Question Rog Strix G731GU Keyboard Retroillumination

Aug 24, 2022
My laptop's keyboard went through some accidental liquid damage and I had to replace it, so I went in and bought a compatible one (because it was the only one in stock for now) just for a temporary solution. What ended up happening is I got it to type (inputs) 100%, problem solved, but my retro illumination is not working because the model is different and the seller (obviously) didn't include the connector for the retro powering.

The old one didn't have such connector as you can see in the pictures linked on the bottom of this message, it would directly connect to the power on the motherboard with its 8 pin FCC.

The answer I am searching right now is if there even exists such flat cable for this system as it connects with 8 pins on the motherboard and 20 pins to the keyboard as show in my pictures, or some kind of small PCB adapter that transforms the 20-8 pins.

The final objective is of course getting the same keyboard model but it will take some weeks by ordering it so if somehow I can manage to make this compatible one working with its full features I might reconsider and save some money.

Anyways, just let me know if y'all certain this would be impossible so I can go ahead and order the correct model. I mean, retroillumination is not a must neither it is urgent, but eventually i'll want to make it work as intended.

Laptop model: Asus Rog Strix G731GU
Old Keyboard reference: v185061d
New Keyboard reference: V185062AE1

Motherboard FCC Powering Connector (8pins)

Old Keyboard independent Retroillumination connector (8pins)

New Keyboard independent Retroillumination connector (20pins) Zoomout
New Keyboard independent Retroillumination connector (20pins) Zoomin

(sorry but incorporating the images was giving me errors, had to be linked)

Thanks in advance!
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