HDMI ARC Issue Solved

Dec 8, 2018
I bought a new LG 4K TV. I connected the tv’s HDMI INPUT (ARC) to the HDMI (ARC) output of my receiver so that I could use my receiver audio with Netflix and Prime apps. The issue I ran into and one that appears to be common amongst others is when I switch from a component hdmi input back to say Netlix, the video switches fine but not the audio. I double checked all my receiver and tv settings. Nothing. The only way I was able to get it to switch was if I switched from the component hdmi input to another, unused hdmi input prior to going to Netflix or Prime.

Finally, I came across an article about hdmi cables and the need for hdmi 1.4 cables (I had reused my old hdmi cables).


I turned everything off and searched my inventory of hdmi cables and found an unused ‘high speed and ethernet’ hdmi cable. Figuring this was a better cable than the one labeled ‘Staples’, I swapped them out. Problem solved!!