Solved! re: changing out a keyboard


Nov 14, 2013
This is on an Asus model X541N laptop. The optical drive died and when I opened the laptop to look at the optical drive. I was just a bit careless with the keyboard ribbon cable and tore the cable. I found a new keyboard minues the top cover for around $13. on eBay I also found on eBay the top cover with a good keyboard in it but minues the touch pad for about $29,00. The old top cover is in good shape as well as the touch pad.
I need to know how hard is it to change out the keyboard? The touch pad and the keyboard are held in by little plastic pins and the top of the pins are melted over. I don't know of any way to get the keyboard off without breaking the pins and drill small holes in the top cover and use small plastic screws and nuts or use small drops of super glue. I need to know the best way to go by Sunday night because I get my direct deposit into my bank on this coming Monday Dec 3rd. And I will be paying for the keyboard or the keyboard and cover when I get home Monday evening. I need to know what my best option is. The laptop worked just fine before I tore he ribbon cable.

I guess no one here want to give any advice to me. It doesn't say much for this forum.
You need to be patient when expecting answers, reble.

That being said, you could try and contact these folks on Ebay. You should also consider sourcing the entire palmrest and touchpad assembly since trying to mimic the plastic rivets/hold downs is a pain to accomplish and will leave it flimsy at best if you can't pull off the job.