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  1. H

    touch pad lagging Lenovo Z50-70

    It's been few days that Whenever I use my Lenovo Z50-70 while plugged in charging my touchpad starts lagging and causes delays to my work...? kindly suggest if I should check for any hardware issue or internal settings. recently I did a new windows 10 to it and couldn't find the right drivers...
  2. J

    Solved! Do they still make laptops with distinct left and right mouse buttons?

    I'm looking for a new laptop, but it seems like most of the laptops they make now have just one big touchpad with the left and right buttons built in to the bottom of the touch pad. I'd like to get a laptop that has...
  3. L

    Touchpad loud - replacement possible?

    I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad 330 and the one thing I am having trouble adjusting to is the touchpad: it is rather loud (the physical noise when clicking left/right). It is also a little uncomfortable/tiring to use for long hours, as it requires some extra pressure and it's not super sensitive...
  4. Y

    Keyboard touch pad not working

    Hello i have an issue with Toshiba think pad E530 keyboard stopped working with a touch pad . i think its stopped working after i remove bios battery . However Keyaboard work in bios menu , also it will start work if laptop goes to sleep and wakes up , but only keyboard will work touch pad wont...
  5. F

    1 month problem

    how could i fix my asus smart gesture if this problem always pop up when im trying to install it? "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the set up did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." this is always poping in...
  6. K

    Solved! need help urgent

    i have acer e730 my hot keys are not working before it my touch pad is also not working after i downloaded synaptic drivers it start working plz tell me what i do from where i get drivers
  7. reble

    Solved! re: changing out a keyboard

    This is on an Asus model X541N laptop. The optical drive died and when I opened the laptop to look at the optical drive. I was just a bit careless with the keyboard ribbon cable and tore the cable. I found a new keyboard minues the top cover for around $13. on eBay I also found on eBay the top...
  8. R

    Screen turns on Randomly while away

    Hello everyone, I bought Dell XPS 13 9360 half a year ago and there is a problem started to happen last week. It looks like, when i'm away from it and the screen turns off, after couple of minutes, the screen turns on randomly. and it prevents from it to turn into sleep mode, even after I close...
  9. W

    Laptop beeping on 1 second interval - water damage

    I spilled some tap water on my table and the bottom of my laptop got wet. I dried it off with a towel and turned the laptop off for a few hours. It's mostly functioning fine, but the laptop's speaker is no longer working. When I plug in an external speaker there is a constant beeping sound...
  10. M

    Solved! How does my touch 3000s touch pad not work by upgrading to windows 10 and how can this be resolved?

    How does my touch 3000s touch pad not work by upgrading to windows 10 and how can this be resolved?
  11. U

    Lenovo ideapad 330 touch pad and battery not charging

    i bought a new Lenovo ideapad 330-15igm without windows and install windows 10 after installation touchpad is not working and battery not charging. please need help.
  12. X

    Solved! Disable the "think" pad? Easily, enable again quickly?

    I was tested at 95wpm on an old Selectric and made my living as a really fast typist. Now I'm reduced down to two-finger hunt and peck with many mistakes and super slow on my laptop. Because of that pad in front where my wrists touch and type all kinds of gibberish. DESIGN FLAW! Designed for...
  13. B

    Removing the touch pad on a Toshiba Satellite 50-B

    I need to replace my keyboard assembly on my Toshiba Satellite 50-B, I can remove and re-install all the new components but can't figure out how to remove and re-install the touch pad. Please advise.
  14. C

    Hp.15 laptop touch pad not working

    I opened the laptop to clean the fan and now the touch pad doesn't work I didn't disconnect anything I just pryed up the plastic and blew it out.
  15. S

    Touch pad not working, i can only use the touch screen.

    My Toshiba laptop is touchscreen but i rarely use it as one. So I've come to costume of just using the touch pad. It always disappeared from the screen in the past, but now it won't come back. So now I've just been using the touch screen but I can't do a lot of what i used to with the pointer.
  16. S

    Touch pas is nit working for toshiba satellite-l40d-a

    my laptop is toshiba satellite-l40d-a , the touch pad is not working, it has a light indicator at upper left side indicates i cant used it i ended up using a mouse please help me fix this thanks you
  17. T

    (Issue with touchpad!) ASUS ROG Strix Hero Ed. GL503VM-GZ128T

    Hi, Can someone please help me! Since I have bought this Asus Rog Strix laptop the touch pad glitches and stops functioning properly. The touch pad would be fine for a while then after 2-3 minutes it will start glitching and not work properly, it becomes really slow and unresponsive but then it...
  18. G

    Solved! How my inspiron 3000s touch pad not working by upgrading to windows 10 and how can solve this

    How my inspiron 3000s touch pad not working by upgrading to windows 10 and how can solve this
  19. K

    Solved! Lenovo Yoga Windows 10 Can click by tapping touch pad but cannot click with buttons

    Hi, My Lenovo (Yoga 3?) is having problems clicking. I am able to click by tapping on the touch pad, but I much prefer to use the two buttons. Neither of the buttons is working. I have tried reinstalling the driver, but it hasn't fixed my issue. I do a lot of work where I have to highlight...
  20. C

    Double click not working

    Touch pad double click with the left button is not working, Toshiba p755-s5320. A USB mouse works correctly. The touch pad does not. You can click on something one time and it works like it is supposed to. But to open a folder or a file that requires double clicking it will not work. It is...
  21. J

    Touch button doesn't work

    Toshiba Satellite L305-S5944 laptop touch pad right button doesn't work. Mouse movement works and left button works.
  22. G

    Windows troubleshooting, touchpad

    My windows Toshiba's touch pad has stoped working and my curser is in the right/middle of the screen and has dissapered. The only way to see the mouse is if I left click. Any ideas?
  23. R

    laptop touch pad not working

    hello my dell laptop mouse touch page has been not working i have try to download latest mouse driver and try to go to controls panel setting and mouse setting and try setting but my mouse touch pad is not workings.... my service tag is = removed by Moderator.
  24. O

    Asus X756UXM Drivers

    So I bought a laptop off of my friend and i can't seem to get the drivers installed onto it. the touch pad does not work, i have the drivers on a USB since i don't have the disk that came with it, but when ever i boot it up it doesn't show the USB I have plugged in? Any help would be great just...
  25. Akalanka Umayanga

    USB Mouse and Touch Pad not working

    I have a Lenovo G50-70 Laptop. When i plug in my laptop to the power the Touch pad wont respond correctly, and if i connect a USB Mouse when the power is plugged in the USB mouse also want work (USB Device not recognized ) Error, other USB devices works fine when plugged into power. And if i...
  26. T

    My Toshiba's screen keeps going to sleep whenever I 2 finger scroll on the touch pad and I can't figure out how to stop it?

    My Toshiba's screen keeps going to sleep whenever I 2 finger scroll on the touch pad and I can't figure out how to stop it. I have tried looking through all the keyboard, touch pad, scrolling and screen settings and nothing seems to show why this would be happening. I have just had my screen...
  27. D

    cosmickelly I have a PRO 12 tablet w magnalink keyboard. Two days old. Keyboard and touch pad not functioning. Any suggestions

    cosmickelly I have a PRO 12 tablet w magnalink keyboard. Two days old. Keyboard and touch pad not functioning. Any suggestions? I'm beyond frustrated!! Thanks!
  28. G

    screen goes black

    My laptop comes on and works great for awhile, then starts going black, and I tap touch pad and it will go back to normal, but then starts the same thing over again and again, any ideas on how to fix
  29. T

    Display on pavilion laptop

    HP laptop screen is minimised think its to do with touch pad...
  30. T

    Touch pad issues?

    So I've used my gaming laptop ( Asus ROG g751j) with a mouse for about 3 years now, and I've recently started using the mouse pad but I've noticed a weird bug with it when i do use it. The mouse seems laggy and jumpy ( Never noticed this issue before) sometimes clicks wont be registered using...
  31. R

    ASUS i7 windows 10 Republic of Gamers Touch Pad not working. Any one could help this Laptop is2 month's old

    ASUS i7 windows 10 Republic of Gamers touch pad stopped working on my Laptop. this laptop is 2 month's old. Any one could help sincerely. Rick
  32. T

    My Asus Notebook Laptop's touch pad has stopped working

    My touch pad has recently stopped working and I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall all drivers and reset my computer (which also isn't working). Help Please!!!
  33. 1

    Solved! Had mt asusUSA d window 10 years and touchpad has just stop working

    Had my asks laptop for 2 years as well as window 10 - the touch pad has stopped working today
  34. L

    Asus x550c keyboard and touch pad not working

    I switched on my asus x550c laptop to use and found that the keyboard and touch pad have both stopped working.
  35. N

    Unfreeze the mouse touch Pad

    By small brother was just going on clicking keys. It suddenly stopped working. My father needs it urgently to work PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  36. B

    Dell N5110 touchpad touch not working but keys working.

    I have Dell N5110 laptop bought in 2011 (still working). Whenever I start my laptop after hibernation/ sleep/ lock/ closing the flap for a long duration the Touchpad Touch stops working but its keys would work. I tried restarting, Shutdown and start my laptop, but the problem remains. It works...
  37. P

    key board and touch pad and slow computer starting up

    i used to move my computer a lot while its on and many people told me not to do so because it may harm it and my computer recently started going slow. starting up slowly and after some time my keyboard and touch pad stopped working..... most people say that this cant be fixed what shall i do...
  38. C

    Touch pad on my laptop

    My touch pad is disable
  39. B

    Solved! Touch pad not working

    How do I reinstall touch pad on my ASUS ROG G74sx in Device manager?
  40. S

    Asus X453M touch pad didn't work

    I tried fn+f9 or hotkeys.but didn't work.I tried all the suggestion I've read but always laptop model is asus x453M. I'm using mouse for almost 3months now. pls help TT__TT
  41. B

    driver for touch pad

    i had a windows update now touch pad does not work i tried to system that dont work i did a fresh restart still no luck any suggestion???
  42. J

    Touchpad is not responding

    My touch pad sporadically quits functioning on my laptop. In the past I have "stumbled" onto fixing it but can't remember what it is I did. I have a HPElitebook 8440p, running Windows 10. I've checked for driver updates and my device manager says the touchpad is on, but it still isn't...
  43. M

    is it possible to get a backlit keyboard for my laptop?

    my laptop is a HP pavilion DV6 6135DX and it has a backlit touch pad and a logo that glows but i'd love it to have a backlit keyboard on it just like my custom built gaming PC i found this keyboard...
  44. P

    Solved! Disabling Synaptics touch pad

    I posted earlier but it disappeared. So here is the deal. I am trying to disable the touch pad permanently. I went to the mouse setting in cp and hit disable and apply and it stops working but when I restart it begins to work again. I went to device manager and uninstalled but it still works...
  45. B

    mouse pad disable

    Lenovo g50 mouse touchpad what f key do i use
  46. J

    Touch pad not displayed on Device manager

    My touchpad device isn't listed on the device manager on my windows 10 os and it isn't working. But the usb mouse works fine. The same touch pad works when booted with Windows 7 but not with windows 10 please help. Please let e know how to fix the missing touch pad device in the device manager.
  47. A

    Lenovo ideapad miix 310-10icr whole day charging

    I just left my Lenovo Laptop overcharged for the whole day ( I forgot to unplug it before I sleep) and I want to know if the charger has automatic shutoff when the battery fully charged because i am afraid that I damaged the battery.
  48. S

    Laptop Touchpad Not Working

    Hey guys, I just did an install of windows 10 on my Stream 11 laptop and my touch-pad is not responding, Ive read many many posts on this problem and have tried many solutions, like updating all of the drivers, activating it through the control panel (It wont show up under the mouse...
  49. S

    Cursed frozen trued the f9 don't work help please windows 10

    When l press the 2keys it just changes touch pad on or off.
  50. C

    Audio distorts when moving the trackpad

    Recently bought a Lenovo ideapad 510s (i5-6267u, iris 550) and when I'm watching a video or listening to music the audio will sound distorted sometimes when I move the cursor. Sometimes it lasts a couple of seconds and will result in the driver crashing and my headphones disconnecting (3.5mm)...
  51. A

    Scrolling option not available ?

    i have dell inspiron 15 5000 seriess, Model # P51F and i don't know how to activate scrolling option in touch pad, Please help me!!
  52. L

    Re-activate touchpad on Medion Akoya P6658 laptop

    The other day the touch pad on my pc stoped working. I have already tried using the command Fn F9 without any luck. I've also tried to look for updates for the driver through mouse>advanced>driver>update_driver , but it says i've got the newest driver. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  53. S

    Acer E5-523 Touchpad dead during Windows 10 update

    Installed Windows 10 from an old ISO, all drivers were installed from the laptop's driver's DVD. Drivers were new. Windows update was downloading and installation started, it failed, shows some kind of error-failed to install update-try again.... after that touch pad is not working...
  54. M

    Touch-pad and keyboard freeze intermittently in Windows 8, Ubuntu and even in BIOS

    My Keyboard and touch-pad freeze intermittently: about every second (regularly), for half a second approximately. What is even more interesting, is that: 1) it happens also in linux and in BIOS 2) it does not happen when using external mouse and keyboard (USB plugged). It is so annoying that...
  55. X

    Toshiba laptop drivers will not install

    I have a Toshiba Satelite C55D-B5310 part number PSCN4U-00T019 and the touch pad will not work. I went to Toshiba's website to download and install and once i tried to install it it fails every time. I then went to Elans website to get a manufacturers driver but when i try to install it fails...
  56. J

    Touch Pad not working

    My Touch pad on my HP Ultrabook running windows 7 has a mind of its own and wont work on any area of the touchpad really. It highlights things, moves icons, or expands the web browser or window all on its own. and has done so since after the first few weeks I got it...its approx 16 months old...
  57. D

    Toshiba Satellite l745-s4310 keyboard issues after wiping down keys -stuck on password screen

    Windows 7. The touch pad and delete, esc, and space bar work fine. Otherwise can't type password. USB keyboard doesn't work. OSK lighting up randomly in whole rows or sets of 4, but nothing is typed. Tried holding shift, ctrl, ctrl+alt+l, fn+break, nothing helps. Can't get into control...
  58. N

    My Alcatel one touch goes to a black screen and does not allow me to use the touch pad when making calls. have to turn off the

    My Alcatel one touch goes to a black screen when a call is answered and cannot get the touch pad back up. I have to power off to end the call and if I need to leave a message I cannot press 1 to talk etc. because the touch pad is unavailable
  59. C

    I need to disable the touch pad in my dell inspirion 1545

    I need to disable the touch pad in my dell inspirion 1545.