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  1. C

    Sony Vaio touchpad

    Hi. My touch pad stopped working for some unknown reason (probably due to a fiddly 4yo boy) so I reinstalled the driver. It started working again but it's incredibly sensitive and none of the two-finger scroll options work. Can anyone please advise how I get it back? Sony Vaio E series - W7. Thanks
  2. S

    Laptops with click pads

    hello I have a question why is it that alien ware seems to be the only ones manufacturing the click pads forgive me if that's not the right word, what I mean is those two panels on the touch pad that are raised I'm sorry if I'm not being clear these days all I see is the flat mac ones, I love...
  3. D

    Limiting touchpad's scope

    Hey, I'm using Synaptics Gesture Suite 13.4 My new laptop has the touch pad a little left than my previous one. So it detects accidental taps on the left side, and its annoying. I was able to limit the tapping scope using the "SmartSense" in the Synaptics software. BUT, the problem is the delay...
  4. O

    Laptop & Touch Pad freeze when pressing Caps Lock.

    Hey! This problem started a couple days ago. I can't remember doing anything that would have caused it. All google searches on the matter have turned up with the caps lock not turning off. Definitely not my issue. When the Caps Lock key is pressed, the keyboard and touch pad freeze. I've...
  5. S

    Notebook Turned Into Electro

    I flew abroad and turned my AC adapter on my dell n5010 notebook and noticed that sometimes when i touch the area around the touch pad i get a small shock and if i keep my finger there it keeps shocking me until i let go. Is my notebook slowly turning into Electro? If pictures are needed i will...
  6. R

    touch pad settings

    I can not find any option for touch pad settings in my Sony Vaio laptop (SVF15218SN). Its touch pad is working properly but i want to change its settings. please help.
  7. K

    touch pad on sony vaio not scrolling up or down, how do i fix

    touch pad on sony vaio not scrolling up or down, how do i fix
  8. H

    Touch pad dont work

  9. K

    my HP touch pad stopped working

    how can I fix this problem I plugged in a usb pointing device and that works fine
  10. Sam Tyagi

    Spilled a little water on my laptops touch pad.What to do now?

    Hi all, I have a got a hp pavilion g6 2301ax which is under warranty(accidental damage included). I just spilled some water on the touch pad.I immediately cleaned it from outside but it is not functioning anymore.I have also filed a complaint for the touchpad to be replaced. Please suggest a...
  11. K

    Turning off the touch pad

    It drives me nuts! I have a mouse and dont need the touch pad. All it is doing is getting in my way when I am typing. My last laptop had a button right over it to turn it off. This one doesn't. Is there any way to turn it off?
  12. S

    Touch pad Right Click Not Working

    The right click function for my touch pad is not working the left click is working and using a mouse works
  13. B

    Touchpad scrolling not working

    Hey i have a msi ge-60 laptop, and today i updated the drivers for the touch-pad, as it was not always registering movements when gaming if i had anything pressed down on the keyboard. I had read in a review of the laptop that the updated driver fixed this problem. Now, I am usually pretty good...
  14. B

    ASUS U47A - ELAN touch pad gone mental

    The touch becomes essentially useless and jumps all over the place, but only under AC power. Anyone have or fix this issue? Thanks.
  15. R

    toshiba touchpad will not move coursor

    I have a toshiba laptop with a 17" screen. The touch pad quit working and nothing will move the coursor. Is this just a driver problem or another cause?
  16. N

    New Lenovo Ideapad 510p

    Hey guys, I ordered a Lenovo Ideapad Y510p and I expect it to come in soon (this week/next week). This is going to be my first ever laptop so I am being a little paranoid, but I just have some questions that hopefully you guys can answer. Okay, so when I first get the laptop: 1) Are there any...
  17. S

    toshiba i3 core

    touch pad not working
  18. D

    My touch pad's scroll has stopped working. All settings are fine and the pad is on as well. What to do ?

    It's an Acer E1-571 laptop. What do you think is wrong ? :heink: The scroll area is functioning like a regular touch pad and not like a scroll area.
  19. N

    why the touch pad of my dell insperion 7520 laptop is heated up?

    the touch pad of my dell insperion 7520 laptop is heated up while running. I have taken all primary cautions which i can take. but no result.The heating is not very much; although not negligible. My laptop is 2 months old only; is it a system problem? what is the solution?
  20. S

    Please help Me!

    Hi, i have an Acer Aspire 5534 and it won't boot. I have Battery light and the touch pad light and that's it!! what can i do?
  21. E

    Turn off touch pad E627

    How do I turn off the touch pad on my emachines E627?
  22. C

    Acer Apire Notebook stuck "t" key

    Random stuck "t" key. Help! I have removed the touch pad, tried to clean the terminals. No luck.
  23. G

    cursor will not work

    i have an asus laptop windows 8 when not logged on my touch pad works and lets me move around on screen/ click, when logged in my cursor will instantly either disappears or just stop responding altogether, any suggestions?
  24. P

    Toshiba Laptop L350/350D

    The Touch Pad will respond to finger moving across to direct the onscreen pointer but will not respond to the final finger tap. Any thoughts?
  25. N

    compaq cq58 notebook pc

    how to do i get my touch pad to work on my cq58 notebook pc
  26. S

    aspire happy one

    I have a acer aspire one- how to i turn on the touch-pad
  27. G

    TOshiba satelite volume/touch pad/craziness

    Having several issues occuring at once this week: 1. Shutdown - when I shutdown the laptop reboots itself and it takes me shutting down several times before it works. 2. Booting up - each time it asks me to choose operating system - windows 7 is highlighted, this has never happened before, now...
  28. M

    Touch pad not working on my Acer 5738z

    Hello, Help my Acer aspire 5738z mouse touch pad has stopped working and the laptop is in use all the time (3 kids etc...). Also in trying to find a solution I appear to have frozen/locked the keyboard. Has anyone any ideas as to fix this problem.
  29. E

    Asus Smart Gestures

    I have recently brought the following laptop and I am running into a annoying issues. The problem is related to asus smart gestures software. It does everything well for the most part except for either vertical or horizontal scrolling...
  30. V

    Keyboard and Touch-pad only working on Linux

    Hello My cousin ask me to reinstall Windows on its old laptop (Acer, core 2 duo, 1gb ddr2) because the touchpad and keyboard stopped responding. I tried, xp, vista and win 7 but after installation the keyboard and pad didn't work. I tried plugging a usb keyboard and a usb mouse and didn't work...
  31. P

    Emachines E525 Touchpad Problems

  32. D

    Toshiba sattelite touch pad suddenly stops working

    Hello, I have a toshiba sattelite p100-196. my touchpad and /or mouse suddenly stop few minutes after i start my laptop.
  33. G

    Touchpad scroll not working

    Scrolling by touch pad in my acer 4530 laptop is not functioning. Any settings needed?
  34. S

    When i click left on the touch pad menu appears

    when i left click the button in my touch pad...righ click menu appers...y is it so?
  35. corymartin66

    Random question

    Where would i be able to buy a NEW HP Touch Pad?
  36. Y

    How can control/change my touch pad settings??

    sir iam using an asus laptop in win 7,it seems to have less touch sensitivity on the ouch pad. can i increase its sensitivity????? pls help me
  37. B

    Laptop won\'t boot until i press hard on the touch pad.

    My friends laptop wont boot up until he presses hard on the touch pad. And when it does boot to the log-in page, the \'F\', \'V\' and \'B\' bottons wont work. Pls house any ideas what could be wrong? He did report that it had fallen from him though.
  38. A

    Acer aspire 5360 curser click pad to replace

    The left click has broken and I want to buy new touch pad as it will replace the click buttons does antone know I can get new one.
  39. T

    Touch pad not working

    Hello,how do i get my touch pad to work
  40. S

    All the usb points on my laptop have died slow deaths due to lap use. Any ideas

    Hello, My daughter has killed all the usb ports on her laptop and is now using the touch pad. Are there any mice that work without the need to plug in at all? Txs steve
  41. G


    I changed my hard disk and cant use my touch pad for scroll. the functions are not displayed whe fn button is pressed what should i do? toshiba satellite l655
  42. V

    How to solve touchpad problem in sony vaio vpceh25en

    how to solve touchpad problem while connecting to internet, touch pad is getting hanged in sony vaio vpceh25en
  43. S

    Aspire 5252-v602 touch pad

    Hello, I can select and copy but the paste fonction is deactivated, so i cant use the paste fonction anymore, i need your help please. thx
  44. Z

    Touchpad scroll not working

    Hello, My E525 laptops touch pad scroll is not working, how do I fix it
  45. O

    Solved! Drivers for sony vaio touch pad mouse

    i cant scroll from my touch pad ,,what is the solution to it.
  46. B

    Touch pad gateway nv53 how do I turn it off

    how do i turn off my touch pad on my gateway nv53 I have tryed to turn it off by going to my mouse but when i do that it only turns off my mouse help me please bill
  47. D

    [Solved] Aspire 7551-7422 Freezes

    i followed the suggestion to disable touch pad and still have problems with page freezing up. When this happens, I let it set for about three minutes and normal operation continues. Also, usually before the page freezes the mouse pointer changes blue starts turning.
  48. F

    Solved! How do i unlock the touch pad on dell inspiron 1545, please?

    My daughter was playing games on the laptop and she somehow locked the touchpad/mouse.. Help please!!
  49. S

    Broken Control button

    Hi all, I have a problem with a Toshiba Satellite Laptop, L455-S5975. The left Touch Pad Control Button has snapped loose from under the top cover. Does any body know where I can purchase a replacement button? Thanks for your help.
  50. T

    Solved! Laptop Aspire 9410Z left click on touch pad not working

    One day when working on my laptop (Aspire 9410Z) the touch pads and left click stopped working, not only did the left click stop but I can't even tap on the pad either. However I can still move my cursor using the pad and right click. I have tried uninstalling it and re-installing it but nothing...
  51. WiscoTeach

    Solved! No shortcut to disable touch pad on dell 1545?

    I see in one of the other questions that there is no keyboard shortcut to disable the touchpad on my dell 1545. Does anyone have ideas to help me avoid interfering with my cursor location when typing? I would rather not disable it altogether as I do not usually use an external mouse. Thanks.
  52. A

    My right mouse does not work all the time

    Hi: My right touch pad does not always work. Since, I used it quite often it does present a problem. Allan
  53. S

    Disabling the scroll feature on touchpad

    Hello, I have a new Samsung notebook, and the touch pad has, to me at least, a very annoying feature, SCROLLING. According to the handbook, this is on the right-hand side of the touch pad, but I've found it happening just about anywhere, at any time. I never used a mouse with a scrolling wheel...
  54. G

    My touch pad not works properly if i charge my laptop

    please help me my laptops touchpad is not working properly when i charge it .after removing the charger the touch pad starts working
  55. J

    Compaq laptop touch pad faulty

    I have a compaq laptop, and the touch pad sometimes works fine, but other times it just stops working, and i have to restart the laptop. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  56. M

    Solved! Dell inspiron 1545 manual

    Hello, I need to know how to disable touch pad on my inspiron 1545 lap top???
  57. Breaux2045

    Solved! Inspiron 8130 touchpad settings window

    I'm new to Tom's and this is my first post. I have a Dell Insprion 8130 w/no touch pad settings window. I'm running Windows 7. In 'Control Panel' the 'Mouse' option indicates there is only a PS/2 compatible mouse option available. The 'Mouse" window on my Inspiron 1545 has a selection for a Dell...
  58. K

    Touchpad stopped working (emachines)

    Hello, everything in my touchpad is working except for when i tap my touch pad it does not respond(left click)...any help would be greatly appreciated...