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  1. theabraham90

    Question How do I set up streaming on my new smart tv?

    Hi everyone, sorry for the amateur question, but I was wondering if I could ask for your help with setting up my new smart TV (haven't even unboxed it yet!) to stream from it. How can it be done? How do I find the apps and install them?
  2. M

    Solved! Volume Issues Samsung TV & Home Theater

    My circa 2018 Samsung smart TV and circa 2017 Samsung home theater system has recently been acting up. The Samsung TV remote always controlled the home theater volume (instead of seeing the TV volume up or down display on the TV, it would instead change the home theater volume control). It...
  3. S

    Solved! Samsung Smart TV keeps rebooting after showing bettery empty image

    I have a 65 inch Samsung smart tv model UN65H6300. It had been working correctly up to this point. But suddenly I started to see the attached image on my tv appearing to indicate that a battery was empty and then it shuts down and tries to restart again. I had connected to my wifi for the...
  4. T

    Solved! Help with PS4 on a 2009 Samsung LCD TV

    So I was recently given a Samsung 2009 LCD TV B460 series (model # LN32B460B2D; model code # LN32B460B2DXZA). I’ve only been using it for PS4 and I saw online that some older TV models just don’t work with the PS4. It definitely works, but some things look off. For example, I’m playing Final...
  5. KatTech

    Solved! [W photos] Old RCA DVD player can't be found by Roku smart TV

    [Warning there's quite a bunch of photos in this post showing the items in question & what I've done to troubleshoot trying to get the player to show up on the TV so far] Roku Smart TV: Believe it's the TCL 55R617 (the manual just says R613/R617 bought at BJ's w voice command) Dvd player...
  6. N

    Question Samsun TV getting every channel over antenna except for one!

    Randomly our Samsung Smart TV stopped showing local Channel 13 (CBS). I have re-scanned, turned the antenna, and re-set the TV back to factory. When I try Channel 13 it says "no Signal" check your connection. But every other local channel is coming in fine. What's even weirder is that I don't...
  7. P

    Solved! Connecting headphones via wire to Samsung Smart Curved TV

    I have a Samsung 55" Curved Smart TV (UE55J6300) and am looking to connect a pair of headphones. I know I can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth, but want an alternative in case there's an issue with audio lag (can't stand poorly synched dialogue/sound!) I have checked the back of the TV and...
  8. R

    Question TCL Smart TV Wired Connection issue

    Right, I've googled and searched the forums, so if I missed someone answering this already I apologize. I've been using a TCL smart tv for a few months as my monitor, and most of the time it works great as long as the videocard settings remember that it's 4K. An issue I have is, when I go to a...
  9. C

    Solved! Samsung smart tv stuck in power loop

    Model: un55ks9500 My Samsung curved smart tv is stuck in a power loop and never fully turns on, backlights come on but not picture or sound. I've replaced the main and power boards with the same issue persisting. Please help! Thanks in advance!
  10. itsgeeeee

    Solved! how can i bluetooth connect my lg soundbar (model sk4d) to my toshiba 55U7863DB 55" smart tv?

    i don't have the necesary wires handy to be able to connect it through hdmi or optical so this is my preferred way of connection (though if not possible, will just go out and buy an optical wire when possible)
  11. X

    Solved! App volume problems on Samsung Smart TV with LG Soundbar

    Good evening. I have a Samsung 49MU6290 TV connected to an LG LAS551H soundbar Via HDMI ARC. Also connected is a Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-Ray Player, a Spectrum DVR and a Nintendo Switch. The soundbar provides booming sound and usually when I am watching TV or playing games it is fine at about 15...
  12. B

    Review Vizio V-Series 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV (V505-G9) Review: A Great TV

    The Vizio V-Series 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV (V505-G9) may not wow you with pristine picture and sound, but it offers pretty great quality for the money, and offers a collection of smart features that feel like a steal. Vizio V-Series 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV (V505-G9) Review: A Great TV : Read more
  13. H

    Solved! Can a DVR made for security camera be used to record tv shows?

    I found a working(turns on)Samsung SDR-B74303n DVR. I googled it and it is used for recording security camera views. Does anyone know if I could use this to record tv? Any advice appreciated, there is no remote for this...
  14. J

    Solved! samsung smart tv memory problem

    can't run speedtest on samsung smart tv due to lack of memory. Can i increase memory by deleting something
  15. J

    Solved! Samsung smart tv

    I do not have remote but have app remote on my phone but just changed internet and TVs does not recognize remote from my phone how do I connect
  16. P

    Can’t connect new Toshiba smart tv to the internet

    Hello everyone. I have a brand new tv 32D3863DB which won’t connect to internet as it gives me an Error: 1 message as I’m going through the internet set up, says there is a problem with this websites’s certificate for the site: It then says do you...
  17. M

    Solved! How to get Surround System from my TV

    Hi, I've got a LG Smart TV (65UJ752T-TB) and a Philips DVD HTS (HTS3548W) and i can't get surround system from my TV. Im using a HDMI cable and connected it to my TV's HDMI ARC... I've changed TV's sound settings to HDMI-ARC and same with my HTS and nothing. The HTS works perfectly fine and...
  18. M

    Solved! Can I control my Samsung smart tv if it’s not at my house

    My ex won’t give me my 65 inch Samsung smart curve tv back yet can I control it from my iPhone if I have the serial numbers and all
  19. R

    I am unable to get my surround sound Dennon to work with my Samsung Smart TV while on Netflix. Can you help me?

    I am unable to get my Dennon Surround Sound System to work while on Netflix> I have a Samsung Smart TV. Surround system works fine using the DVD and TV only. Can you help me?
  20. S

    Solved! No way to use Element TV manually? (model E4SFT5017)

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a new Element TV - 50" 4K LED Smart (model # E4SFT5017), and the remote I received with the package was defective. They have agreed to send me a replacement remote, but while waiting for it to arrive I have been trying to use the TV manually and it seems I...
  21. E

    Solved! No audio between old Sony VCR & new Samsung smart TV

    No audio when using an old Sony VCR connected to a new Samsung smart TV. Suggestions please. These are not purchased videos but home recorded ones. Video is fine for such old tapes, just no sound.
  22. S

    I see the Amazon Prime logo at the bottom of my Samsung smart TV but I can't access it. When I scan all my app it is not ther

    Can't access the Amazon Prime logo on my Samsung Smart TV
  23. D

    factory reset without code

    how to factory reset a samsung smart tv without security code
  24. L

    Solved! How to turn off I ternet on Toshiba 4K smart TV

    I bought my mom a Toshiba 4K smart TV for Christmas. She lives in Florida I live in Chicago. We got a friend to help her hang it on the wall and set it up. The screen keeps popping up asking her for a password. She does not have Internet at her home only cable TV through Comcast. This happens...
  25. P

    Solved! i have a samsung smart tv and a soundbar. i would like to hook up a blue ray dvd and a wireless head set do i need a 3way opti

    i have a samsung smart tv with a sound bar i would like to hook up a blue ray dvd and wireess head set. do i need an optical 3 way splitter
  26. C

    Solved! LG smart TV - power button problem

    Why is my LG smart TV power is coming on an off with no Picture or sounds. A few days ago it would show a black Screen but no p
  27. T

    Solved! westinghouse smart tv

    my new westinghouse smart tv is turning off because of the timer feature..... but I checked..... and the sleep mode is off. is this smart tv faulty???? cheers!!
  28. W

    Solved! How do I get sound to come through from my Samsung NU7100 smart TV to my 2.4 GHz headphones?

    I have an older set of Accoustic Research 2.4GHz headphones with only a 3.5mm connection, although I can attach an RCA adapter. I recently purchased a Samsung model NU7100 smart TV, and like a lot (most?) of these TV's it has no composite out connection. I purchased a toslink-to-RCA adapter...
  29. B

    Solved! How can I connect my TTUSB Ion turntable to my smart tv

    How do I connect my TTUSB ION turntable to my smart tv?
  30. A

    Solved! Wireless keyboard for smart tv?

    I am looking for a wireless keyboard for an older lg smart tv. It wouldn't be used often, but when we need to get in and type logins and password and when we search for titles in netflix etc., using the tv remote is a pain. Thanks for any ideas.
  31. J

    Vizio TV blinking issues

    So I have a Vizio 55" 1080p smart TV. Model number E55-d0. When I turn it on the whole picture blinks every second or so. Everything else works just fine. It's a rather new tv as well. I have the back cover off and all the capacitors look good. But there Is a slight small burn on one of the...
  32. J

    DVD to smart tv

    How do I hook up old DVD player to Samsung 58" 7100 series
  33. Y

    Solved! How to set my Sony smart TV and Samsung BD-player to make the hdmi-ARC work? Current there is no sound. I am already using a h

    Is the problem with Sony tv or the bd-player? Btw, I tried to output digital audio from this TV using optical cable, and switch bd-player to, still no sound. Anyone has met similar problem before?
  34. B

    Solved! How to connect a VHS to Smart tv

    I have a very old VHS, and I wonder if it's possible to connect to a smart tv. Video Smart tv Cable that comes with smart TV Thank you very much. Best regards, Bruno
  35. T

    Solved! UN40EH5300 + Amazon prime not working

    My Samsung smart TV model is UN40EH5300 .Since last week ,Amazonprime application aumatically disappeared from my smarthub and now I can not find it in application ..
  36. G

    Take $500 Off This 55-inch Samsung QLED

    Get up to a $450 gift card with select Samsung QLED purchases. Take $500 Off This 55-inch Samsung QLED : Read more
  37. R

    Solved! I have amazon prime and get the picture on my samsung smart tv, but the sound is from the tv program

    no sound for my amazon prime on my Samsung smart tv
  38. R

    Hi recently i bought samsung UHD 8 series smart TV... My previous Samsung Smart TV connected in Pioneer receiver. Now the new

    Hi previously I used Samsung smart TV connected single HDMI to my pioneer receiver and optical cable out in TV and in pioneer receiver. In the receiver BD HDMI connected amazon firecube and DVD connected apple TV. SAT/CAB connected setup box. When I change the mode it was working. Recently...
  39. G

    Solved! Samsung Smart TV Won't turn on

    Hello, my samsung smart tv model UN40H5203AF all of a sudden started to flicker. As in the tv screen went black and afterwards started to blink as well as the red light. I have tried unplugging it, removed power board and put it back together with no results. I also hear a faint click on the...
  40. M

    No 5.1 sound from Netflix

    Hello all, I have a samsung ht-j5150 5.1 audio system and i have it hooked up to a philips 50PUS6503/12 via a high speed hdmi cable with ethernet (in the ARC hdmi slot). The problem is that regardless of the audio setting i choose on the tv or samsung audio system, i can't get 5.1 to play from...
  41. R

    Computer wont boot if hdmi from smart tv is connected

    computer wont boot up if hdmi from smart tv is connected, if pluggin after boots, hdmi to tv works fine
  42. J

    Solved! what is the fitting called to convert a dvd player to a smart tv

    Connect dvd to smart tv
  43. M

    Solved! How can I connect a Marantz Home Cinema receiver with a Samsung Smart TV

    Hi. I got a Marantz receiver bought in 2004 (so, no HDMI connection). I bought a Samsung Smart TV and I don't know how to connect the Smart TV to the receiver, so that the Netflix stuff streaming on the TV set sounds digital through the whole home cinema equipment. I already have a Blu-ray...
  44. N

    Solved! hi. hkcb20, Samsung Tv. Hdmi arc. hybernate.

    hi. I wonder if you can help me here. I have a Samsung smart tv and the sb20 hk, my laptop hook on with a normal hdmi to tv an
  45. T

    headphone jack on samsung 65" smart tv

    In my humble opinion Samsung shortchanged all of us when they deleted the headphone jack. All of us now must purchase digital to analog converters just to use headphones which I already paid more than $100.00 for. Ripoff
  46. S

    Can't find the URLs to download apps on my smart TV element

    How can I get apps downloaded from my element smart TV ? I only have Netflix and YouTube
  47. J

    Looking a solution

    After I power on My TCL Smart Tv 50" the logo appears and goes of again nothing the comes again after an hour pixilated logo then appears again...How can I solve this please
  48. L

    Broadband smart tv useage

    My broadband package gives me limited useage per month. Will a smart tv use my allowance just by being switched on
  49. T

    Solved! Help in solving my speaker issue

    I have an older Samsung Smart TV that I have hooked up through my audio outlet to a great Klipsch soundbar.However, because I am hard of hearing I would like to hook up a bluetooth speaker to put next to where I sit. I only have one audio outlet to use for external speakers, but I do have a...
  50. Y

    Solved! 55in Phillips smart TV and LG soundbar

    How can I connect Phillips smart TV to LG soundbar TV is hdmi and soundboard is optic
  51. A

    Solved! How do I connect my Samsung Smart TV (QN75Q7F) to a satellite dish?

    Hello, I have a Samsung Smart TV, and I have set up a satellite dish and set the frequencies, found the channels and everything through an external receiver. But I've heard that these TVs have their own built-in receivers. I have connected the cable directly to my one connect and in the live tv...
  52. R

    Connecting a speaker to smart tv.

    I have a samsung smart tv and I want to plug the digital optical out to an old stereo speaker with a 2 wire connection. How do I do that?
  53. E

    I connected DVD w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box to samsung smart tv via HDMI cable, picture quality terrible. No tru

    How do I connect bose 321 dvd to Samsung 4D smart tv so that picture quality appears. Connected w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box then to tv via hdmi cable but poor picture and not proper colors
  54. M

    Solved! Change from DVD to cable no remote only power button need input

    Lost remote only power button on Vizio smart TV need change input from DVD to cable
  55. R

    Solved! Help with audio on Samsung Smart TV

    I have a NON BLUETOOTH Samsung Smart TV. 500 series. I want to connect external devices using Bluetooth w/o wires?? POSSIBLE ?
  56. D

    why does my lg smart tv not go back to live tv after watching a dvd on my panasonic recorder when i swith the recorder off, it

    I have a new LG smart tv I have connected my Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder to the tv via a hdmi cable , which works fine, but when I want to go back to live tv I go back to settings select live tv but it does not want to work. With my old tv as soon as I turn off the Panasonic recorder it...
  57. E

    Which 49" 4ktv?

    The TCL S517 or LG UK6090? Or if you guys know another 49" tv model that I don't know about. I will mostly use it for movies, gaming and watch cable and of course 4k material. Which has the better picture and bang for you buck. I am looking to stay under $500. Thanks
  58. N

    Solved! Streaming without wi fi

    How do I stream Netflix from my phone to my smart TV without internet or Wi-Fi