Solved! PC + turntable setup to same speakers

Nov 24, 2021
Good evening,

I just bought my first turntable: the Lenco LS-50. Like everybody I want to connect it to some nice speakers, luckily these have a built-in pre-amp, so that is one less thing that I have to look into and buy.
At the moment I have my PC connected to my not-so-good: Logitech Z533, these bad boys get the job done but I’m ready to upgrade my speaker system. But doing research on these topics without having much knowledge on things as a receiver or anything, is pretty difficult and frustrating.
The scenario that I want to accomplish is that my PC and the turntable will be connected to 2 speakers (left and right) and I can listen to them both without reshuffling the cables every time. The speakers I am looking at right now are the: Edifier R1280DB. Is what I want possible with these speakers? I saw that there is a Bluetooth function, so, for example, can I connect the speakers with my PC through Bluetooth and connect the speakers to the turntable with normal cables with the help of a pre-amp. Is it this way good to go or do I also need a receiver?
Can also recommend me some different pairs of speakers to use for a budget of around 100-150$.

P.S. I also have an Asus Xonar DG sound card in my PC, although I don't know if this has any benefits for my future setup.
If you look at those speakers, they have two audio inputs so you can connect the turntable and the computer to those without using bluetooth.