Hp.15 laptop touch pad not working

Aug 24, 2018
I opened the laptop to clean the fan and now the touch pad doesn't work I didn't disconnect anything I just pryed up the plastic and blew it out.



That is a bit odd if all you did was open the system, if it was working before, there is nothing you could have done that would need a BIOS update to fix if all you did was open the case. It would be like cleaning your car then having it not start.
Aug 24, 2018

Yeah I know, my fan wasn't so I opened it up when I put it back together, fan&touch pad werenot working and I think it was actually a driver update that fixed the touch pad. The bios was for the fan and still does not work yet the fan is clean and spins freely when computer is turned on the fan here's around but that's about it.
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