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    Solved! How to add Hulu on my 32 inch sharp smart tv

    How do I download Hulu on my 32 inch smart TV
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    how ti connect hitachi dvd player to samsung 4k smart tv

    how to connect hitachi DVD player to samsung 4k smart tv
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    Mirror lg3 plus to insigna smart tv [MOBDRO]

    Can't seem to get it
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    My lg smart tv has stopped being smart - no YouTube, Netflix etc

    No smart services available on our smart tv
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    6 port Surround Sound to 4k Smart TV

    I have a Ilive 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System that has 6 rca\analog ports in the back. My tv is a 55” 4K TCL Roku Smart TV but it only has the standard left audio right audio and video ports. How do I make the two work together?
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    Solved! Hitachi Letters WIFI code

    Bought a Hitachi smart TV... can't find the way to input text for WIFI code, remote only allows numbers ... no pop up keyboard
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    Solved! I want to connect my samsungg phone to my rca smart tv. How do i do this. I can not find mirror on my phone.

    I want to Connect my Samsung prime express phone to my RCA Smart TV. I have been unable to find the mirror on my phone. How do I connect so that I can stream what's on my phone to my TV
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    Solved! Amazon Prime access

    I've downloaded the Amazon Prime app on our new Samsung smart TV and everything seems to work OK UNTIL - when I click on an episode of a series or on a movie, the screen then goes blank and nothing happens. I've de-installed the app and re-installed and that didn't help. Any suggestions...
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    Solved! sound bar connected but not getting the bass i should be

    I have a Vizio smart TV, it has one HDMI input. I recently just purchased a Samsung 5.1 soundbar that comes with a Sub woofer and two rear speakers. I have everything hooked up. The soundbar is hooked up using an optical cable to the cable box. nothing is hooked up directly to the TV...
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    Alexa won't change the channel on my Samsung smart tv

    I have Alexa setup on my Samsung TV however she can't change channels or the volume. All she does is just turn tv on and off. How can you fix that?
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    Seiki 50" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160p) Smart LED TV (SC-50UK700N) want to buy is this really a true smart TV?

    Seiki 50" Class 4K Ultra HD (2160p) Smart LED TV (SC-50UK700N) is this really a smart TV?
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    Solved! How to hook up indoor antenna to hospitality tv

    Have 49 LG tv hospitality not smart tv. Bought indoor antenna coax end is different then tv . tv has push connection and antenna is screw together. what do I need and where can I get one.
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    How can I connect 5.1 HCS by optical to JVC Smart tv without optical connection

    I have a Samsung 5.1CH Digital Home Cinema System HT-C460 which is connected to a JVC Smart tv LT-50C750 by HDMI cable - films and sound work great but I would like to be able to use speaker system to play tv programme audio through which i used to do with older tv by connecting via optical...
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    Samsung or LG 4K smart TV?

    Would you rather get the Samsung UE43NU7020 or LG 43UK6400PLF?
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    Solved! Can't get Vizio sound bar to work!

    I hooked up my sound bar HDMI arc to my PHILIPS smart tv, then went to settings and turned on arc. And yet still no sound!!!!
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    Solved! How do i stream from my android phone to my non smart tv?

    Looking for streaming device
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    Solved! Samsung Smart TV PN60E8000

    Samsung Smart TV PN60E8000 does not connect to modem or any other hot spot. All other devices (laptop, ipad, iPhone, bluray) connect no problem. Samsung tells me it's Verizon issue and Verizon tells me it's a Samsung issue. I've done factory resets and nothing. All started when I got a new modem...
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    Solved! I have a vizio smart tv I don’t know how to sign in to prime without a keyboard

    I can get Netflix on my Vizio smart tv but cannot sign into Prime as I do not have a keyboard
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    Solved! How do I connect my Dell Inspiron 15-3000 series to my Samsung Smart TV?

    I need to connect my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series to my Samsung Smart TV
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    Solved! How to connect a 5.1 hometheatre to a smart tv?

    I have bought a new smart tv and I have an old 5.1 channel home theatre system which only has RCA ports. this is the back of my smart tv :- and this is the back of my home theatre:-...
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    sharp smart tv

    my remote won't move when i try to go into youtube .how to fix
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    Solved! Smart TV Connection Using Cable Modem

    I want to hook up a Samsung smart tv without using a wireless router. I've got cable internet four feet from the tv. Can I use a cable modem for my internet connection and then use an ethernet cable directly to the tv? Or will the tv just keep looking for a network connection and not find it?
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    Any Smart TV Recommendations?

    I’m looking for a 40” Smart TV It will usually be used as a computer monitor and Security Camera Monitor as well as a TV which is why it would be helpful to have picture in picture capabilities I am looking for 4K resolution with HDCP compatibility, with 120 Hz or greater refresh rate, HDR...
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    i have a toshiba smart tv and a sony blue ray/dvd player i have a picture but no sound any help would be appreciated thanks jo

    i have a toshiba smart tv and a sony blue ray/dvd player i have visual but no sound any help would be appreciated
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    Solved! How to connect Meidong soundbar speaker KY-3000 to Hi-sense Smart TV

    I have a wallmounted Hisense Smart TV and cannot work out how to connect the new Meidong soundbar speaker, its very complicated, has anyone done it?
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    Urgent Help needed Samsung smart led TV no signal issue

    I have a Samsung smart led TV but I cannot find any network option in the menu. And when I select smart TV from sources button on the remote it says no signal and black screen appears. Please some tell me the solution how can connect it tw Internet and use smart TV .
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    Solved! Is their any Android smart TV which has Content discovery engine?

    I am interested to buy a android smart TV which shows suggestions based on my interest like YouTube does.
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    Solved! Smart TV Audio to 5.1 PC Speaker System

    I was wondering if anyone had some insight on doing this. I have an old Altec Landsing 5.1 PC system (3 - 3.5mm connections) and I'm trying to rig up a cheap home theater setup. I was wondering if I could do S/PDIF out from my TV to a device like this and get true 5.1. The goal is to spend as...
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    No Bluetooth device in Samsung smart TV (model UA40F6400)

    Hi All, Samsung TV, model UA40F6400. i entered the secret hidden menu and made changes as described in many youtube videos but when i restart the tv and open sound settings the TV does not show any Bluetooth device...any help guys
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    Solved! No color old vhs into smart tv

    I have an older VHS player and a Samsung smart tv. How do I get the movie to have color??
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    Solved! Can’t get my dish tv to work on my new Vizio smart tv e series

    I’m trying to hook up my dish to my Vizio e series smart tv. Dish has a coaxial cable & there’s no port for it on the tv, so I bought a converter box. The converter box menu has me stuck—I can’t figure out how to get my dish up & running. I’ve scanned channels & nothing happens. Help!
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    Does android tv box supports Samsung smart tv

    Does android tv box supports Samsung smart tv
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    Solved! Smart TV with no coax port. And I need to plug one in..

    I have an LG Smart TV with no coax port. The problem is I need to hook up a "house" feed at work that is a coax cable. Is there any way of converting the coax to HDMI so that I can plug it in and get this feed? Or is this 40" "TV" doomed to just be an over sized computer monitor? Thanks for your...
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    Solved! Smart TV projector

    How to watch live TV on my qintaix projector.
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    Question Sony Smart TV - old Philips Home Theatre

    Hey guys, I have the following: Sony KDL-40WE660B / Home Theatre Philips HTS3357/12. I'm not very good at this things, I'm trying to set up the HT for 5.1 surround sound from the TV. From my understanding there's no direct cable for this to happen. The Home Theatre does not have Toslink nor ARC...
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    Solved! Need help please

    I have a rca tv and my tv is not a smart tv but it is not a box can I use a app to connect to my rv as a remote still? If so what app can I use I have a iPhone
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    Solved! sherwood reciever to roku smart tv hookup

    i have a Sherwood receiver with rca jacks only... i had to buy a new tv so i went with the tcl roku smart tv... it doesn't have female rca jacks for my stereo receiver... i bought a hdmi, toslink , and hdmi converter but cant get anything to work... any ideas or solutions are...
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    Solved! can i connect my iphone, that has service with straight talk, to a smart tv?

    i want to watch netflix on my flat screen smart tv!
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    Solved! Trying to connect my soundbar to my element smart tv

    Soundbar made by Craig
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    Solved! Element tv appd

    How do I add apps to the Element ELSW3917BF smart Tv
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    Solved! How do I stream from my LG g Stylo to my TV without internet or WiFi?

    I want to watch videos from my phone on the tv. It's a basic Vizio flat screen TV. My phone is LG G Stylo. I know about connecting through HDMI but Icant figure out what kind of wire to get that will plug into my phone. Can anybody help me??
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    My Sharp 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Roku Smart TV (LC-55LBU591C) is dull below eye lvl why is that,?

    I have the TV above the fireplace, go to watch Netflix with HDR or 4k or play games on the ps4 when I sit down the picture is grey/dull but as soon as I stand the colors pop. I hope it's not normal, because this is the only place in can out the tv. Is the tv going? I have a 5 year warranty.
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    preparing smart tv

    evey time I turn on tv it says preparing tv it takes forever to start if it get disconnected have to start all over with the preparing tv
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    Solved! Slow internet speed via ethernet cable.

    I have a Huawei HG8245H router with a 500mb fibre line. Using the appropriate cable I am getting 450Mbps+ through my laptop via ethernet. However, I have a Leelbox Android TV box and the best I am getting is about 95Mbps with the same lead. The quality while streaming is pretty poor and is...
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    Panasonic TV smart TV apps dint show up

    I have a Panasonic smart TV.after connecting it to the internet .the apps on the tv dint display.
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    How to fix external speakers

    I have purchased VU Official Android 55" UltraHD LED smart TV (55U134) during July 2018 through FlipKart. but I unable to locate External Speakers point where i have to fix. I have 5.1 iball Multimedia Speakers, kindly help me to guide how to fix the same.
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    I can’t connect Harman Kardon SB20 Bluetooth with smart Samsung ua55mu6100

    HK SB20 can’t connect with Samsung smart tv