Can't get to pass 5.1 through optical


Nov 28, 2017

I Just got my new 4k OLED tv and I have a few issues with my setup.

I have my pc plugged on my home theatre (harman kardon bds 685) and then plugged into my tv.

Now it doesn't work anymore because my home theatre bottlenecks the video resolution to full hd even tho i set it to 4k.

So i plugged my hdmi straight into my tv and now i have the desired resolution.

So I plugged an optical cable in the output of my motherboard (Asus prime z370-a that has 8 channel audio chpiset,so it should work) into my home theatre and i can't figure how to set up more than 2 channels now. the surround option is not active it only lets me install some atmos for headphones stuff...

I checked every box regarding bitrate and tested everything, it doesn't seem i can make this work. Is there any solution possible without having to buy more hardware ? Thank you.
Try using ARC or the optical out of the TV.
Select HDMI as you audio device on the PC.
Check the TV manual on how to turn on and configure the ARC or the optical output. The receiver may have to be configured too.