Question ASUS ROG STRIX GL553V shut down after window screen

Jun 14, 2022
Hi, i need help for my laptop problem,i try run and logo asus show up then after loading shut down, not restart or anything

Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor | NVIDIA GTX 1050 | 8 Gigs

i can reach bios and is normal, stand by for 1 hours and no problem
i try replace hard drive <> not working
i try switch ram slot <> not working
i try another hard drive and installed win10 work normally in pc then move it to laptop <> not working
i try remove battery <> not working

if problem with VGA , in bios there still read
  • intel hd graphics 630
  • nvidia geforce gtx 1050
- for warranty is expired
-searching in google/youtube there is talk about nec tokin, but when i see
for this laptop is not using nec tokin anymore

so maybe someone can help :))))
Jun 14, 2022
I believe it the the ram issue, if it was HDD then it won't able to load windows only.
Battery looks fine too since it stand one hour in Bios.

how to know if ram is problem, because in bios ram still detected and vga too, if there problem i thinks in bios not read full name or just maybe have exclamation/question mark?