No internet on laptop despite trying to install missing drivers

May 22, 2018
Hi, i got an Asus s200e notebook but the hdd was faulty so i replaced the hdd with an acer old acer aspire happy2 and reinstalled windows 7 started on it. It works fine except for the internet. The Ethernet and wireless does not work. I downloaded most of the drivers i wrote down from the device manager which has the caution ⚠ sign as there is no network adapter, pci contronller, Sm bus and USB 3.0. I downloader from another pc and tried installing but still doesn't work. O also tried using tp wireless link USB (external WiFi usb) but doesn't recognise it. Anyone can help with this please as would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all


Aug 2, 2015
I found this archived site from Asus as no drivers were showing on their main site.

Click download and find the wifi driver, you will have to use another device of course to download it and transfer it to the problem laptop.
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