Solved! Streaming PC content on TV

Dec 19, 2018
I have my PC setup in Room #1, and my Smart TV in Room #2. I was hoping i could somehow easily stream what's on my PC onto TV screen in my other room, with audio from PC as well. So if i put a movie on my PC it also shows it on the TV in other room.

Any solutions? I did read there is something called Chromecast from google which allows for exactly that, but i am first not sure whether audio would also be transmitted from PC to TV or just the picture And second, it seems to only allow for streaming from certain apps (netflix/youtube) and google chrome itself, those apps i already have on my Smart TV, the only new thing would be getting to stream whatever is on google chrome, which is in fact a lot for me already but i would also like to be able to stream .avi .mp4 videos i downloaded and open through for example Media Player Classic.

Any way to achieve that? Maybe some competitor of chromecast?