Solved! Macbook-Optical-Drive-Replacement-SSD Speed Issue

Jan 31, 2019
I have the Macbook Pro 13-inch mid 2012 (Non-Retina) which was manufactured in February-2015. I use only one OS which is the Windows 10 Pro. I already have a SSD in place of the main hdd and now I was thinking to remove the optical bay and put a Samsung 860 Evo (500 GB) in it’s place. Apple said in 2012 that it had some speed issue if you connected a SSD in place of the optical drive using a caddy. Some said it was due to the use of cheap caddy and even OWC Data Doubler didn't work somewhere where they promised that their caddy would solve the issue. However Apple launched an EFI update in 2012 which only fixed the problem for some. This is where my part comes in. Now, is the EFI Update 2.9 mandatory for me as mine was manufactured in 2015 and if yes can I get a Windows version of it? or if nothing, is there any other option by which I can use my 2nd SSD to it’s full potential speed?

I need all the help I can. Thanks in Advance.

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