Question Laptop keeps turning off randomly after 1-5 minutes

May 21, 2023
Hello! I have a Legion Y530 that's been working pretty fine the last 2 years, It has one HDD and an m.2 SDD. Suddenly It started to turn off after few minutes, (It turns off completely, just like pressing power button for few secconds, no alert, no process just turns off all fans, lights, etc). These are the procedures I have done trying to solve or at least find the cause of the issue: (Note that in safe mode there is no issue at all)

- Checked PC temp, nothing wrong on that side. Even opened It and changed thermal paste and still doing it.
- Formatted and re-installed OS on the HDD, same. Then on the SDD, same. Tried to install OS on every disk and disconnect from board the other disk, problem still happens.
- Checked on events log before the random turn off and nothing unusual.
- Problem is not battery as I've tried battery on 100% and left the baterry drown completelly, charger plugged and unplugged, disconnect battery and still same issue.

When trying to install Windows 11, It will shut down inmediatelly and won't let OS to fully install. SO I installed Windows 10, It installs normally and whenever I format the computer is OK for 5-6 minutes, then starts the issue again. Because of that I thought that It was a drivers issue (Still can be IDK), so I disabled some drivers and made the PC to stay ON for few more minutes than normal but It keeps shutting down no matter what. I am worried the motherboard is affected but If that's the case, safe mode will have same issue (?)

I suspect It's a software issue but I can't find any info on internet on this same case.
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