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  1. exfileme

    PSP2 Will Have Bigger HD Screen, More

    The PSP2 will supposedly feature a big HD screen and a rear-facing touch pad. PSP2 Will Have Bigger HD Screen, More : Read more
  2. T

    Touch Pad Scroll in Presario not working

    Now when I bought my laptop the touch pad scroll was working fine until recently. I suspect that Windows changed the mouse drivers to default drivers, resulting in the scroll not working (Correct me if I'm wrong). I have tried installing the drivers from here (...
  3. M

    Driver for toshiba satellite M45-S2692

    Hello, i formatted my laptop toshiba satellite M45-S2692,but the touch pad mouse pointer is not working.
  4. S

    Solved! Touch pad

    when i put for charging touch pad will hang
  5. R

    Aspire 5732 Z

  6. D

    Acer mini laptop

    Hello, ofter i change my hard drive and reinstall window 7 my touch pad doesn't function as a multi touch pad anymore.
  7. M

    Solved! Turning off touch pad device in win 7 OS

    How do I turn off the touch pad in Win 7 OS?
  8. B

    Solved! Hp Pivillion G60 trouble

    I have HP Pavillion G60. The display is too bright. I would like to turn it down. The touch pad is too sensitive. I don't have a manual. The function button doesn't seem to work. I've tried it with function and escape,no good. Any help would be apreciated.
  9. Maziar

    CLEVO W680CU support Multi Touch

    Interesting: "Built in Multi Gesture Touch pad "
  10. M

    Laptop stops typing after a few letters

    My son has a laptop - Fujitsu Amilo L7310GW (XP home), all of a sudden the keyboard and touch pad have started playing up. The keyboard just stops typing after 6-12 letters, doesn't seem to matter if its word processing, notepad or browsing. If you close the application and re-open it you can...
  11. B

    Touch pad pissing me offf....

    Surely this is a common problem with latptop touchpads since my past 2 laptops have done this (compaq and dell) When i use the touchpad for moving the mouse it often "clicks" like if i am on a webpage with links and i am moving over the links the touchpada will act as if i clicked the left...
  12. g-paw

    Disabling/Installing Touch Pad on a Dell Inspirion 1505

    My wife just got a Dell Inspirion 1505 and I want to disable/unistall the touchpad. There is no disable option in the BIOS or Mouse in the Control Panel. Tried to uninstall it in Device Manager and it just reinstalls itself. Called Dell Support and thet said it was not possible to disable or...
  13. Brad

    touch pad tally

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) i need to know if you can format a cell in excel to add "1" everytime you touch the cell. i need to use this for counting timber. so as i tally them, i want to be able to touch a cell to keep track. this way i can get back to the...