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  1. Zkneedhelp

    Question Laptop won't boot on first attempt if i leave it OFF overnight

    My problem is that my laptop Asus-753 won't boot on the first time if I left it off like overnight ' Cold Boot '. when I press the ON button the keyboard flashes and turned off again nothing more .. no sound, no nothing..one time it did reach the Boot logo and restart by itself keyboard just...
  2. D

    Pages Randomly Opening

    Random pages keep opening up on my android ZTE phone. When I check recent apps open they are not there at all! What should I do? If I have a virus, how would I go about deleting it?
  3. C

    Notebook laptop power suddenly turns off and on randomly

    Hello, I have my notebook HP (dv7-4080us), in the last few months it started to suddenly turn off like a power failure, and after about 4 or 5 seconds off, it turns back on itself. That means, fans, hdds, all the laptop completely losing power and then restarting again. No BSODs, no warnings, it...
  4. dfk

    wierd problem, Asus G751JT randomly reboots to BIOS

    hi, I have a Asus G751JT, sometimes like once or twice a month it will reboot randomly in the middle of idling or anything and go to the BIOS. I checked the system was not overheating (it was idling). Any ideas what is causing this? I'm on Windows 10. Thanks.
  5. B

    Keyboard types random letters after pressing the i key

    I have a brand new Razer BlackWidow Chroma which has been working absolutely fine until a few hours ago when my sister spammed the keys and now every time I press the 'i' key, this is typed: i;kjil./mp-,uo'. and it's not just on browsers, it's on the whole pc. Please help. Edit- I rebooted my...
  6. macmiller97

    My BRAND NEW laptop is having blue screens and shutting down randomly. Please help

    Recently I bought a brand new MSI gaming laptop. The specs are amazing and I can play all new games with no lag or heat issues. The problem is not performance but that almost every day since I bought it I have gotten a blue screen of death from the first time I turned it on. And sometimes when...
  7. K

    Laptop makes clicking sound randomly

    hello guys laptop started to make clicking sound once in a while, i cant hear it when i listen to music only very silent click, nor when gaming. it is completely random Dell laptop , one click. could it be the fan from the dust? cani clean it without taking the back off?
  8. J

    Vaio VPC-F13Z1E/B turning off while playing - NOT an overheating issue

    Hi! A little backstory first - I have the aforementioned machine for 3 years as of now, it has never been a gamekiller and it used to heat up a little more than my friends' notebooks. However, it was not a big issue, just a bit uncomfortable while resting my hand on a pretty warm surface...