Hi recently i bought samsung UHD 8 series smart TV... My previous Samsung Smart TV connected in Pioneer receiver. Now the new

Jan 23, 2019
Hi previously I used Samsung smart TV connected single HDMI to my pioneer receiver and optical cable out in TV and in pioneer receiver. In the receiver BD HDMI connected amazon firecube and DVD connected apple TV. SAT/CAB connected setup box. When I change the mode it was working. Recently bought Samsung smart TV UHD 8 series connected same way. Am able to view only setup box when I change the mode Amazon fire cube and apple TV is not coming. It throws the power on the source, even though the source is powered on..... Checked with Samsung service guy he said latest TV models providing 4 HDMI port so we can connect thru TV to respective source directly then what is the purpose of buying receiver. Already purchased Onkiyo receiver TX-NR676.... Anyone help me come out with resolve this issue...