Solved! Smart TV sound

Dec 21, 2018
We just purchased a Samsung smart tv. We have an older surround sound system that is working fun with the cable tv. When I want to use nextflix it is still playing the cable sound. Currently we have an HDMI running from the TV to the receiver and hdmi’s running from the receiver to the DVD player and cable box. What do I need to do to get the sound to run through the receiver for Netflix?


Mar 16, 2017
It sounds like the input on the receiver isn't set correctly.

You have three things connected to the receiver. All three are inputs. The TV....the DVD....and the cable box.

I think somehow you have to select the TV as the input to the receiver.

The way your system is set up now is fine. You have two options on how to get the sound from the TV tuner and apps to the receiver.
1. If both the TV and receiver support ARC - Make sure that the receiver HDMI output is connected to the HDMI-ARC of the TV. Then turn on ARC in the TV menu. You may also have to assign ARC to an input name on the receiver. Check the manual. This saves you having to add an optical cable but doesn't have any other advantage.
2. As jsmithepa suggests you can add an optical audio cable from the TV audio output to the receiver. Same instructions as ARC apply.
Dec 21, 2018
Actually Jay that is not correct. We have on HDMI from the TV to the ioutput on the receiver. The cable box and DVD player a inputs. That would be why the tv isn’t playing the sound from Netflix. So the dvd and the cable box send signals to the receiver and the receiver sends them to the tv.
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