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    Solved! No ANT in on back of tv- how do I get regular tv if I can’t plug aerial in

    Hi, I just bought a smart TV model aquos lc-40ui7352e but it has no ANT in point on the back of the tv to plug an aerial into. It has inbuilt freeview so I want to watch that, I don’t want to pay for Sky or Virgin or anything. How can i hook my aerial up to this tv- this is the aerial...
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    new vizio tv says no signal hdmi 1

    I have a new vizio smart tv 4k uhd and when I want to watch cable tv it says no signal on hdmi 1. I can watch other streaming channels.
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    HDMI (arc) connections help

    I'd like to know the proper diagram (route) To combine Blu-ray player,sound bar, and smart tv using HDMI Cables via ARC ports? please :)
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    Duplicating output from smart tv streaming

    I’m designing a big living room with pool table. I want to add a 2nd tv near the pool table for sports or for mirroring what’s on the main tv. For cable or OTA, this seems simple: use an HDMI splitter that goes to each. But how about streaming? If the main (smart) tv is the streaming device...
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    Tv linked by remote

    I have an LG tv next to my tcl roku smart tv. Reason is the LG is a small screen tv just for gaming and I watch tv on the roku. Anyway, when I use the roku remote for anything (power, volume,etc) the LG tv picks up on it and turns on being the wrong remote. I'm wondering how to fix this.
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    Solved! Smart TV to Stereo Receiver audio fails

    I have Samsung Smart TV with optical audio output to which i attached an optical to RCA converter. Then plugged that into red and white audio in ports on older Sony STR-DH130 reveiver. All dish programs play audio fine through receiver's speakers . But Netflix, Hulu streaming will no play...
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    Solved! Does my Vizio E48-C2 have Bluetooth?

    I bought a Harmon-Kardon Aura speaker and want to know how to connect it by Bluetooth to my Vizio E48-C2 smart TV. Does this TV even HAVE Bluetooth?
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    Sony smart tv with a RCA sound bar

    I’m trying to connect these devices using a audio cable ( red and white) but I can not. I’ve been trying but nothing happens!! Please any idea!!
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    Who processes the sound when SmartTV app is connected to a soundbar via HDMI-ARC?

    I use my TV's built-in apps to watch Amazon videos, Netflix, Spotify, etc. If I connect a soundbar to it over HDMI-ARC and the soundbar supports DTS Virtual X but the TV doesn't, will I still get the full benefit of DTS Virtual X? I'm curious to understand how the sound processing works in...
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    I just got a new rca smart TV and I only get 1channel. How can I get the other ones?

    Looking for information about getting smart TV working with more than one channel.
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    Solved! I hooked Phillips stereo to samsung smart TV for surround sound, but get no sound only humming how to fix?

    Connected Phillips stereo to samsung smart TV, but no sound only humming how to fix?
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    dvd player to smart tv

    Have connected dvd to smart tv with a hdmi to scart converter have sound but no picture?
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    Smart TV Bluetooth

    I have a Hisense smart TV 55 inch and a sound bar that has blue tooth and option to use plugs does the TV have blue tooth and do you hook it up and if not how do you hook up with cords
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    Solved! I can no longer get Smart channels on my Sharp LC-55LE653U 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model).

    Yesterday, while watching a program, the Set Up screen appeared for no reason. It apparently returned everything to factory settings. I had to go through the entire set up procedure again, complete with new channel scan. Now when I hit the Smart button on the remote, I can no longer get Smart...
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    Adding Bluetooth to a smart tv

    Is it possible to make a samsung smart tv have bluetooth, so it would be possible to use a smart remote with it? The TV model is UE40NU7120K.
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    How to hook up samsung smart tv model UA40J5200AKXXS to LG SOUNDBAR SK5Y

    How to hook up samsung smart tv model UA40J5200AKXXS to LG SOUNDBAR SK5Y. My samsung tv have neither optical output nor hdmi arc...
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    Solved! I don't have cable or internet service. How do I set up my smart TV to get regular channels

    I don't have cable or internet service. How do I set up my smart TV to get basic channels
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    Connected Samsung tv directly to Alexa via SmartThings app. Command turns tv off...but does not turn it on or any other comman

    Smart tv connection to Alexa not working with all commands
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    Solved! I can’t get sound from Netflix

    I recently bought the LG 70” smart tv along with the Samsung soundbar. Everything worked fine and today my son did something and the soundbar no longer worked. I finally got the soundbar to work for the cable. But, for some reason I cannot get the sound to come through for Netflix. I know it’s...
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    Solved! Graphic Artist looking to buy SmartTV/Monitor

    Hello, looking to buy a smart TV that can also purpose as a computer monitor. I am an old-schooled Graphic Artist, Designer...Transitioning out of CS6. My house was ripped off, and all electronics were stolen...I have an Apple Macbook Pro. I am considering going for the 2'fer. smart...
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    Vizio Sound Bar to Toshiba Smart TV syncing issues

    Our new vizio sound bar will not stay synced via bluetooth to our Toshiba smart tv. It constantly disconnects and reconnects when using the "Bluetooth audio sync" feature. Also, the sound frequently is not in sync with the picture. I've tried re-syncing several times and turning the tv speakers...
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    how can i connect my phone to my vizeo tv to watch movies

    is vizeo tv considered a smart tv
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    stop flashing or flickering on tv

    just bought westinghouse smart tv was setting it up and it started flickering or if you want to say blinking. how to fix
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    i have 55 in toshiba smart tv and 37in om soundbar and have roku

    dont know what that is
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    Solved! Turning off air tv on smart tv

    Smart TV is on how do I turn off air TV on it,so I can run fire TV from hdmi
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    How do I download itv hub on my tv

    I’m looking to download itv hub on my Panasonic smart tv but it’s not given me an option to search for new apps ?
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    TCL Roku 6-series - Logitech z960 surround sound system not switching between DOLBY and Stereo

    I have the following equipment. 1. TCL Roku 6 Series 4K smart TV 2. Logitech z906 surround sound system I have connected my TCL TV to the logitech z906 via a digital audio cable (THERE IS NO HDMI on the z906) The Logitech z906 system has dolby DTS and a "3-D effect" for stereo sound. My TCL...
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    RCA smart tv virtuoso no picture

    I just got an rca 70” smart tv virtuoso and we just turned it on and it has sound but only a black screen
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    I have a older model Emerson VCR with just yellow and white connection on my Samsung smart TV there is a picture but no sound

    I have picture but no sound from emerson VCR only yellow and white connection on Samsung smart TV, help
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    Solved! Sharp TV help

    How do I add Hulu to a 32" sharp he smart TV Q5000 series?
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    Solved! Sound bar ?

    Is there a certain type of sound bar I need to buy for my 43" insignia Roku 4k smart TV? I've looked it up and apparently it doesn't support Bluetooth. I'm blind in this purchase please help
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    Solved! Magnavox TV with LG surround sound HELP!!

    I have a Magnavox smart TV of course, I have a 300 watt LG surround sound system. My TV doesn't have an optical spot but it has HDMI ports. I had to buy a converter in order to hear my Firestick through my surround sound, but I still can't hear my TV through it. I have tried switching the cables...
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    Solved! Tried everything ,,DVD surround sound ok ,,tv surround sound nil

    Panasonic smart tv tx 50 as 540b,,has no guidance to set up arc ,,has optical connection ,,my Samsung home centre has no optical connection ,I use rca adapter ,my DVD surround sound is fine ,,unable to get surround sound from my TV, surround setting goes back to stereo every time I try set...
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    Smart tv switching from tv to DVD playerc

    I don’t know how to chance my smart Tv Channel to the DVD player Help
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    Vizio Smart TV does not have the coaxial input?

    Do they make an adapter?
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    Solved! Best way to get internet without cable provider

    I bought a TCL 55" 4K Smart can I receive I receive internet service without using a cable or satellite providers service ?
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    unstable display using HDMI

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my 55" Tcl smart tv. when I will use to display it with Hdmi the display is unstable the screen will all black a bit and it's repeating every 15 seconds
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    Solved! 55 inch samsung NU7100 Screen Replacement

    Hallo guys , i need a genuine 55 inch screen replacement for samsung NU7100 Smart Tv.
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    HDMI UHD Color

    While i turn on HDMI UHD Color sound dissapear , tv is connected to box with hdmi. I tried several hdmi cabels , nothing. its UE55MU6195 UHD Samsung smart tv connected to motorola vip1003. Idk if that matter but i also tried change EDID settings , hdmi was 1.3 there , if i turned it to 2.0 then...
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    How do I get WWE Network on element smart tv

    I want to watch WWE Network on my element smart TV
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    Solved! I have a old Bose lifestyle 5 I would like to hook up to my new Samsung smart TV

    Need help. Not a tech person. Would like to use my Bose lifestyle system 5 with my new Samsung smart Tv model un50f5500afxza. Only have RCA jacks on back of Bose.
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    Solved! hi im renting to buy a 50 inch smart was ok this morning and no i have sound but no picture and there is a light on i

    i turned the power off then on again and i checked all cables but still have no picture
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    Solved! Smart TV sound

    We just purchased a Samsung smart tv. We have an older surround sound system that is working fun with the cable tv. When I want to use nextflix it is still playing the cable sound. Currently we have an HDMI running from the TV to the receiver and hdmi’s running from the receiver to the DVD...
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    Solved! Streaming PC content on TV

    I have my PC setup in Room #1, and my Smart TV in Room #2. I was hoping i could somehow easily stream what's on my PC onto TV screen in my other room, with audio from PC as well. So if i put a movie on my PC it also shows it on the TV in other room. Any solutions? I did read there is something...
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    No tv option on luxor tv?

    I've recently purchased an indoor aerial for my luxor smart tv. Plugged it into the back of my and proceeded to scan for channels. No channels found. Then i have noticed that there is no tv option on the sources menu? Just ext.1 side av, HDMI 1 etc. Does anyone know why this is happening? I've...
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    Solved! Smart TV making plastic cracking noise

    My tv makes a popping noise when watching it. It's the plastic body of the tv that is making the noise, i don't know how to fix it, please help!
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    Solved! HELP with sound bar

    I have a 75” LG Smart Tv trying to connect my sound bar that is built in my tv stand to the tv and use just the tv’s remote to control volume from sound bar because I lost the sound bar remote. anyways I get through half of the process and I’m stuck at manufacturer selection because “bell’o...
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    Solved! [SOLVED] How to connect soundbar to tv

    How do I connect a Bluetooth Samsung soundbar model hw-f450 to a Kogan kaled49ku8000szc smart tv. The tv has no blue tooth and the soundbar has no av holes
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    Solved! Is there an HD antenna that connects to my smart tv via an HDMI port

    I have tried just about every over the air antenna on my TV and have minimal success at best (I only live 15 miles to TV towers). I can get better picture on TV if I am constantly adjusting the coax cable from my antenna to my TV. It seems like there is poor connectivity between the 2 (and...
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    Solved! How do I stream from my Samsung ipad to tv

    Want to stream Sirius XM onto my Sharp Aquos Smart TV...pew2015 model
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    Solved! How do I connect a Bush DVD player with a smart tv that doesn’t have a scart connection

    I have just bought a Bush DVD player to catch up on old DVDs. It has a scart connection but the Smart Tv doesn’t. How can I connect
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    Blue Screen on New TV

    My brand new out of the box 50” Samsung Smart TV has a blue screen when I turn on the TV for set up. I can’t get it to do anything and it’s only connected to my wall outlet.
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    Solved! Video set up

    I am trying to hook a LG blue ray dvd to a smart Tv. I have a picture but no sound. What do I need to do.
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    Solved! samsung smart tv

    I have bought a used Samsung smart tv plugged in and it just says weak or no signal
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    how to conect to audio out put

    smart tv hisense 55 inch
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    Solved! I have a new Samsung Smart TV and bought Sony WH-RF400 wireless headphones. Won't connect...

    I can't get any sound. I've tried the three different channels on the base. Any ideas?
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    Solved! Connect logitech 540 surround sound to samsung smart tv UN55MU6500F

    Logitech 540 to Samsung Smart TV Model# UN55MU6500F