Solved! PC + turntable setup to same speakers

Nov 24, 2021
Good evening,

I just bought my first turntable: the Lenco LS-50. Like everybody I want to connect it to some nice speakers, luckily these have a built-in pre-amp, so that is one less thing that I have to look into and buy.
At the moment I have my PC connected to my not-so-good: Logitech Z533, these bad boys get the job done but I’m ready to upgrade my speaker system. But doing research on these topics without having much knowledge on things as a receiver or anything, is pretty difficult and frustrating.
The scenario that I want to accomplish is that my PC and the turntable will be connected to 2 speakers (left and right) and I can listen to them both without reshuffling the cables every time. The speakers I am looking at right now are the: Edifier R1280DB. Is what I want possible with these speakers? I saw that there is a Bluetooth function, so, for example, can I connect the speakers with my PC through Bluetooth and connect the speakers to the turntable with normal cables with the help of a pre-amp. Is it this way good to go or do I also need a receiver?
Can also recommend me some different pairs of speakers to use for a budget of around 100-150$.

P.S. I also have an Asus Xonar DG sound card in my PC, although I don't know if this has any benefits for my future setup.
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