram that cpu is nice but it might get a little hot but its great for multitasking and is pretty fast, generally ryzen is better for gaming while intel is good for like creation and work , I have a gaming laptop with a 14 inch screen and I think she would prefer something a bit bigger than that based on what you have said so the 15.6 would be nice too , also my gaming laptop has the i7 and while it gets a little hot its definitely a nice cpu and quite fast. ( second choice would be the Lenovo, the ram is quite fast and has about the same specs so either or would be great choices)