Solved! HELP with sound bar

Dec 17, 2018
I have a 75” LG Smart Tv trying to connect my sound bar that is built in my tv stand to the tv and use just the tv’s remote to control volume from sound bar because I lost the sound bar remote. anyways I get through half of the process and I’m stuck at manufacturer selection because “bell’o digital” is not an option. (the sound bar is connected through optical, and it played on the sound test but will not let me use it because I can’t selection the manufacturer) can someone please help me
If the Bello isn't on the list of compatible soundbars you will need to get a Logitech Harmony remote. These are programmed with their app from their huge database of IR codes. It can operate the TV, the soundbar and all your other components. Easy to program and start at around $30.
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