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  1. C

    I need to disable the touch pad in my dell inspirion 1545

    I need to disable the touch pad in my dell inspirion 1545.
  2. A

    After installing windows 10 on my laptop my two finger scroll has stopped working on my lenovo ideapad 300 laptop.

    The 2 finger scrolling function stopped working after the windows 10 update on my lenovo idea pad 300 laptop
  3. A

    Touchpad not clicking

    I have a Lenovo 11e Touchpad, at first my touch pad was working fine but now I can't click on anything with the touch pad I can silently click on MOST things by lightly tapping on the touch pad and it clicks but I can't drag anything. I've already checked my control panel mouse settings and my...
  4. J

    Laptop touch pad gone bad

    My laptop touch pad is not functioning right. I can't control it and it has become super sensitive. It is a Dell Inspiron 1545 that came out about 2009. It is so sensitive that I don't even have to touch it to move the cursor on the screen. I can wave my finger or hand in the air over the...
  5. S

    Mouse Pad not working correctly

    I have an Asus K501L Laptop that I've had for over a year now, and the mouse pad has just started acting weird over the last week. The mouse moves normally and is still relatively functioning, but when I click it sometimes registers as a double click, and I can use the mouse pad to scroll using...
  6. R

    I installed Asus smart gesture, it seem like it should work but my device manager is not detecting the touch pad it only detec

    I used Asus r558uf, at first I can't even install the smart gesture... When I can my laptop is not detecting the hardware.
  7. T

    Dell M6500 touchpad/point stick Not working correctly or at all

    My dell m6500 started acting up the point stick all of a sudden stopped working and is not being detected at all. The touch pad now won't double tap or scroll and zoom. I have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them but it did not fix it. I ran tests on motherboard and other...
  8. J

    HP Pavilion N204-TX crashes when slight pressure applied to the touch pad

    My laptop randomly started crashing since a few months.. Later i found out that it only crashes when applying slight pressure to the touch pad. I think it would be a hardware problem, though any help would be appreciated!
  9. K

    Touch Pad Issues While In Minecraft

    my son can't get his touchpad to work. As he is walking forward, he can't turn around while playing in Minecraft. I checked the setting which they are fine. I am not sure if its the touchpad or minecraft. any advice?
  10. P

    Problem with laptop touchpad

    when i touch the touchpad on laptop to move the cursor it left clicks all the time
  11. K

    Where can I buy a new/unused laptop with touch pad-mouse keys and without chiclet keyboard?

    Hi, I need to buy a new laptop. I need one that meets this criteria: -Must be brand new and never used -Must have touch pad that features regular mouse buttons (not where the buttons are embedded inside the corners of the touch pad -Must have traditional keyboard, not chiclet a.k.a. island keys...
  12. Muchaco

    Keyboard does not work

    Hey guys, recently I had to dissolve my old ass laptop (Dell Inspirion 1501) and I kinda messed it all up because a couple of the cables fell off, when I put them all back in, I noticed that only the touch pad started working again, but not the keyboard. Weird thing is that I can see the...
  13. Z

    How do I locate the mouse cursor the touch pad isnt working

    The touchpad on my google chromebook hp 11g4 isnt working. Please help.
  14. M

    i have Toshiba satellite laptop L505 my mouse touch pad and the keyboard suddenly freeze and doesn't work itried to restart it

    i have Toshiba satellite laptop L505 my mouse touch pad and the keyboard suddenly freeze and doesn't work i tried to restart it many times with and without battery but in vain also tried connecting wired and wireless usb mouse but also in vain although it appears on the screen reading my usb...
  15. F

    No Icon of Smart Gesture on asus, I cant Fix it! help pls.

    I tried to unistall, install my smart gesture, and also try to repair, but still it won't work, and the icon on the down right side of my screen has no touchpad icon, i don't know what to do anymore? Do i need to reset my laptop? i'm using asus x555LN and also updated to windows 10. Please help...
  16. E

    Asus N752vx Mouse/Touch Pad

    Asus N752vx Mouse/Touch Pad does not work after downgrading from windows 10 to windows 7. What can i do to solve this problem. Help.
  17. A

    Software to track mousepad?

    I'm having some issues with my track-pad on my laptop, is there a piece of software that will display on screen the touches the track-pad detects?
  18. S

    touchpade freeze in dell inspairon 11 3000

    i have dell inspiron 11 3000 (3148 model) every time a close the lid or switch it to tao stand mode or tablet the touchpad f
  19. T

    yoga 900 right and left click touchpad not responding

    Hi all. Hoping you can help me on a touch pad issue on my yoga 900. For some reason my left and right click does not respond on my touch pad. I do believe it did start once I purchased a wireless mouse. I don't know if this somehow made certain functions of my touch pad to not work. I can...
  20. R

    I need to enable my mouse pad on my acer 5732z laptop computer

    My mouse pad on my acer laptop just quit working out of the blue. I would like to know how to test it to see if it needs to be replaced or if it accidentally became disabled.
  21. S

    i change operating system of my packard bell then i installed driver pack 14 but touch pad isnt working please help

    i change operating system of my packard bell then i installed driver pack 14 but touch pad isnt working please help
  22. U

    My Dell Latitude D630 laptop (Glitch)

    My Dell Latitude D630 laptop has been acting up since November. I know it's a glitch and I know it's the touch pad. I have ran all the scans, defragged, re-installed my Win7 OS...IT'S STILL THERE. I cannot uninstall the P/S 2 touchpad either. Viewing e-mail, pics, etc. is impossible...
  23. E

    touch pad scrolling

    hi i have a problem with Dell inspiron 5758 WIN 7. the scrolling touch pad is not working everything else is. do you know what to do?
  24. J

    Lenovo y700 suggestions

    Hi All. I am Planning to buy a Lenovo y700 . Actually i am confused with 3 models of lenovo y700 with various specs and cost... Please help me to make a decision.. The 3 models are: 1. Lenovo y700 for 999$- Touch, No SSD, Only 8 GB Ram(on best buy) 2. Lenovo y700 for 1050$- Non Touch, Has SSD...
  25. N

    Laptop auto restarts and touch pad stopped working?

    Hey everyone, Okay, I got a laptop from work that needed a motherboard. So, I replaced it and it now it turns on and functions, well sort of. Problem #1: Once the laptop is plugged into power, it automatically turns on. When I shutdown the laptop, it turns back on. Attempted fixes...
  26. B

    I somehow disabled touch pad on my toshiba win10. How to enable it again/?

    toshiba touch pad not working
  27. C

    How to inactivate the touch pad on my ASUS - SonicMaster Laptop

    I need to inactivate the touch pad when I am working with the wired mouse
  28. Dice Rollen

    Lost Touchpad Scrolling Ability

    This has happened several times before. If I accidentally have my left hand touching the touch pad of my laptop & try to scroll with my right hand the pointer will freeze for a few seconds & I'll no longer be able to scroll (the scroll icon doesn't show up or anything). Usually when this...
  29. S

    the brightnesskeys and the volume keys aren't working on my key board

    The keys that control my brightness and my volume are not working. I have tried turning it off and back on again but they still aren't working.. I don't know if I hit a button and turned them off if that is possible like the touch pad.
  30. N

    Looking for touch pad drivers

    Hi, I have a HP Probook 450 G2 and there are instructions about touch pad drivers on the manual. But when i try them out it doesn't seem to work. The touch pad works fine, its the gestures that does not work. And I cant find any drivers for the touchpad on HP Support either. My computer runs on...
  31. T

    cursor jumping while typing

    I had this problem but I changed the "cursor shows while typing" and it has not occurred again.
  32. H

    Accidentally highlighting text while scrolling - Dell XPS 15 (9530)

    I've recently migrated from my Macbook Pro / OSX environment to a Dell XPS 15 (9530) on Windows 10 Home. I'm finding the touch-pad operation finicky. Whenever I use the scroll gesture on my touch-pad, I occasionally find myself highlighting chunks of text by accident. I haven't been able to...
  33. M

    Acer Aspire E5-511 Touchpad not being displayed in devices

    Hi, so long-story short, hard drive died in our Acer Aspire E5-511 laptop just out of warranty, so we did a home replacement, everything went well, we didn't break anything despite the horrific design but then we encountered an issue. The screen said 'No bootable device', simple fix right? We...
  34. J

    Laptop Keyboard not working at all

    So there is this Dell Vastro laptop which keyboard and touch-pad are not responding at all once the OS boot up. I notice it works on startup which allow me to view CMOS setting but the problem lies is when windows starts. Any ideas? Windows7 4gb ram vostro 3400 Thanks!
  35. W

    Asus UX303L cursor disappearing

    I am having an issue with the cursor disappearing on my Asus laptop. I will be updating the touch pad drivers (though I don't think it's a driver issue). But, once you go from using the touchscreen, and then back to touch pad, it'll disappear on the screen. Is this a known issue with Windows...
  36. D

    Elan touchpad issue

    I have the same issue about the touch pad but the Elan has disappeared from the device manager listing. about 2 months ago my whole computer went nuts with issues with the network adaptors, they too disappeared from the device manager, I could never fix, I now use a USB wireless adaptor. with...
  37. L

    how to locate missing cursor on gateway laptop

    Touch pad isn't working.
  38. M

    Touch-pad mouse broken

    I had on-off problems with letters T and G on my Packard Bell laptop for quite a while. I bought a new keyboard and went to a professional IT man who fixes laptops for a living. He opened the laptop and there was lots of dust inside. He cleaned it with a small brush,changed the keyboard but it...
  39. Y

    Help!!! My Toshiba satellite L755-M1G0 touch pad and keyboard are not functioning properly. Some buttons on the keyboard stop

    Help!!! My Toshiba satellite L755-M1G0 touch pad and keyboard are not functioning properly. Some buttons on the keyboard stop
  40. S

    My laptop touchpad touch system shutdown

    My laptop (samsung sf-411) touch pad i can toch that immediatly the laptop shutdown please help me otherwise my laptop working very good at using the mouse when toch the pad not proper shutdown next second the system shutdown please help me
  41. monkeyRAMdriver

    Why can't use my track pad while typing?

    So I have looked at many articles and they all say: "turn off palm touch." So I go into my settings and I find this, As you can see, there is no way to turn off palm touch, only set it to minimum, which doesn't help me at all. Is there any...
  42. M

    Keyboard, touch pad and Internet stopped

    The above all stopped working on Samsung laptop after recent Win7 update. Uninstalled update but problems still there. In device manager have error code next to keyboard and ps/2 keyboard. Have tried to update driver. Same with ps/2 compatible mouse. My wireless mouse works fine. Everything...
  43. A

    Acer Aspire Repair on a budget

    Hi, I bought the laptop that I need help with half a year ago. It is an Acer Aspire v5 - 431 series. The laptop has a lot of scratches and a few that are engraved deep into the laptop (a centimeter deep). So, being stupid. I decided to one day, draw on my touch pad with a SHARPIE. *genius* So...
  44. Y

    My touch is not working

    my touch pad is not working
  45. G

    my toshiba laptop will turn on but the screen stay black

    and keyboard and touch pad doesn't work what can i doo
  46. V

    touchpad issue in asus laptop

    Hi I am having a problem with asus touchpad when I double click on touch pad my folder dose not open, some time it given a option for rename please suggest me how to solve this problem
  47. J

    Touch pad for cusor

    I have a gateway nv 79 and the touchpad for the cursor all of a sudden quit working and I can't get the computer to do anything do you have any ideas of how I might be able to get around the problem of not having a mouse
  48. A

    How to change sensitivity of Aspire E15 touchpad

    I bought this new Acer Aspire E15 laptop. Its touch pad is pretty annoying. Whenever I move the pointer and tap on some button it jumps to another place. It takes almost three to four times an effort to tap the right button. Its time consuming and very very annoying. sometimes the cursor freezes...
  49. W

    acer aspire 7530g keyboard

    My Aspire 5730g key board goes crazy touch pad does things by its self i click start then characters get entered into the search box and tries to find .'l*kyr rrrrrrrr with out touching keyboard.
  50. L

    unlock or turn on touch pad dell inspiron 7537

    dog jumped on my keyboard and touch pad is now off. how do i get it back on please? in middle of work that is on computer!
  51. N

    toshiba laptop keypad NO MOUSE? HELP.

    8.1 windows new laptop mouse on touch-pad stopped working.. No way to move around computer..I am LOST.. help me please.
  52. A

    Toshiba Qosimo X75 Windows 8.1 Keyboard not working properly

    My keyboard and touch pad has stopped working properly, even if I use an external mouse and keyboard I still have the same issues. The number pad on the right doesnt work at all, to get numbers to work on the top I have to press CAPS LOCK down then the number I want. When using the touch pad or...
  53. S

    Turned off the synaptic touch pad v7.0 how to turn it back on

    Turned off the synaptic v7.0 accidentally on my laptop how do I turn it back on?
  54. W

    Right clicking on mousepad disables all left clicking

    When i right click on my mousepad the left click stops working. I can still connect a mouse to the computer, and it works fine, but the mousepad left click doesn't. Not even when i tap the touchpad.
  55. P

    touchpad only works on battery

    dell inspiron e1505 touch pad only works when on battery power...any ideas
  56. M

    Toshiba Satellite C55A Synaptic touch pad not working

    Toshiba C55A Laptop, with genuine OEM windows 8.1 4gb ram with Celeron dual core processor.The Synaptic V7 touch pad stopped working. It stopped working when : Windows update failed Did a system restore Re-installed updates Touch pad still not working Microsoft tech suggested windows...
  57. V

    Acer E5 - Touch causes sound distortion

    Hi, I can't seem to find any thread which tackles my issue. I have had an Acer Aspire E15 E5-511-C6J9 for about 6 months and today I noticed some terrible sound distortion. It now turns out that whenever I use the touchpad (literally as soon as I touch it) the sound distorts and videos also...
  58. Z

    Touch pad turn off

    Accidentally I turn off touchpad on my toshiba satellite c875 7303 . How I can turn it back
  59. C

    Keyboard and Touchpad not working

    I have a HP-Pavilion G6 laptop with AMD A6 cpu. Few days ago after I turned it back on from sleep it's touchpad and and keyboard stopped responding.I tried restarting and doing the battery trick still it did not repsond.Next I tried using USB mouse and keyboard and they work fine in windows but...
  60. C

    how do i get my keyboard to work on my windows 8 the touch pad works but not keyboard

    Hey guys i tried helping my grandma fix her keyboard "p" to work instead of being a * and i uninstalled it now it won't work and i dont know how to reinstall it so she can use her keyboard instead of touch pad i gotta fix it fast.. where she can actually type on keyboard instead of the touch...