Need a strong gaming laptop thats portable and doesn't overheat/get too hot under 1800


Aug 5, 2014
I'm looking to spend sub-1800$ for a solid gaming laptop that can run league of legends or assassin's creed, or crysis at max/very high settings or school programs like maya without overheating. I also want it to multitask programs like skype+games+twitch at the same time
Battery life would preferably be greater than 4 hours, 6 hours would be amazing though.
Good quality integrated webcam is a must.
Has to be portable, taking it to college and work.
Has to last me the next 4 years as well.
Going to buy it in the US as well, don't mind ordering online.


Aug 5, 2014
I mean I'm pretty flexible with the specs for the higher-end games, like if I have to play them at medium I don't mind. I mostly play League anyways, so that's the only thing I really care about being maxed out. I just need to make sure it can multitask well, doesn't overheat and is portable. Preferably would like the battery life to not suck, but it'll always be plugged in when gaming.


I have read a lot of reviews for many gaming laptops and even non gaming laptops. The problem you are nearly always going to face is a CPU that runs hot; especially if it is a quad core CPU. The only exception would be the ultra low voltage CPUs that Intel sells; "U" model CPUs (Like the dual core i7-4500u) which are designed to use less power and produce less heat than all other CPU models. The exception would be "Y" model CPUs which are extreme low power CPUs.

A laptop cooler can help reduce internal heat by perhaps 3c - 5c, but that depends on how the internals of the laptop has been designed and the effectiveness of the laptop cooler as well. The best way to keep a laptop cool is to disable Turbo Boost, but that means the CPU will not overclock itself beyond the baseline clockspeed.

It is difficult to know if a gaming laptop will last 4 years due to potential heat generated by the CPU and GPU.


Gaming laptop
Cold / cool laptop
Pick 2 here, that's really the case. With the reduced space in the chassis it's almost impossible to displace the massive amounts of heat generated by the laptop components, the MSI GS series, the Gigabyte p34 series, the aorus all basically become a furnace - getting temperatures between the high 50s and low 60s centigrade. You may have to size up to just a basic multimedia sized laptop, which is normally about 30-35mm thin and weighs just under 3kg to get decent cooling with decent power.
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