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  1. B

    Solved! Macbook-Optical-Drive-Replacement-SSD Speed Issue

    I have the Macbook Pro 13-inch mid 2012 (Non-Retina) which was manufactured in February-2015. I use only one OS which is the Windows 10 Pro. I already have a SSD in place of the main hdd and now I was thinking to remove the optical bay and put a Samsung 860 Evo (500 GB) in it’s place. Apple said...
  2. C

    Solved! Inspiron 15-3567 Optical Drive Bay

    I am installing an 9.5 mm sdd caddy in the optical drive bay on my Inspiron 15-3567. Does anyone have any idea where I could obtain the piece of plastic molding that would attach to the caddy so the drive bay would look integral to the machine? Dell cannot even tell me where to get it.
  3. D

    Audio Notebook with DVD

    Looking for an audio notebook. It should be compact, with an optical drive and a lighted keyboard. Any suggestions?
  4. reble

    This is about an Asus X541N laptop

    I have this Asus notebook laptop model X541NA, OS Windows 10 home 64 bit. I am locked out. I can't remember the Windows password. I have a self booting prog that works on XP to Win 10. This prog will bypass the Windows password so the password can be reset or removed. My problem is in the Bios...
  5. T

    Cant remove optical disk drive from dell i14 5458-b40

    I can't remove my optical disk drive from my Dell I14 5458-b40. I have removed the screw that keeps it in place but it simply wont go out. What should I do?
  6. reble

    Solved! re: changing out a keyboard

    This is on an Asus model X541N laptop. The optical drive died and when I opened the laptop to look at the optical drive. I was just a bit careless with the keyboard ribbon cable and tore the cable. I found a new keyboard minues the top cover for around $13. on eBay I also found on eBay the top...
  7. D

    New laptops with optical drives

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop in the $400-600 price range with an optical drive
  8. D

    (re)Installing ANY OS on a laptop with no optical drive, or ability to boot from USB.

    Hello! I've a glorious craptop that a certain person is trying to get me to fix. This craptop has a broken keyboard, takes 5 minutes to boot windows XP home 32 bit and is unable to connect to any wi-fi. So I thought, why not install one of those super lightweight OS-es? Like, Xubuntu or...
  9. nascar895

    Hard drive clicking sound when restarting after optical drive swap

    I have installed a SSD into my laptop and move my existing hard drive into the optical drive's place. But after that my hard drive making clicking noise if I give restart. If I shutdown my laptop there won't be any noise. This noise is happen in restart, force shut down (long press power...
  10. K

    I Cant Here any Sound on my Speaker

    Hi I have the LG UJ6300 49' TV and it has a fiber optic (TOSLINK) output for audio, i bought a TOSLINK to 3.5mm jack to connect my TV to my Speaker which is Logitech z506 5.1 surround. the cable came today and i was so excited, but when i plugged it in, it didnt work. i was disappointed, any...
  11. M

    Optical drive stops working.............. I am stumped...

    I have 10 Dell E6430 laptops and each and every one of them the optical drive stops working when i load defaults in the BIOS. To try get the optical drive working I have: 1. Updated BIOS to the latest. 2. Loaded all drivers using dell assist program. 3. Uninstaling and reinstalling optical...
  12. D

    optical out solution

    have a headset for gaming that only accepts optical as a source, but my motherboard doesn't have an optical out port. any recommendations? new to this. mainly use the pc for gaming and general use.
  13. S

    Can't get to pass 5.1 through optical

    Hi, I Just got my new 4k OLED tv and I have a few issues with my setup. I have my pc plugged on my home theatre (harman kardon bds 685) and then plugged into my tv. Now it doesn't work anymore because my home theatre bottlenecks the video resolution to full hd even tho i set it to 4k. So i...
  14. J

    Solved! asus laptop not starting completely

    after installing new ssd in and moving the hdd to the optical drive caddy. my laptop is not completing the boot into windows cycle, it just shuts down abruptly... any help will be appreciated..
  15. R

    Solved! Part No for L745-s4210 Optical Drive

    How can I find the part number for the optical drive for my Toshiba L745-s4210 Part No PSK0YU-01V00E Serial No 7B233745W ?
  16. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows Laptops Without CD Drive

    Advancements in technology and improved lithography have paved the way towards powerful components on a smaller die package. This eventually gave birth to slimmer, lower profile laptops. Although providing a solution, it’s brought up challenges and compromises along the way. Do you have a laptop...
  17. N

    Old laptop opens the cd tray when powering it on.

    It's an old Compaq 1245. I want to restore it just for fun. I've replaced the CMOS battery, cleaned it and reinstalled WinME (will swtich to 98SE later). But this is driving me crazy. Whenever I power the laptop on, the cd drivers opens automatically. There doesn't seem to be any other...
  18. A

    Lenovo v110-15isk caddy size help

    Hi,what is the caddy size for my laptop?i can't measure it(i am bad at it and i can't remove the thing where the optical drive is because moving a screw=bye warranty) and can't find out a site where it specifies
  19. S

    Laptop won’t boot - optical drive clicking

    Laptop won’t boot - optical drive is making a clicking noise every second - can’t get to bios or see anything on screen. Tried removing optical drive but machine won’t start (but no clicking noise) and still can’t get to bios or anything. Machine is Asus x550c running Windows 10. Any suggestions?
  20. I

    Buzzing noise in my PC

    Hello, I bought acer m6620g pc a mounth ago Past 2 weeks some buzzing noise is coming between my hdd and optical drive Buzzing stops onily if i press it on side or on the spot from where is buzzing coming When i open pc onily what is between hdd and optical drvie is small cabel conected to...
  21. G

    windows 10 -> TV -> amplifier, no 5.1, only stereo

    I am running windows 10. When I hook up to my television via HDMI, the computer sees the TV set as stereo (Which it has for on-board speakers). The TG set (an LG 49UH6030) is hookup up to a surround sound amp (A Devon AVR 1640) via an optical cable. The Windows 19 computer only lets me select...
  22. S

    connecting soundbar with tv

    I have got a new F&D IT180X 2.0 TV Sound bar and I have a VIDEOCON DDB smart led TV 42inch I have problem in connecting the sound bar with my TV can anyone help me with this
  23. S

    Should I update my Realtek HD Audio Manager driver to help use of my optical drive?

    My W7 Pro ASUS model A53SD notebook does not allow me to play or record anything from its optical drive. I can see the drive, eject the media that I put inside, but I cannot access the media, itself. Also, I can only open the drive through a program like windows media or Cyberlink PowerDVD 12...
  24. O

    Asus X555UA HDD Caddy

    I am wanting to replace the HD in Asus X555UA with SSD and move the HD to Optical Drive bay. I am trying to find a HDD Caddy for the X555UA. Anyone done similar upgrade on Asus X555US or F555U series?
  25. L

    Just wanted to know if I could do this for my laptop. (2 hard drives)

    Model Number: HP Pavilion Notebook - 15 - ab153nr My laptop currently has 5400 rpm hard drive inside of it and it is extremely slow. One day, I was scrolling through Youtube and I found this video explaining how to add another hard drive or a ssd in place of the optical drive of a laptop...
  26. C

    There is a closed-off section for an optical drive in Aspire 17 e. Can one be installed?

    There is a closed-off space for an optical drive on the side of my Aspire. Most (all?) models just have a piece of plastic covering the area. Is it possible for users to install one. Optical drive upgrade? or are the electronic components not there or not connectable?
  27. S

    no button dvd slot, but has optical drive in specs

    My Asus laptop says it has a super multi dvd, but there is no button in my dvd slot. Please help, immediately need it.
  28. Q

    Solved! Cramming a GPU into a Laptop's optical drive bay

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I own a Sony VAIO VPCEH1AFX. It's a lame walmart model that came with a Pentium B940, a low end Sandy Bridge processor. I recently upgraded it to an i7-2640m and I'm enjoying the speed bump and logical cores. Only cost me $50! But it got me thinking. I saw...
  29. N

    Philips32pfs5501/12 to a Kenwood RXD 553

    Can I connect an optical audio cable to Philips32pfs5501/12 to a Kenwood RXD 553 hifi system?
  30. D

    PC - Satellite P105-S6064- won't boot; Power Light flashes once but Optical Drive light flickers endlessly.

    Hello. I recently changed my HDD (over a month though) and it has been doing just fine, off course there would be this issue and that. But the focus of my post is a recent problem I encountered while surfing the net and browsing some files: the Optical Drive gave a sound and upon checking, only...
  31. T

    I have a Matshita UJ8B2 optical drive in my dell latitude somehow the metal slider bracket on the right hand side has come off

    Laptop Optical Drive off its metal slider bracket.
  32. J

    Convertible laptops with optical drives?

    Looking for a touchscreen laptop, preferably convertible and preferably with optical drive. Approx 14" screen size or 13", i5-7xxx and min 8gb of ram with full 1080p screen. Anyone know of a laptop that would fit all these requirements? Don't want to have to spend more than £700 really...
  33. 2

    Installing Kali on VirtualBox

    I am trying to install kali on virtualbox, but whenever I try to select my kali .iso as the virtual optical drive, it says Failed to open the disk image file E:\kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso. Could not get the storage format of the medium 'E:\kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso' (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)...
  34. K

    Solved! Asus ROG GL552VW - Chipset HM170 - SATA speed

    Hello! I want to upgrade my ROG GL552VW. Want to change the optical drive to an SSD. My question, which generation SATA is by the optical drive? The SATA 1 and 2 have 150 and 300 MB/s speed, which is below to the SSD's speed (450MB/s). My laptop have the HM170 chipset. In the specification I...
  35. C

    Use DVD Player as optical drive

    Is it possible to somehow use DVD Player (such as Pioneer DV-393-S) who only have RCAs and Scart outputs to use as DVD/CD media readers and optical drives?
  36. C

    Need suggestions for a Blu-Ray drive for my GE72VR 6RF

    I want to upgrade the DVD Drive on my GE72VR 6RF to a Blu-Ray drive. I know I need a 9.5mm drive but that's it. Is there a specific line of drives that I should use? Are they universal? Anyone have a suggestion? Also - when I get the drive, how hard is it to take the bezel off the old DVD rom...
  37. K

    Lenovo Ideapadd 300 Blu-Ray?

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK, with a RAMBO optical drive. Can I swap this drive out for one that will play Blu-Ray disks?
  38. A

    USB and Optical Drive not available in Boot Menu

    Hi All: First of all, this community has been a lifesaver previously -- I cannot count the number of times I have found solutions here, so first, thank you. I am home on vacation at my parents house and, as is often the case, am finding myself wanting to run as thorough an antivirus scan as...
  39. B

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3265 AMD E2 All In One Desktop, And in the quick start guide, the optical drive is labeled number 18 an

    Unsure if there is an optical drive in Dell Inspiron 3265 AMD E2 All In One Desktop Computer.
  40. R

    Speech muted when using soundbar

    I recently bought an LG SH5 soundbar to go with my TV however I have been having issues with the sound frequently when using it. I have connected the soundbar to my Sky Q box using an optical cable and do not use the TV speakers at all. Whenever I pause the Sky Q box for more than 10-15...
  41. D

    Removing optical drive and leaving the gap open

    I do not use the laptop's DVD drive frequently, in fact only on extremely rare occasion. Therefore, I am thinking of removing the built-in optical drive to save on weight. However, I wonder if it is OK to leave the gap open? Or a caddy should be purchased to seal the gap up.
  42. A

    How to connect with optical cable and get 7.1 dolby surround sound for laptop

    I am trying to get a siberia 840 which needs to be plugged in with optical cable for full performance and 7.1 dolby surround sound. Unfortunately my laptop does not have an optical out. Is there a way to solve this without losing any kind of audio quality?
  43. J

    Bios Only detects HDD and Optical drive >> NO SSD ?

    Lets ask the community.. I have this Samsung notebook: model: np300e7a It has an HDD in it and an Optical drive. As soon as i replace the HDD with an SSD, and i boot up the notebook, it gets to the screen where it only recognizes the Optical drive. When i check the bios it says: Sata port 1...
  44. G

    Bluray optical drives

    Im going down the route of mini ITX. Most ITX cases dont contain an option to hold my pionee 9 16x bluray optical drive. I was thinking about getting an external bluray optical drive which most of them have 6x read/write speed. The pioneer one has a read speed of 12x so would this drive be...
  45. C

    DVD Caddy/Optical Drive Caddy questions for Acer V3-571-6447

    I just picked up this laptop with a dead harddrive, popped in a working harddrive and we're up and running. I'm looking to add an SSD for booting and will literally never use a DVD drive. I'm trying to find the right caddy, or if I can use something generic that would fit properly I'm all for...
  46. Q

    Samsung audio trouble

    I purchased a 6300 series 4k TV from Costco and the set only has an optical out for audio. I have a Bose (2009) Cinemate digital system with RCA inputs. I purchased a optical to RCA converter and the TV audio sounds great. When I switch to Netflix or YouTube the volume cuts off and it is loud...
  47. B

    Lenovo G510, my HDD CADDY don't work properly

    Hey. I bought a SSD for my laptop. To get additional memory I bought an adapter to put my HDD instead of DVD-ROM. As you can predict it don't work properly. I tried something in regedit, clean refreshing my win10, tried even on win7 and still nothing. My HDD disappears when i reboot/turn off...
  48. S

    Looking for a laptop with optical drive

    Hi there, I'm looking for a laptop with an optical drive around the 200$ mark. It doesn't have to be a beast of a laptop but has to have an optical driven and windows. I'll even consider getting an optical drive adapter for the hell of it. It just needs reasonable strength. My uncle is just an...
  49. D

    no eject button visible in all in one pc

    I've purchased a lenovo C2000 today. The specs say that it has an optical drive. I can see the slot but where is the eject button????
  50. D

    external optic drive

    I have decided to buy a laptop,but it doesnt have an internal optical drive so i will have to buy an external one.Now i alredy have a pc that has problems with reading cd/dvds.I was wondering if i could use the external optic drive both on my lapotop and my pc whenever i need it? Thanks in advance!
  51. M

    Realtek HD Audio Manager will not detect my Bose CineMate 1 SR when connected via Toslink

    I have been trying to get my recently resurrected desktop up to full running speed and the major snag that I have hit is that I cannot get any sound out of this thing. I have tried the back panel connection, the front panel connection, installed the newest driver, rolled back to my old driver...
  52. G

    How to Know What Drives Can Fit in a Laptop

    Hi guys, I have a quick question concerning an acer laptop I'm going to get soon. This is it here: Acer i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD My question is, given this laptop, is there any way to know if it can fit two drives inside? I can't find a spec sheet for it anywhere using its model number. It...
  53. M

    Hdd caddy not working in optical drive

    Recently, i decided to add a ssd to my optical drive for installing windows(faster boot up). My dvd is 9.5mm with sata interface so i bought a 9.5mm hdd caddy and after i insert the caddy into the optical drive, the bios could detect it but it wouldn't show it in the desktop. Disk management...
  54. M

    17" laptops which have 2 HDD bays?

    Can anyone point me towards any 17" laptops which have 2 HDD bays? Both bays need to be able to take 2.5" HDDs rather than one HDD and one SSD. I don't want to swap out the optical drive (in fact, bluray would be icing on the cake). I have a history of using dells and acers so they would be my...
  55. M

    download my SACD player using its firewire

    feed a firewire into a 8.1 laptop that only has usb inputs
  56. Y

    LG won't recognize my external speakers. Please, let the tech God's find me.

    I own a 3 year old LG plasma 50 inch tv model number 50PN4500 and i just bought a new Bose sound bar. The main connection is via digital optical output cord. Now my TV HAS one, but when i plugged the Bose digital output cord into the digital optical output in the back of the TV, i go into my tv...
  57. A

    Buy laptop for work and leisure

    1. What is your budget? 1500 Euro 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Any size 3. What screen resolution do you want? Not important. But I prefer a NON-touch one because they consume a lot and I don't use them 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop...
  58. C

    Which MSI laptop to go with...?

    Hey guys, Just wondering which would generally be the better option out of these two. Only real difference I can spot is that one has an optical drive and the other doesn't, but I'm not particularly tech-savvy so I just basically wanted to know if there were any real big differences between...
  59. nwgamelover

    Connection DVD Player to TV, help!

    I just went out and bought an inexpensive DVD player, and it has the cables that are red, white & yellow. No HDMI slot so that's not an option. My TV is a: Sanyo 32" LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV | DP32242 (see photo of connecting ports below) The DVD Player is a Sanyo FWDP105F (also photo below of...
  60. G

    Cd Drive issues

    The optical disk drive in my laptop will not eject, read cds at all! For the longest while I noticed it was giving issues. Made a loud enough noise when a cd was in there. Normally when I turn my laptop on I hear a sound from the optical drive which means it's working. Now no sound/won't eject...