Solved! HDD in caddy is not working while SSD works fine

Mar 16, 2022
Hi Team,

I have dell Inspiron 14 3467 laptop, just to boost up its performance I bought up an SSD of 240 gb, first I put up SSD in caddy and installed it at place of Optical drive as I don't use it any more, I done the OS migration from old HDD to new SSD, then I installed new SSD at original port of HDD and installed HDD in caddy at optical drive port, after this OS was not booting from SSD even after I changed boot sequence in BIOS so I chose to do clean install in SSD and It was successfull and working fine but problem is that HDD in caddy is not showing up anywhere ,not in BIOS, disc management , device manager nowhere, just to check if hardware is ok I again kept my optical drive there and it worked fine so no issue of connector or hardware, if I swap HDD with SSD then it works fine and shows both drive.
Please help me in this regard
Thanks in advance.
Sounds like an issue with that caddy you are using, contact the vendor and check with them. SSD takes less power to run than the drive, could be the issue with using a normal drive in it.