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    Solved! hooked up RCA tv , HDM1 cable for comp to show on tv, shows back ground pic on tv from Comp but nothing else ??

    New RCA tv, hooked up HDM1 cable to it to show computer on tv, it shows back ground pic from Computer and thats all, no icons nothing,
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    Dumb and Dumbfounded - Projector not detecting signal from Xbox One or Cable Box via Receiver

    Hope someone can provide guidance on setting up Xbox One and Cable box to basement projector. Had projector setup via Component through receiver to play old Xbox 360 but now have Xbox One so only HDMI connection available (worked fine). For some reason my projector is not picking up signal with...
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    Solved! Receiving ARC audio output from the TV and sending video to the TV with one HDMI cable?

    My home TV setup is a bit unusual making modifications difficult. My TV is wall-mounted in the front of the room and all of the A/V equipment is in the back. The cables running from the back of the room to the TV and speakers are all run through the walls, so adding new cables would not be easy...
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    On my mixer, I plugged in a microphone to a line in and it didn’t work.

    The mixer has 8 channels. Each channel has a line in and a mic in. The cable that came with the mic was a female XLR to male 1/4. I put the 1/4 in the mixer, and the XLR to the mic, and it didn’t work even though everything was hooked up. What was weird though caught my attention. When I kept...
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    Solved! Aux cable or optical aux cable

    I want to connect the regular aux cable from Sony TV to Bose speaker in the aux input. When I tried doing that... Not much changes in sound out put effect.. Am I missing something here.. What needs to be done to fix this issue. Or does it need an amplifier.
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    Solved! Streaming problems with coaxial cable.

    Hey streamers! I have problems with my upload . I have got 120/20 MB internet but it is coming through a coaxial cable . i cant stream even in 720p because im losing the packets and my upload as the stream writes jumping from 150 kbps up to the actually bitrate and this plays up and down . Is...
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    Solved! My ASUS SonicMaster with a irremovable cable wont turn on

    Last night i was writing something and the laptop was working fine until it suddenly turns off, The two lights at the front work but the fan and screen doesn't work. I tried holding the button down but if i remove the charging cord it will not work at all.
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    Exp gdc beast issues

    My exp gdc beast (ngff) turns on on its own, and only when the ngff cable is plugged in, it gets SUPER HOT. Do I have a defective unit? Psu is on, the other side is off, and there is a 600 watt psu running a gtx 570
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    Is it really free t.v with the firestick

    I've been debating cable versus fire stick t.v. for the last 24 hours. And with the little research I've done,, I've come to the conclusion that the use of the firestick doesn't get you free t.v. you still have to pay for the internet and the sucription of the streaming of the shows and movies...
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    Solved! Splice into smart phone USB data cable

    Making a cable for THE. T. V. VIA SMART PHONE INTERNET CONN. Shield wrapped wires =3ea. X 4 , dkblu,wht bare copp.wraped in pnkdfoil , lighter blue , wraedp in silver foil, wht/grn ,wraped in a blue foil, and wht/blu wrapped in gold foil. Which are used for D+ ,and D- ? Pink = v, silver...
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    Connecting a combo DVD/VCR player

    Trying to get an old DVD/VCR combo player to work so our grandchildren can enjoy our library of Disney VHS tapes. The old RCA DVD/VCR combo is now connected to the Vizio TV using the composite cables and a coax cable since the back of the RCA unit says the only DVD/VCR output is thru the coax...
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    Solved! Samsung Smart Hub icon for Xfinity box missing

    During my initial Samsung Smart TV setup, Xfinity was one of the cable box options to choose, and it created an icon on the Smart Hub. The icon allowed me to switch from apps like Netflix back to Cable easily. After it had been okay for a while, the Amazon app stopped working. I had to try a...
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    Solved! I don't have cable or internet service. How do I set up my smart TV to get regular channels

    I don't have cable or internet service. How do I set up my smart TV to get basic channels
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    Solved! Yamaha surround receiver

    Need help hooking up my Yamaha rx-v379 reciever to my Xfinity 1 cable box to listen to surround sound.
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    Dell G3 Laptop HDD SATA Cable Unplugged

    Helping a friend install a new SSD in his Dell G3 laptop and when I was removing the HDD the SATA cable unplugged. It has some blue film on top of the cable and it doesn't have a connector to make the cable stay stay in the SATA slot. There is a white hinge thing that I can push on top of the...
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    Solved! My 42LB55 has no headphone port and my HT-E330K samsung home theater no optical cable port. How do i get the tv sound through

    I have LG satellite tv without headphones port how can I connect to my home theater without optical cable
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    Solved! Polk Audio Subwoofer humming

    Hello all, I have a Polk Audio Subwoofer which is about 10 years old (model PSW505) however for some reason it no longer outputs any sound other then this annoying humming sound. When I unplug the yellow audio cable from the subwoofer side the humming stops but as soon as I plug it in it starts...
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    Samsung UN60D6000SF TV + Sony BDV-E780W + Motorola DCX3510 Cable + AMZN Cube

    I need guidance good people. And thank everyone in advance for this great forum of knowledge sharing. My wife bought more stuff. Now more complicated. It's already a process to switch back and forth for all these things like TV, cable, Sony Blu Ray, Netflix, audio, and the kids' Wii. Now she...
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    Solved! As soon as i plug the hdmi cord from my cable to my element tv the tv turns off, How can i fix this?

    My tv turns off when i plug the hdmi cord to the tv that hooks up to my cable box. The tv works fine with out it but when i plug in the hdmi the whole tv turns off.
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    Solved! Blackweb sound bar to a sceptre TV

    Ok help please! I have a blackweb sound bar and a 55” flat screen 4K tv. I have no clue how to install the sound bar. There is no HDMI port on the sound bar. All that was included was the cables with the Red and white and the power source cable. Someone help me before I take it back for a refund.
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    Solved! if i use the arc with a hdmi cable, do i still need to hook my dish box to the soundbar

    I have a Samsung tv, soundbar and a dish box, do i need to hook box to soundbar or is the arc enough
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    Solved! Identifying what type of audio cable is this

    Hi guys, So I have an Infinity Entra 1 Subwoofer and speakers, but I'm going to use the subwoofer for my computer because I already got a speaker. Problem is, I can't tell what type of cable this is because I am looking for an adapter to connect from "whatever this is to a 3.5mm audio...
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    My Samsung tv won’t connect to wi fi it asks for a dongle or LAN cable

    Bought daughter a Samsung smart tv but why is it asking for a dongle or LAN cable to connect I though it would just connect to wi fi with my password etc like my other tv
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    Solved! wifi running slow

    I am only getting download speeds of around 28Mbps on wifi but on LAN cable, it's around 66Mbps. Is there any way of speeding up the wifi connection. I'm a using Dell Alienware M17x-R4 WiFi Board. I have plenty of RAM, 32GB and quad CPU. Any advice would be welcome. TIA
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    Solved! Is there a licensing issue when mirroring cable stations

    I can watch any of my cable station via WiFi on my iOS devices while on my home network. But when I mirror my iOS device onto my tv using apply tv, I get a license error. I now have a firetv. How can I mirror cable station that I see on my iOS device onto my firetv?
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    DVD HDMI and projection

    I am hooking up a Sony Blu-Ray to a Top vision projector using HDMI cable and the movie plays but there is no sound.... Tried Brand new HDMI cable and still no sound.
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    Solved! Best way to get internet without cable provider

    I bought a TCL 55" 4K Smart can I receive I receive internet service without using a cable or satellite providers service ?
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    What audio cables do I need for my setup?

    Hi. What cables do I need to efficiently connect a self powered subwoofer taken from a 5.1 system (Insignia NS-HT51) to a soundbar (Yamaha ATS-1080) that has a subwoofer audio out. Want to connect to a Vizio TV that has hdmi, optical, rca, & audio inputs. I also have an old AV receiver (Onkyo...
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    Solved! lcd screen doenst work (properly) anymore

    hi, My mothers sony vaoi pcg 3j1m didn't work anymore because the ac jack was broken, so I replaced it, buy when I put the laptop back together the screen had these vertical lines in different colors and half of the screen was just Grey/black. For replacing the ac jack I also needed to also...
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    Sony AV Receiver just stopped producing sound!

    We've had our Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV; model (UN65MU8500F) and our Sony AV Receiver; model (STR-DH770) for 8 months now, both were working just excellent, as receiver was connected to our 5.1 ceiling, surround system. We were using it 3 days ago to watch Netflix, I placed it back into the Cox...
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    Solved! Element Android Tv

    How do I access my local channels? I have the antenna screwed into the cable jack but i'm not getting any channels
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    Need Help: Is this possible with a Yamaha RX?

    Hi, this is what I'm trying to accomplish, hypothetically speaking. Hook up through HDMI cables to the Yamaha receiver: Cable box Xbox PC Desktop Then an HDMI out of the Yamaha receiver to my TV. So it would go: 3 thingys to the Yamaha receiver, 1 cable out of the Yamaha receiver to the...
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    Solved! Lost channels when using combiner with A/B switch

    I have an omni-directional antenna on my TV that picks up quite a few channels, but because I was getting a lot of dropout, I put a yagi antenna on the roof. I lost some stations with the yagi so I put in a combiner with A/B switch to be able to use both antennas and switch between the two. But...
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    I have philips HTS3265 to connect my mi smart which cable can i use ஏ plain with images

    Confirmed I crossed 18
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    Solved! Smart TV sound

    We just purchased a Samsung smart tv. We have an older surround sound system that is working fun with the cable tv. When I want to use nextflix it is still playing the cable sound. Currently we have an HDMI running from the TV to the receiver and hdmi’s running from the receiver to the DVD...
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    Sound but no picture for Netflix via hdmi cable attached to IPad

    Sound but no picture for Netflix via hdmi cable attached to IPad
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    LG monitor showing No signal or no input.

    Hai guys. Please help on LG display - no signal or no input screen. If I connect with Normal VGA cable it is working. But while connecting with HDMI cable and DVI cable its showing no signal. Please let me know the solution
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    Solved! SNES retro to TV

    Hello, OK, I apologize in advance if this question sounds silly but this is not my area of expertise, so please, bear with me. I recently purchased a SNES Classic. I opened the box, plugged the SNES HDMI cable to my TV, power it and turned it on. Then I totally forgot that my TV speakers blew...
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    Solved! Can i give the output of my laptop to rca tv through a hdmi to av 3 cable without converter? Please i need answers.

    I need to get the output of my laptop to av 3 tv
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    Solved! How can I connect my Hp 620 laptop which screen is broken and display is showing nothing to a TV using HDMI cable

    How can I connect my TV with Hp 620 laptop which screen is compeletly broken the display is showing nothing but when i connected the HDMI cable on the TV and laptop it is showng "No Signal"
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    Bose Cinemate not producing sound for cable box, but works for Bluray on new Smart TV?

    Hello. I have an older Bose Cinemate 1 (only RCA cable output). I just purchased a new Smart UHD TV that ONLY has optical/HDMI inputs. I bought a digital/analog converter from RCA to Optical, but I only get sound when the input on the TV is selected for the HDMI for the Bluray, and not the HDMI...
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    Solved! How can I play sound at the same both from my laptop and my extended monitor I connected with HDMI cable?

    Hi, I've connected my Asus monitor Model:VG245H to my Samsung notebook laptop using an HDMI cable to use the monitor as an extended screen. I'm currently watching a movie on my laptop and a Youtube video is playing on the monitor where my little brother is watching. There's a sound on my laptop...
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    LCD cable or LCD itself?

    Hello I have a acer aspire v5-573G and suddenly I get this one part of the screen with grey lines. So no other random parts of the screen. When I have a white background, the part gets yellow. With mixed colors u see discolored pixels. When i move the lid it goes away. Or if i put a little...
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    My windows 10 Pc stopped detecting my Tv

    My pc (i7 4770) doesnt recognize my tv (SONY 46EX) anymore it used to till I disconnected the hdmi cable while orhanizing its cables. Now - nothing .I used the built in vga card and my R9 280x -nothing I even reinstalled windows from scratch. The tv is connected with two cascaded high quality...
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    Bluetooth headhpones only playing through one speaker when wired ONLY

    This is very weird. I recently upgraded my AKG Y50s with their bluetooth equivalent the AKG Y50BT. Was listening to them all evening using the cable. I put them down, picked them up again, and the sound was only coming out of the right speaker. The left speaker is completely dead, moving the...
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    Solved! Dual USB Charger/Data Cable

    Hi everybody, I play a lot on my phone with a USB wired gamepad using a Type-C to microusb cable, the problem is that my phone discharges pretty fast because is powering the gamepad, I found a couple of OTG Host Adapters with power to the USB device but if possible I want to charge my phone also...
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    Solved! No HDMI tv

    I just got spectrum cable and I have an HDMI cord but my TV does not have a HDMI port..
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    Solved! my ACER ES1531-N15W4 screen wont turn on

    hello, my ACER ES1531-N15W4 screen wont turn on.i i opened it to cleanup and accidentally i put the cable of battery wrongly.1 of the wires were wide opened.after i put it in the right place i i tried to turn it on and the blue light appears.afterthat i put the cable ande the orange light...
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    Subwoofer conectivity by cable

    Can a wireless subwoofer be converted to use a subwoofer cable?
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    Solved! Is there any advantage to connect cable box to soundbar?

    I have a setup with 4k Samsung tv, Sony soundbar, blu ray player, PS4. I'm upgrading the blu ray player to a 4k player and will also redo the existing connections so that I can take advantage of lossless audio. TV has 4 HDMI ports (1 ARC). Soundbar has 3 HDMI In and one HDMI out. However...
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    Solved! Laptop Charging Cable

    I have lost the charger for my hp-15cb077cl laptop, and can only find a $90 replacement charger. Are there any other chargers that will work with it that are more affordable?
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    Solved! my Two right speakers on my Sony dav-tz140 only work on dvd but not on tv/cable?

    my Two right speakers on my Sony dav-tz140 only work on dvd but not on tv/cable?
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    Solved! Connecting TV, DVD, Cable Box to a Soundbar

    I am trying to connect a Samsung UN65ES 8000FXZA TV, a Blu Ray DVD Player BD-E6500, and my Spectrum cable box to an LG Wi-Fi Sound Bar Model SKC9. The TV/Cable lash up works fine as I have both picture and sound. I have connected something wrong when introducing the Blu Ray DVD Player as I get...
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    Solved! Is it possible to achieve 144hz native with a DP - HDMI or HDMI - DP cable/adapter?

    I have a HP Pavilion 15 purchased in 2016 with a GTX 960M with only a single HDMI 2.0 port and im using it with my 144hz monitor the Viewsonic XG2401 which i heard it supports 144hz over HDMI,but the main question is it possible in any way to achieve 144hz native not from the PC factory...
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    HDMI ARC Issue Solved

    I bought a new LG 4K TV. I connected the tv’s HDMI INPUT (ARC) to the HDMI (ARC) output of my receiver so that I could use my receiver audio with Netflix and Prime apps. The issue I ran into and one that appears to be common amongst others is when I switch from a component hdmi input back to...
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    Solved! What is the cheapest way to get cable TV

    I am wondering if there is a product that I can get cable channels like NFL football channel and movie channels for a small price and not so high of monthly prices not sure if it even exists just interested in knowing what is out there and where to get it
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    Solved! Stereo Receiver with Broadcast TV Coax Input

    Im looking into 4k TV's that have been stripped of the Analog Coax Input Becoming frustrated at the idea of ANOTHER remote and ANOTHER box to plug in... Is there such thing as a Stereo Receiver (sony, yamaha, denon, etc.) with an analog coax in so i can send out HDMI from the stereo and have...
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    Solved! Standard usb printer cable to xlr???

    Is their a standard usb printer cable to female xlr? Or even a converter that would work?
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    Studio Monitor Barewire Cable

    I bought the Presonus Eris 4.5 and connected it to my Audiobox. However the Barewire red+black cable connecting the active to the passive is broken. There's nowhere online to buy replacements. I've been told to use an RCA to RCA and cut the ends off but I am worried I'll mess up and have wasted...
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    lenovo did not open

    I was using my lenovo laptop then i was conecting usb cable sudenly my laptop shutdown and not open all, please i need help