Question TCL Smart TV Wired Connection issue

Jul 31, 2019
Right, I've googled and searched the forums, so if I missed someone answering this already I apologize.

I've been using a TCL smart tv for a few months as my monitor, and most of the time it works great as long as the videocard settings remember that it's 4K.

An issue I have is, when I go to a site that you can also access through the TV's home menu (Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Video, etc) it cuts to 'No Connection' screen on the TV.

No warning. Nothing. And no apparent way to back out of it, I have to hard reset my PC when it happens. If it only happened on these sites (the Amazon Video and Crunchyroll TV interfaces are terrible, so that sucks) I'd understand, and I'd just steer clear. Unfortunately it happens on OTHER sites or when an unblockable, auto-play video ad pops up on some wiki or news story.

Does anyone know how to make this stop?

Using a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti if it matters, I know I saw some people saying AMD caused 'issues'.
Use DDU uninstaller to remove all graphics drivers. Install the latest driver from

How did you connect the PC with the TV? HDMI, DP,...? Replace the cable, be sure it fits and is completely plugged into the ports.

Update the firmware of the TV if a newer one is available